Main Library Faculty Study Room Guidelines

The Faculty Study Room is a space that provides an area for conducting quiet independent study and research. The following guidelines are provided in order to create a respectful and safe environment. Violations of any of the guidelines will be grounds for review and potential withdrawal of room access.

  1. Access to the faculty study room is for current and emeritus UI faculty only. University of Iowa access cards are not transferrable and guests are not allowed.
  2. Desk spaces are not assigned and may not be claimed. Items should be removed from desk areas daily.
  3. Coffee pots, hot plates, electric heaters and other equipment of this nature are prohibited and subject to removal (fire regulations).
  4. Food and drink: Please use spill-proof mugs or twist/pull-top bottles. Food should be removed from the room when the occupant leaves.
  5. Walls and windows are to be kept free of any postings, artwork, etc. Library staff must be able to see inside the room when closing the building and during emergencies and inspections.
  6. Although the study room is normally secure, leaving personal property out is done at the individual’s risk.
  7. Please notify the Administration Office (335-5867) of any problems (lights not working, leaks, etc.). If after regular business hours (M-F, 8-5) see staff at the Service Desk, 1st floor.

Faculty Lockers

Faculty lockers are available on a first-come, first-serve basis to faculty with initial applications taken starting in late August.  The assignment period is from September 1 through July 31.

  1. All library materials kept in a locker must be checked out to the user. Materials that have not been properly checked out are, for all practical purposes, “lost.”
  2. The library-provided padlock must be used on the assigned locker. Other padlocks will be removed and the occupant will not be compensated.
  3. Locker screens are to be kept free of blockage so that library staff can see inside the locker.
  4. The occupant will be charged $15 for lost or missing padlocks.
  5. Occupants will be emailed near the end of the assignment period to empty the locker. If the occupant has not complied by the first of August, any personal property left in the locker will be removed and held until August 31.