The Big Ancient Mediterranean

Author: Andrew

Terra Biblica: The Gospel of Luke

Terra Biblica

Terra Biblica

The first test text for Terra Biblica is the Gospel of Luke. Our material on the Gospel of Luke makes use of a dataset on the literary character networks in that Gospel compiled by University of Iowa graduate student Cory Taylor for his dissertation.  The pairs of characters you see represent what we call a co-appearance network: that is, these two characters are inferred to appear together in a given scene, based on the narrative progression of the text.  This human entered information is a vast improvement on the alternative of automated network extraction based on Named Entity Recognition.  Cory is compiling similar data for all the Gospels, and is also studying other kinds of literary character networks, including dialogue networks.

Zotero Bibliography for Big Ancient Mediterranean

As we read, use, and apply various articles, books, and volume chapters, we will post their bibliographic details to our Zotero group.!

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