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Social Media Boot Camp

The Main Library Learning Commons in conjunction with Craft Critique Culture, an interdisciplinary graduate student conference, is hosting a Social Media Boot Camp during the first week in April! These interactive sessions will provide education on using social media professionally for undergraduate and graduate students, and anyone else who wants to learn! Register below or simply drop by!

Don’t forget to bring a laptop or mobile device so you can practice the techniques and tips you’ve learned in real time! Use our Twitter hashtag #smbc14 to live tweet during the sessions!

Can’t make it in person? Follow the Twitter livestream at #smbc14.


Open Area D across from the Food for Thought Cafe in the Main Library Learning Commons. Please see the Main Library Service Desk for directions.


  • J. M. Henderson

    Sanitizing your social media presence isn’t enough. In this session, learn how to supercharge your social media use to catch the eye of potential employers, stand out from the job hunting pack and build a personal brand that gets noticed…for the right reasons!

  • Matthew Thomas

    Learn about “my professor” tweets and how they show the politics of professors and students tweeting about each other and their collision in social media spaces.

  • Kelly McElroy

    Live-tweeting allows you to document an event in real time as it unfolds. It has helped document breaking news, sexual improprieties, and of course, lots of professional events. We’ll discuss best practices for live-tweeting whether you’re hosting, attending, or simply crashing an event.

  • Jennifer Shook

    With Twitter as a jumping-off point, we’ll discuss who’s out there, how they interact, and how you might interact with them. Examples: digital humanities, theatre, public art, civic engagement, museums, political activism.

  • Mary LaPlaca

    Mary LaPlaca will talk about how to brand yourself on social media to give your company the right kind of social media attention it needs. She will provide tips and tricks social media users can use to help rise the amount of followers and feedback.

  • Erika Christiansen

    Tech-savvy job seekers know that the fastest growing way to seek jobs is through Social Media networking. Connecting with people and achieving your professional goals has never been easier with websites such as LinkedIn. During this session we will cover the most effective ways to use LinkedIn tools for entry level job searching. Participants will be able to create their own plan for how to incorporate social media into their job search strategy.

  • Lindsay Morecraft

    Learn about how to use Instragram in a work setting!

  • Hannah Kane

    This session is for those who want to learn to use Tumblr as well as those who want to get more out of their Tumblr experience. We’ll go over Tumblr etiquette, how to engage in communities on Tumblr, and how to use the site to promote your personal brand.

  • Laura Hampton

    A GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is a fun and eye-catching way to make a joke or display an image. They are also surprisingly easy to make! In this workshop, participants will learn how to make their own GIFs using Adobe Photoshop. Bring a laptop for this interactive session!

  • Adam Hooks

    Maintaining an online presence is now a necessity for academics, particularly those in the early stages of a career. This workshop will offer practical advice on creating a web presence that can help you to share your research, build an academic identity, and support your teaching. We will discuss basic online profiles and landing pages, academic blogs and websites, social media, and other online databases and tools. If you bring a laptop, you can leave the workshop with a more active and engaged web presence.

  • Betsy Potter

    Betsy Potter will provide examples of how business, organizations, and professionals are using social media in Iowa City

  • Jennifer Shook

    How does public blogging change student writing? How can the brevity of Twitter or the publicness of Facebook or the visual nature of Tumblr or Pinterest enhance the teaching of literature and other disciplines? How does history live online? How can digital platform experiments engage students in communal life in the City of Lit?

  • Jennifer Teitle

    Do you have an online identity? Even if you don’t think so, you probably do; odds are good that there are traces of your life online. The question becomes how you will manage your online presence in a way that furthers your long-term career goals. This session will provide a hands-on introduction to developing a professional online identity through three popular platforms: Twitter, LinkedIn, and WordPress. Each of these sites provides unique ways to interact with scholarly communities, make your research more visible, and remain current in the ever-changing academic landscape. This session will benefit students at all stages of graduate school, from the first year through the job search. No prior experience with social media is required; novices and experts are equally welcome. Participants are encouraged to bring laptops and other mobile devices.

  • Teri Schnelle & Katie Radtke

    Capture Iowa is a photo project that invites students to submit photos of their first year experience at the University of Iowa. Using Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter students submit photos using the hashtag #captureiowa and these photos are gathered into our Capture Iowa story using the Storify platform.

  • Jon Winet

    Join us for a discussion and brainstorming session on creative practice and building community in social media.

  • Chris Diaz

    For centuries, scholars communicated their ideas and research findings through the print publication of books and journal articles. The explosion of social media and other web services has diversified scholarly communication. This presentation will discuss the ways in which scholarly communication is evolving to embrace the affordances of the social web.

  • Stephanie Grabe & Stephanie Gibbons

    Is it your job to manage your department’s social media, but you don’t have the time? Do you struggle with creating new, compelling content on your social media platforms? This session will discuss innovative approaches to using student followers to update your media without compromising your brand. From training to execution, we will review strategies to getting great user generated content to grow your platforms and followers.

  • Kelly McElroy

    Live-tweeting allows you to document an event in real time as it unfolds. It has helped document breaking news, sexual improprieties, and of course, lots of professional events. We’ll discuss best practices for live-tweeting whether you’re hosting, attending, or simply crashing an event.

  • Ariana Santiago

    There are many ways that you can use Twitter to enhance your professional development and expand your network. This session will cover tips and ideas for all experience levels, whether you already use Twitter personally, professionally, or not at all.

  • Aaron Blau

    Aaron Blau will talk about how to shift from using the social media for personal use to business use. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram.

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