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Monthly Reports

Learning Commons August 2014 Monthly Report


The Learning Commons encourages academic success by developing and presenting academic programs and workshops designed to meet the educational needs and interests of the undergraduate student population at the University of Iowa

Express Workshops

Express Workshops are offered every Tuesdays at 4pm and are held in Group Area D, across from the Food For Thought Café.  The following were held:

  • 12 people attended Study Snacks 101, Student Health Services


Libraries and campus partners are interested in the Learning Commons space.  The following tours were coordinated:

  • 2 Scottish Highlanders Alumni group tours


Campus partner activities play an important role in the Learning Commons for student success.  The following represent regular campus partner sessions as well as special offerings:

  • SWAT Tutoring offered Supplemental Instruction sessions in 1153 Blue and helped 8 students
  • On Iowa! Offered series of workshops in Group Area C & Group Area D
  • Iowa Edge included the Main Library Learning Commons in their campus orientation tour
  • Honors Living Learning Community held an orientation scavenger hunt
  • CDE Connections included the Main Library Learning Commons in their campus orientation tour
  • Office of Teaching Learning & Technology offered an ICON Insider workshop for graduate students
  • 1 rhetoric Instructor held class presentations twice in Group Area C
  • University Libraries staffed the Ask Me booths at each entrance to welcome patrons into the Main Library during the first two days of classes and answered 941 questions

Digital Displays

The Learning Commons Coordinator works with ITS, Libraries, and campus partners to ensure the digital displays promote events, resources, and services that take place in the Learning Commons or Main Library. The following were displayed:

  • Browzine, University Libraries
  • Comedian Retta, CAB
  •, ITS
  • On Iowa!, University of Iowa
  • Undergrad to Grad, College of Public Health
  • Service Desk, Learning Commons
  • Stalking, Anti-Violence Coalition
  • Express Workshop: Express Workshop, Learning Commons
  • Food for Thought, Open at 7, University Housing & Dining
  • Captain American, CAB
  • Neighbors, CAB
  • The Amazing Spider Man 2, CAB
  • Blended, CAB
  • Jeffrey Tambor, University Lecture Committee
  • Fair Day, Student Life


The Main Library staff strive to provide relevant and timely assistance to our users for the entire Main Library.

Service Desk

Library staff and student workers use Suma software to manually count circulation, directional, technology, reference, and campus partner questions asked at the Service Desk.  Reports are provided that count book/media check-outs, ILL check-outs, and lap-top check-outs.

There were 2,302 total transactions at the Service Desk:

  • 4,335 book/media check-outs
  • 785 ILL check-outs
  • 492 circulation questions
  • 315 directional questions
  • 260 lap-top check-outs
  • 256 technology questions
  • 220 reference questions
  • 42 campus partner questions

Tuesday, August 26th,  was the busiest day with 615 transactions
Saturday, August 30th, was the least busy day with 57 transactions




Library staff used Suma software to manually count questions asked while stationed at an “ask me” booth located at each entrance during the first 2 days of classes, August 25th and 26th.  There were 923 questions (463 on Monday and 460 on Tuesday) asked with the following breakdown:













Training Sessions for Service Desk staff were offered on the following topics:

  • Basic Technology (Virginia Drake with ITS)


The following new services were offered in August.

  • Began checking out Mac adapters to use on large screen displays (i.e. connect an iPad to the computer monitors).

Food for Thought Cafe

The Food For Thought Café had 5,198 transactions (3,685 transactions in August 2014).


Technology plays in important role in student success: from reserving a group room to work on group projects, to using the software on the ITS provided computers, to checking out a lap-top, to checking out a lap-top charger.

Group Rooms

Students can reserve a group room or area on-site using the Evoko touch screen by each location or by reserving online through their Hawkmail/email account.


  • 332 total reservations were made for the group rooms and areas
  • Average of 13 reservations per room/area
  • Average 47  reservations per day

Reservation method

  • 94 made online
  • 238 made on-site

Group Room

  • 1113 (red) most used with 64 reservations
  • Area A least used with 0 reservations

Peak and Low times

  • Tuesday, August 26 busiest with 90 reservations
  • Saturday, August 16. least busy with 4 reservations

Computer Usage

The Main Library Learning Commons offers 90 desk-top computers.  The following is the hours used, broken down by the zones.


  • 13,820 total PC hours.
  • 832 total Mac hours.
  • 429 total laptop hours.
  • 15,081 total computer hours.


  • 4,356 hours per computer (35 computers total) – east LC
  • 4,229 hours per computer (38 computers total) – north LC.
  • 1,011 hours per computer (14 computers total) – south LC
  • 1,838 hours per computer (13 computers total) – service commons
  • 3,218 hours per computer (149 computers total) – second floor

Software Usage

The Main Library computers offers many software options for students to use. The following are the top 10 programs used:

  • Acrobat Distiller
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Word
  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Macromedia Flash Player
  • Adobe Reader
  • Java™ Platform SE binary
  • Adobe Acrobat

Printing Usage

The Main Library has the largest amount of printing on campus.

  • 249,968 total pages printed


  • 33,530 – east LC
  • 44,994 – north LC
  • 62,165 – south LC
  • 25,639 – service commons
  • 83,640 – second floor

Cable Usage

Different cables and cords are available for check-out at the Service Desk to facilitate usage of the monitors in the group rooms and areas.

  • HDMI cables were checked out 38 times.
  • Ethernet cables were checked out 19 times.
  • Mac lap-top chargers (UISG provided) were checked out 17 times.
  • Dell mice checked out 9 times.
  • VGA cables were checked out 7 times.
  • PC lap-top chargers (UISG provided) were checked out 5 times.
  • Wireless presentation advancers checked out 2 times.
  • 30-pin Mac (HDMI) adapters were checked out 1 time.
  • 30-pin Mac (VGA) adapters were checked out 1 time.
  • Lightning Mac (HDMI) adapters were checked out 1 time.
  • Mini DisplayPort Mac (HDMI) adapters were checked out 1time.
  • MagSafe to MagSafe2 converters were checked out 0 times.
  • Lightning Mac (VGA) adapters were checked out 0 times.
  • Mini DisplayPort Mac (VGA) adapters were checked out 0 times.


Building Entrances

Cameras installed at each entrance and at the Service Desk count bodies entering the building and entering the library collections.

  • 58,134 entered the Main Library
  • 54,398 entered the Main Library Collections




Cameras installed at each entrance and at the Service Desk count bodies entering and exiting, generating an occupancy count for both the Learning Commons and the Library Collections.

There were a total of 110,876 occupants counted in August.

  • 17,633 in the Learning Commons.
  • 93,243 in the Library Collections.

1pm and 2pm was the highest occupied hour with 12,916 users.
Thursday, August 28th had the most occupants with 16,883 users.

User Activity

Student workers use an iPad and the Suma software to manually count users on the first and second floors of the Main Library, every hour the building is open.

  • There were a total of 9,136 users counted in August.

Student workers choose an activity that the user is engaging in:

  • 4,534 were computing (using an ITS provided desk-top computer, ITS provided lap-top, or a personal lap-top or device, not including phones).
  • 2,902 were studying alone.
  • 1,052 were working in groups.
  • 277 were using smartphones.
  • 273 were waiting
  • 52 were eating
  • 41 were sleeping

3pm to 4pm was the busiest hour with 1,314 users.
No counts were done for the 7am to 8am hour (0 users) so 8pm to 9pm least busy hour with 156 users.


Learning Commons Report PDFs

Learning Commons August 2014 Monthly Report

Learning Commons July 2014 Monthly Report