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Bones of the Skull: A 3-D Learning Tool

Please note: Although it continues to work The Bones of the Skull was created in 1999 and has not been updated since. 

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Privacy Statement

We understand that you have not yet seen the full product, and therefore may not be sure whether or not it’s worth you giving us your name. Please be assured that as a health sciences library we are mandated to protect the privacy of our users; we extend these same protection guidelines to users who download our educational product. We WILL NOT sell your information. We WILL NOT use your name, e-mail address or any other submitted data for anything other than matters related to Bones of the Skull. For instance, if we do a revision on the product or need to tell users about major bugs, we might send you a simple e-mail. We consider your explanations of intended usage of the software protected as well. This information is useful for us to paint a general demographic picture of our user population.