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Louise Noun’s Death

Strong Minded Women

Portrait of Louise Noun by G. V. A. Röling, 1932

“For Louise there was no separation between writing history and doing history. She was, at various times, often simultaneously, an officer in a voluntary association, an art collector, a philanthropist, a civil libertarian, a feminist, a daughter, and a parent. When the histories she needed to read to understand her place in time were not on the shelves, she wrote them herself. When she found it impossible to do her work because no one had respected the documents enough to preserve them, she challenged librarians and archivists to collect these materials…Louise Noun understood out of her own experience why political women had to be “strong-minded.” ”

–Linda K. Kerber
May Brodbeck Professor in Liberal Arts and Sciences
September 14th, 2002

“Dispensing with pleasantries, [Noun] is always incisive and honest, and has an uncanny ability to cut to the nub of every issue… Being with Louise, I didn’t feel as though I were with an older person. Her mind and passion remain remarkable. I always leave her place whirling with the energy of her life and work. A force for social change, she is very much an Iowan- unrushed, methodical, non-confrontational, with a genteel sense of correctness and a scholar’s sense of detail.

–Marlene Booth, 2000