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Publication of Leader and Pariah: Annie Savery and the Campaign for Women’s Rights in Iowa, 1868-1891 by Louise Noun

Annie Savery

To purchase a copy of this limited edition, letterpress, handbound book please contact the Iowa Women’s Archives.

Leader and Pariah documents the life of Annie Savery, a suffragist and leader in the women’s movement in Iowa.  She was ultimately marginalized by suffragists and written out of the history of women’s suffrage by both friends and adversaries because of her willingness to address the free-love question, but continued to work towards improving women’s economic and educational opportunities.


“By retrieving Annie Savery from obscurity, Louise Noun has rediscovered a feminist whose political and social reform goals for women encompassed the breadth of human life.”

-Rachel Bohlmann, editor of
Leader and Pariah