Living Learning Communities: Justice for All

Dan Gall

My Personal Librarian:

Dan Gall

Main Library


Originally from Ohio, Dan the Librarian has a fondness for Midwestern states that are 3/4th vowel. Having shelved books in his local public library as a teen, Dan vowed never to become a librarian, but changed his mind in college when he discovered the best parts of studying Journalism and History were doing the research and the worst parts were writing the stories. “The best part of this job,” he says, “is learning something new every day.”

Dan commutes by bike, even in the snow and cold, from his home in Iowa City and really likes wool glove liners. His beautiful wife and dutiful son haven’t kicked him out of the house yet, though his wife is not sure whether she would save him or their two cats from a burning building.

Dan is also the personal librarian for the First Generation Living Learning Community.