Living Learning Communities: Standing Ovation


My Personal Librarian:

Janalyn Moss

Main Library


While not a performer by trade or training, Janalyn is an Information Ninja so whatever she helps you with will be with speed, precision and stealth. (Seriously, Information Ninja…it says so on her nametag.) Actually, Janalyn is the American History librarian. She has worked with theatre folks in the past to help them find resources that allow them to place their work in context, historical and otherwise.

Janalyn is from Illinois, the Land of Lincoln and corrupt governors. She loves the works of Jane Austen and Stephen Sondheim but also cheesy, mutant animal films. She has one not-so-mutant animal of the feline kind at home. She is an excellent swimmer and can parallel park really well…”she” meaning Janalyn, not the cat.