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Preservation Department – Assessment and Reformatting

Assessment and Reformatting Unit

With the exception of the new acquisitions routinely routed to the Marking Unit and unbound serials sent directly to Binding, incoming items in the Preservation Department are initially screened for their treatment needs in Assessment and Reformatting, after which they are sorted and routed accordingly. Assessment and Reformatting is responsible for the periodic, commercial preservation microfilming of several newspapers.

Assessment and reformatting also manages in house services including preservation photocopying and protective shrink-wrapping of damaged periodicals and books. Missing pages are replaced as needed before items are routed to Book Repair or the Bindery. In some cases an entire book may be copied and bound in-house to provide a shelf replacement copy.

The current staff of the Assessment and Reformatting Unit are Bu Wilson, Assessment and Reformatting Assistant and Bill Voss, Preservation Assistant.