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Preservation Department – Resources

Preservation Resources

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Reports 2002-present

Disaster Response

ALCTS Power Point

Disaster Preparedness, Response, and Salvage Selected Resources

Disaster Recovery Response Directory

Flood Recovery Booklet

Flood Recovery Power Point, Video

Disaster Planning and Recovery for Marine Librarians

Book Repair Manual

UI Circulating Collection Repair Manual PDF File

Preservation Information

Preparing, Protecting, Preserving Family Treasures

Conservation OnLine

Canadian Conservation Institute – CCI Notes


Film/Video/Audio Preservation

Preservation Department Suppliers

Heckman Bindery (binding)

Preservation Technologies (book alkalization)

LBS – Library Binding Services (materials supplier)


Jutta Reed-Scott 1999. “Preserving Research Collections: A Collaboration

between Librarians and Scholars.”

Useful Links

Iowa Conservation & Preservation Consortium

University of Iowa Collections Coalition

Library of Congress Preservation Directorate