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Preservation Department – William Anthony Endowment Project

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The University of Iowa Libraries Annual William Anthony Endowment Project enables exceptional book conservation treatments. These book conservation treatments are identified each year and their cost to the libraries is drawn from the endowment income. The Annual William Anthony Endowment Project was established through the perceptive and generous support of Julie Scott and Jim Fluck to honor the legacy of Bill Anthony, the first Conservator of the Libraries. Annual project funding began in 2001. The various book conservation treatments have been the following:

Medieval Manuscripts, Exhibition Preparation/Installation for Monks to Masters Exhibit
Project costs: $5,520

Conservation rebinding of 18th century pamphlets
Project costs: $4,320

William Anthony: Fine Binder Catalog
Project costs: $4,320

Whitman’s Leaves of Grass
Project costs: $4,260

Conservation and Rebinding of 14th c. Italian Missal
Project costs: $3,500

Preservation of Founders’ Scrapbooks, Iowa Women’s Archives
Project costs: $3,870

New Binding of the Arion Press Bible
Project costs: $6,600


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