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Historical and Literary Manuscript Collections
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ABBE, GEORGE, 1911- , novelist and poet. Mss of Voices in the Square (Coward-McCann, 1938), his first novel. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

*ABRAHAM, LOT, 1838-1920. Papers of Lot Abraham, 1843-1921. 94 items.
Correspondence, Civil War diaries, military records, business papers, family papers. MsC73. (Finding Aid) Digitized diary

*ACKLEY, CHARLES THOMAS. Civil War Letters of Charles Thomas Ackley, 1864-1865.
One hundred and eighteen letters from Charles Thomas Ackley, mostly to his wife in Marble Rock, Iowa. Also included are newspaper clippings, brief biographies of some of the men in the Seventh Iowa Volunteer Infantry, and historical commentary. MsC541. (Finding Aid)

*ADLER, PHILIP D., 1902-. Papers of Philip D. Adler, 1904-1970. 54 items.
Newspaperman, publisher, president of Lee Enterprises, Inc., and philanthropist. Correspondence, speeches, newspaper clippings, and books. MsC229. (Finding Aid)

AGENCY CITY, IOWA. Records, 1879-1904. 3 vol.
School board records, district agricultural society records, Agency Butter and Cheese Company records, and a cemetery register. Included in the Iowa Documents Collection. MsC897. (Finding Aid)

*ALBERTSON, CHARLES. Papers of the Albertson Family, 1856-1876. 11 items.
Correspondence reflecting pioneer life in Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, and Montana. MsC9. (Finding Aid)

*ALBRECHT, HERBERT W. Collection of National Farmers Organization materials, 1956-1972. 145 items.
Farmer and member of the NFO. The collection includes official contracts, annual reports, pamphlets, etc., of the NFO. It also includes some copies of two of their publications, the Newsletter and the News Flash. MsC270. (Finding Aid)

ALCOCK, NATHANIEL G., 1881-1953. Papers of Nathaniel G. Alcock, 1933-1962. 3 ft.

Established the Department of Urology in 1923 and served as head until his retirement in 1949. Correspondence, photographs, committee reports.  RG 99.0266. (Finding Aid)

ALDEN, EBENEZER, 1819-1899. Papers of Ebenezer Alden, 1838-1878. 37 items (ca.257 pp.)
Student at Andover Theological Seminary, member of the Iowa band, Congregational minister in Tipton, Cedar County, Iowa, and Marshfield, Massachusetts. Reports, letters, and student papers. MsC349. (Finding Aid)

ALDRICH, BESS STREETER, 1881-1954. Manuscript. .25 ft.
Iowa author. Manuscript for Song of Years. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

ALEMBIC PRESS. Archives, 1974-2002. 18 ft.
A significant archive, entire and extant, from one of the most prolific and independent of British fine presses, these documents are a record of the processes of hand printing, publishing, and typecasting undertaken by Claire and David Bolton. MsC882. (Finding Aid)

*ALEXANDER, ARCHIE ALPHONSE, 1888-1958. Papers of Archie A. Alexander, 1940-1970. 120 items.
Engineer and governor of the Virgin Islands. Subject files, correspondence, speeches, clippings, etc. relating to his career as an engineer, diplomat, and university trustee. MsC304. (Finding Aid)

Iowa Author. Manuscript of Decorating Made Simple. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

ALLAN, GEORGE ELMER. George Elmer Allan Magic Lantern Slide Collection. 12 ft.
George Allan was a minister in Mississippi who used slides to accompany his sermons. The collection includes 1855 magic lantern slides plus 100 2x2 inch slides; also projector with attachment for film strip projection and a number of film strips. MsC201 (Finding Aid)

*ALLEN, ARTHUR FRANCIS, 1867-1949. Papers of Arthur F. Allen, 1913-1949. 1 ft.
Editor of the Sioux City Journal. Primarily correspondence, with speeches, clippings, and a scrapbook on Abraham Lincoln. MsC357. (Finding Aid)

ALLEN, (EDWIN) LEE. Lee Allen Collection of Card Paintings, 1988-1997. .25 ft.
Mr. Allen worked with Grant Wood and muralist Diego Rivera. From 1937 to 1976, Allen was a medical illustrator at the University of Iowa Hospitals. This collection consists of the drawings, mostly on 5 x 7 cards, that accompanied his book A Hole in My Vision: An Artist's View of His Own Macular Degeneration. MsC803. (Finding Aid)

ALLEN MOTOR COMPANY. Allen Motor Company Records, 1903-2006. 4.5 ft.
Records of the oldest auto dealership in Iowa, including financial records, newsletters, and photographs. MsC874. (Finding Aid)

*ALLEN, SEWELL ELLYSON, 1913-1975. Papers of Sewell E. Allen, 1910-1975. 1.5 ft.
Attorney and Iowa state legislator. Subject files and correspondence concerning his business, family and political career. The bulk of the papers consists of correspondence dealing with business conditions during the 1920s and WWII, politics, and family life. MsC337. (Finding Aid)

*ALLISON, WILLIAM B., 1829-1908. Papers of William B. Allison, 1862-1916. 3.5 ft.
U.S. Senator and Representative from Iowa. Primarily correspondence from his years in the House and Senate. Spanning a half century the topics range from Indian affairs to Oklahoma statehood, banking to the Panama Canal, and Republican Party politics to railroads. MsC173. (Finding Aid)

ALLSPAUGH, HARRISON. Diaries of Harrison Allspaugh, 1861-65. 8 v.
Diaries of the Civil War experiences of a member of the 31st Regiment of Ohio Infantry. MsC8. (Finding Aid) Digitized diaries


----- Artists' Works and Correspondence. 11 ft.
This ATCA collection brings together mail art, correspondence, photographs, slides, compact discs, show announcements/posters, writings, and other ephemera related to or by various artists. MsC764. (Finding Aid)

----- Comics. Bulk dates: 1969 - 1979. 1.5 ft.
Artists' and underground comics. MsC780. (Finding Aid)

----- Periodicals and Zines Collection. Bulk dates: 1960 - 1980. 75+ ft.
This ATCA collection brings together journals, newspapers, zines, and similar formal and informal periodicals that are art-related or have artistic merit. The range of subjects is broad and include political and cultural issues, gender and sexuality questions, as well as music, film, poetry, and religion. MsC779. (Finding Aid)

----- Rubber Stamp Art Collection. Bulk dates: 1985 - 1995. 4.5 ft.
Miscellaneous printed materials (primarily catalogs) concerning rubber stamp art. The majority of the materials in this collection were acquired by artist, author, and archivist John Held Jr. (born 1947) from William "Picasso" Gaglione (born 1943). MsC788. (Finding Aid)

AMERICAN ARBITRATION ASSOCIATION. Arbitration award, 1963-1971. 50 ft.

*AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR CLINICAL CHEMISTRY. MIDWEST SECTION. Records of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry, Midwest Section, 1954-1991. .75 ft.
Documents the organizations's history, goals, and daily workings with correspondence, bylaws, agendas, minutes, etc. MsC492. (Finding Aid)

*AMERICAN BROADCASTING COMPANY. Transcripts of the American Broadcasting Company. 9 ft.
Transcripts of the ABC Evening News 1970-1973 (typewritten). MsC368. (Finding Aid)

AMERICAN LUTHERAN CHURCH. BOARD OF PENSIONS. Papers of the American Lutheran Church Board of Pensions. 3.6 ft.
Minutes of meetings of the Board of Pensions and Executive Committee, 1938-1969. MsC238. (Finding Aid)

AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR QUALITY CONTROL - STATE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA SECTION. Records of the American Society for Quality Control-State University of Iowa Section, 1944-1984. 3 ft.
Subject files, reports, minutes, newsletters, photographs, scrapbooks. MsC471. (Finding Aid)

*AMERICANS UNITED FOR SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE. IOWA FEDERATION. Records of the Americans United for Separation of Church and State, Iowa Federation, 1970-1974. 39 items.
Founded in 1947, its purpose was to preserve "free, religiously neutral, democratically controlled public education," in the U.S. Comprised of correspondence, clippings, sermons, and pamphlets championing its cause. MsC306. (Finding Aid)

AMERT, KAY, 1947-2008. Kay Amert Papers. .75 ft
Typographer, professor at the University of Iowa. MsC901

AMOS CURRIER SCRAPBOOKS COLLECTION. Amos Currier Scrapbooks Collection, 1864-1908. 1.75 ft.
Scrapbooks assembled by Amos Currier regarding student life.  Correspondence, programs, clippings, handbooks, syllabi, and campus building floor plans. Scrapbook number two is missing from this collection of ten. RG99.0326. (Finding Aid).

ANDERSON, BETTY BAXTER, 1908-1966. Papers, 1950-1953. .5 ft.
Young adult fiction writer, journalist. Contains correspondence, manuscript, newspaper clippings, and obituary. MsC554. (Finding Aid)

ANDREAS, OSBORN, 1903-. Papers, 1949-1961. .25 ft.
Literary critic, industrial engineer, cost accountant and president of Honeymead Product Co. in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Collection contains two manuscripts and includes the master proof for Joseph Conrad: A Study in Non-conformity. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

ANTHONY, WILLIAM, 1926-1989.William Anthony Papers, 1964-1989. 1.5  ft.
Papers of the conservator who started the conservation lab at the University of Iowa, this is a mix of business records, correspondence, and publicity materials.. MsC938. (Finding Aid)

ARGOW, WALDEMAR, 1916--. Mss. .5 ft.
Unitarian minister in Cedar Rapids. Holdings consist of the printer's copy of his What Do Religious Liberals Believe? Iowa Authors Mss. MsC869. (Finding Aid).

ARMENS, SVEN, 1921--. Papers of Sven Armens, 1990. RG99.0050. 1.0 ft.

Professor of English and published poet.  Manuscripts. RG99.0050. (Finding Aid)

*ARMITAGE, MERLE, 1893-1975. Papers of Merle Armitage, 1932-1965. 2.5 ft.
Set designer, impresario, co-founder and manager of the Los Angeles Grand Opera Association, president of the American Institute of Graphic Arts, art director of Look and Quick magazines, and book designer. Correspondence, typescripts of Accent on Life and George Gershwin: Man and Legend, and files on other projects. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC558. (Finding Aid)

ARMSTRONG, ROBERT PLANT. Papers of Robert Plant Armstrong. 6.5 feet.
Personal papers of the well-known scholar of African art and author of The Affecting Presence: An Essay in Humanistic Anthropology . MsC812.  (Finding Aid)

ARTIFACTS OF THE ETERNAL NETWORK. Artifacts of the Eternal Network, 1967-1992. 3 ft.
Artworks and other documentation related to a 1997 exhibition at the University of Iowa Museum of Art. Many Fluxus artists were included in this exhibition. MsC 781. (Finding Aid)

ARTISTS TELEVISION NETWORK (ATN) RECORDS. Records of the Artists Television Network, 1976-1984. 150 ft.
Video by and about artists assembled for broadcast on the New York City cable networks between 1976 and 1984. The project was coordinated by Jaime Davidovich and the collection includes the cablecast material, in many cases edited in various ways for any of several anthology shows, as well as paper records. A portion of the collection has been re-recorded and is available in VHS format; a few pieces have been transcribed to DVD; and a growing number have been re-recorded digitally in DVCam and DVD versions. MsC 800.

ARTWORDS AND BOOKWORKS. Artwords and Bookworks, 1970-2978. 18 ft.

Co-curated by Judith Hoffberg and Joan Hugo, Artwords and Bookworks was one of the largest exhibition of "artists' books and ephemera" to take place during the 1970s. Comprised of experimental works by approximately six hundred contributors, the exhibition presented a diverse and provocative sampling of this alternative art form. MsC 517. (Finding Aid)

Mostly palm leaf manuscripts, but includes other formats. MsC913. (Finding Aid)

AURNER, NELLIE SLAYTON. Papers of Nellie S. Aurner. .5 ft.
Professor, dean, and author. This collection contains Ms. Aurner's unpublished translations of the dedications of Matteo Bandello as well as her research on Bandello. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

AYDELOTTE, FRANK, 1880-1956. Papers of Frank Aydelotte, 1946-1948, ca. 250 items.
Educator and member of the Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry concerning the Palestinian question. Correspondence, speeches, memoranda, etc., and a copy of the committee report. MsC232. (Finding Aid)

AYDELOTTE, WILLIAM O., 1910-1996. William O. Aydelotte Papers, 1924-1996. 83 ft.
University of Iowa professor of history, 1947-1996. One of the first historians elected to the National Academy of Sciences. RG 99.0093. (Finding Aid)

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