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*BACH, MARCUS, 1906-1955. Papers of Marcus Bach, [ca. 1949-1962?] 1.5 ft.
Religion professor and writer. Early typescript drafts of six of his books, including The Dream Gate and Report to Protestants. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC560. (Finding Aid)

BACKMAN, CARL. Papers of Carl Backman. 1 ft.
Photographs, brochures, correspondence, financial papers, and brochures from various Chautauquas. MsC150.06 (Finding Aid)

*BAILEY, ALFRED M., 1894-1978. Papers of Alfred M. Bailey, 1949-1955. 2 ft.
Naturalist and writer. Manuscripts of his books and articles, primarily about birds. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC561. (Finding Aid)

BAILEY, HENRY B., 19??-19??. Papers of Henry B. Bailey, 1932-1946. 0.5 ft.
Papers relating to the organization of the Young Republican League of Iowa in the First Congressional District, 1932-1935; records of Bailey's campaign for the office of Washington County attorney in 1932 and 1934; folder of letters dated 1945-1946 from Alfred E. Baldrige, Bailey's law partner, and his wife, Charlotte, during Baldrige's military service during World War II in Germany. MsC530. (Finding Aid)

*BAIRD, A. CRAIG, 1883-1979. Papers of A. Craig Baird, 1914-1972. 14 ft.
University of Iowa professor of speech and communications for 45 years and the author or editor of over 30 books. Papers include articles, speeches and correspondence. University Archives. RG 99.0180. (Finding Aid)

BAKER, LAURA NELSON, 1911-. Manuscripts. .25 ft.
Iowa author. Manuscript for The Red Mountain. Msc869. (Finding Aid)

BAKER, RICHARD. 1913- . Manuscripts. .25 ft
Iowa author. Manuscript for Darkness of the Sun. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

*BALASI FAMILY (ACROBATS). Balasi Family vaudeville album, 1900-1929. 0.5 ft.
Scrapbook album, which contains a brief history of the Balasi family, artists' copies of performance contracts, promotional materials, newspaper reviews, photographs documenting their performances, and sheet music for music included in their performances. Sometimes the name appears as Balasic. MsC75. (Finding Aid)

*BALDWIN, CALVIN BENHAM, 1902-1975. Papers of Calvin B. Baldwin, 1933-1975. 33 ft.
Government official and Progressive Party officer. Correspondence, subject files, speeches, clippings, tape recordings, photographs, and scrapbooks. MsC343. (Finding Aid)

BALLASCH, SANDY. Sandy Ballasch Collection of Library Postcards, 1913-1947. .25 ft.
45 postcards, mostly from the midwest, showing libraries, many of them Carnegie Libraries. MsC854. (Finding Aid)

BARTHOLOMEW FAMILY. Papers of the Bartholomew Family, c. 1850-1910. 213 pieces.
Correspondence of the Bryan and Harriet Ward Bartholomew family describing life in Iowa , c. 1850-1910, especially related to settling in Iowa and starting in business in Des Moines and Chariton . MsC105. (Finding Aid)

BARTOW, EDWARD, 1870-1958. Papers of Edward Bartow, 1905-1943. 0.25 ft.

Professor and head of Chemistry Dept. 1920-1940. Research in area of water treatment. Articles. RG99.0038. (Finding Aid)

BATCHELDER FAMILY. Papers of the Batchelder Family, 1844-1946. 1 ft.
Papers of Rev. Joseph Mayo Batchelder and his wife. Included are about 50 letters, written in the 1840s and 1850s mostly from Peoria, Illinois and Owego, New York; and account book dated from 1848-1884; and a diary dated from 1847-1848. Manuscript sermons, and other items. MsC64. (Finding Aid)

*BAXTER, RAYMOND WILLARD, 1896-. Papers of Raymond W. Baxter, 1956. 124 items.
Chairman of the Iowa Stevenson for President Committee in 1956. Campaign and convention materials, correspondence and newspaper clippings. MsC348. (Finding Aid)

*BAZIRE, ROY E. Florida environmental records of Roy E. Bazire, 1955-1996. 10.5 ft.
Environmental activist in Florida . Subject files, correspondence, minutes, newsletters, by-laws, published articles, etc., relating to conservation efforts and organizations in Southwest Florida . Much of the collection relates to the Environmental Confederation of South West Florida (ECOSWF) and the Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Federation (SCCF). MsC493. (Finding Aid)

BEAMS, HAROLD W., 1903-1992. Papers of Harold W. Beams, 1927-1988. 3.5 ft.

Professor of zoology with focus in cytology, 1930-1971.  Ground-breaking work in electron microscopy. Manuscripts and correspondence. RG99.0193. (Finding Aid)

*BEAN FAMILY. Papers of the Bean Family, 1833-1962. 121 items.
Dr. Asa Bean was a physician with 114th Ohio Volunteers during the Civil War. Primarily correspondence between members of the Bean family. MsC452. (Finding Aid)

BEATY, MILES, d. 1863. Letters of Miles Beaty, 1862-63. ca. 50 items.
Letters written to Beaty's father, John Beaty, telling of experiences in the 149th Regiment of Pennsylvania Infantry. MsC3. (Finding Aid)

*BECK, ROBERT KNOWLTON, 1915-. Papers of Robert K. Beck, 1939-1971. 1.5 ft.
Newspaper publisher in Centerville , Iowa . Correspondence, clippings, speeches, subject files, etc., relating to newspaper publishing, Republican politics, and the Rathbun Dam. MsC394. (Finding Aid)

BEECHER FAMILY. Letters of the Beecher Family, 1856-1892. 18 items.
Letters to and from several members of the Beecher family including Henry Ward Beecher, Edward W. Beecher, and Catharine Esther Beecher. MsC56. (Finding Aid)

*BEEMS, BUEL GRIFFITH, 1902-1978. Papers of Buel G. Beems, 1935-1975. 3 ft.
Lawyer and author. Correspondence, research, editor's questionnaires, and preliminary drafts of his writings. MsC486. (Finding Aid)

BENTON, RITA, 1918-1980. Papers of Rita Benton, 1952-1978. 0.25 ft.

Professor of music.  Head of music library named for her in 1980. Reviews, offprints, articles. RG99.0129. (Finding Aid)

BENTZ, DALE M., 1919-. Papers of Dale M. Bentz, 1937-2002. 4.0 ft.

Library administrator at the University of Iowa. Correspondence, writings, speeches. RG99.0299. (Finding Aid)

*BERGMANN, GUSTAV, 1906-1987. Papers of Gustav Bergmann, 1930-1985. 29 ft. A University of Iowa professor of philosophy. Class and seminar notes, correspondence, lectures and manuscript drafts. See also “From Positivism to Realism: The Philosophy of Gustav Bergmann” by William Heald in Books at Iowa 56 (April 1987). University Archives. RG99.0134. (Finding Aid)

BERGUS, NICK AND LAURA. Bergus Zine Collection, 1978-2002. 13.5 ft.
Zines collected by Nick and Laura Bergus documenting avant garde and popular music in the 1980s and 1990s. MsC834. (Finding Aid)

*BERT, ERIK, 1904-1981. Papers of Erik Bert, 1918-1979. 12 ft.
Born Herbert Joseph Putz. Communist journalist and editor in the 1930s of The Producers News and Farmers National Weekly; his career after 1941 was with the Daily World. Subject files, correspondence, notebooks, typescripts, and published writings regarding the link between communism and agriculture. MsC426. (Finding Aid)

BEVENMEYER, SAMUEL. Personal account book of Samuel Bevenmeyer, 1851-54. 1 v.
Resident of Cumberland County , Pennsylvania . MsC88.

*BIERMANN, FREDERICK ELLIOTT, 1884-1968. Papers of Frederick E. Biermann, 1932-1968. 7 ft.
U.S. Representative from Iowa . Correspondence, speeches, and campaign material relating to his years in the Congress. MsC128. (Finding Aid)

BIKLEN, WAYNE M. Papers of Wayne Biklen, 1932-1981. 3 ft.
Engineer. Speeches, subject files, correspondence, photos, other papers. MsC467. (Finding Aid)

BISSELL, BESS G. Papers of Bess G. Bissell, 1908 -1970. 1 ft.
Typescript drafts of short stories and poems along with correspondence, and journals. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

*BISSELL, RICHARD PIKE. Papers of Richard P. Bissell, 1952-1973. 5 ft.
Typescript and holograph drafts, galley proofs, editor's notes, source material, etc., documenting the writings of this Dubuque novelist and author of 7 1/2 Cents (1953), the basis of the musical hit, The Pajama Game (1954, filmed 1957). Iowa Authors Mss. MsC565. (Finding Aid)

BIXBY, NEWELL WILLARD, 1809-ca. 1894. Papers of Newell W. Bixby, 1827-1894.
10 items.
Minister of the Free Will Baptist Church in Lodomillo Township , Clayton County , Iowa . Private journals and church records. MsC253. (Finding Aid)

Iron casting company in Davenport, Iowa. Includes blueprints, budgets, correspondence, publicity, and photographs. MsC135. (Finding Aid)

BLANCHARD, TOM AND RUTH. Tom and Ruth Blanchard Chautauqua Collection, 1907-1982. .5 ft.

Chautauqua and radio performers. Correspondence, clippings, photographs, and ephemera. MsC150.12. (Finding Aid)

*BLEES, ROBERT. Papers of Robert Blees, 1925-1965. 5 ft.
Motion picture and television script-writer and producer. Film treatments and screenplays written by Blees and other screenwriters, miscellaneous, memos and articles, film stills, photostats, phonographic recordings from soundtracks. MsC124. (Finding Aid)

*BLIVEN, BRUCE, 1889-1977. Papers of Bruce Bliven, 1953-1968. 1.5 ft.
Author, editor of The New Republic 1923-1953, and journalist. Typescript drafts, galleys, and page proofs for two books, Preview of Tomorrow and The World Changers. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC566. (Finding Aid)

*BLUE, ROBERT DONALD, 1898-. Papers of Robert D. Blue, 1934-1976. 42 ft.
Governor of Iowa . Correspondence, subject files, photographs, scrapbooks, etc. relating to his political career. MsC466. (Finding Aid)

BLUNDEN, EDMUND (1896-1974). Edmund Blunden Papers. 6 ft.
Correspondence and manuscripts of the British scholar and poet. MsC829. (Finding Aid)

*BOCK, FREDERICK , 1916-1981. Papers of Frederick Bock, 1935-1980. 3.5 ft.
Poet , Assistant Editor Poetry; Fountains of Regardlessness (1961). Correspondence, subject files, and preliminary drafts of his writings. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC567. (Finding Aid)

BOCKES, ELMER. Diaries of Elmer Bockes, 1893-1940. 53 v.
Farmer. Diaries describing farm life near Conrad, in Grundy Co., Iowa . MsC63. (Finding Aid)

*BOGAN, GERALD LEROY, 1912-1986. Papers of Gerald L. Bogan, 1947-1986. 7 ft.
Public affairs consultant. Subject files and correspondence relating to his activities in Iowa politics, elections, and the Republican Party. Topics include annual legislative sessions, reapportionment, Iowans for Right to Work, and Iowa Good Roads Association. MsC352. (Finding Aid)

BOLLINGER, JAMES WILLS, 1867-1951. Correspondence of James W. Bollinger, 1926-50. 5 ft.
Lawyer and judge. Mostly concerns Bollinger's studies of Abraham Lincoln and as a collector of Lincolniana. MsC36. (Finding Aid)

BONNEY, JOSIAH HINMAN, 1817-1887. Correspondence of Josiah H. Bonney, 1848-1849. 81 items.
Secretary of State of Iowa . Correspondence and photographs. MsC305. (Finding Aid)

The Book Arts Legacy at Iowa.
Drawn primarily from the records of the Conservation Laboratory at the University of Iowa, this collection contains files for Bill Anthony, the first conservator; and Pam Spitzmueller and Gary Frost, the second and third conservators. Records from the Conversation Lab as a whole, the Book Arts Club, and the University of Iowa Center for the Book are also included in the collection. MsC 770. (Finding Aid)

BOOT, ESTELLA, 1875-1969. Papers of Estella Boot, 1930. 0.25 ft.
Professor of English, 1917-1949. Travel diaries. RG99.0051. (Finding Aid)

*BOOTH MAUD BALLINGTON (CHARLESWORTH), 1865-1948. Papers of Maud Ballington Booth, 1898-1988. 1 ft.
Pioneer social reformer. Correspondence concerning her work for Volunteers of America , Volunteer Prison League, lectures, etc. MsC22. (Finding Aid)

BOOTH, THOMAS EYRE, 1842-1927. Papers of Thomas E. Booth, 1875-1924. ca. 46 items.
Editor and publisher of the Anamosa Eureka in Anamosa , Iowa . Correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, a scrapbook, and other related papers. MsC361. (Finding Aid)

BOSE, SUDHINDRA, ca. 1883-1946. Papers of Sunhindra Bose. .5 ft.
University of Iowa lecturer in political science, specializing in Oriental politics, 1921-1945. RG 99.0147. (Finding Aid)

BOURJAILY, VANCE NYE, 1922. Vance Bourjaily Mss., 1980. 1 ft.
Novelist and Writers' Workshop instructor. Typescript with notes and revisions of his novel, A Game Men Play (Dial Press, 1980). Iowa Authors Ms. MsC568. (Finding Aid)

BOWEN, HOWARD R. 1908-1989. Papers, 1964-1969. 46 ft.
Nineteenth president of the University of Iowa, 1964-1969.
RG05.01.12. (Finding Aid)

BOWMAN, JOHN G., 1877-1962. Papers of John G. Bowman. 8 ft.
Ninth president of the University of Iowa, 1911-1914. RG05.01.07 (Finding Aid)

BOYD, WILLARD l. (SANDY), 1927-. Papers, 1969-1976. 77 ft.
President of the University of Iowa, 1969-1981. RG05.01.13 (Finding Aid)

BOYLE, BERN. 6 ft.

BRADLEY (SANBORN), DUANE, 1914-. Papers of Duane Bradley, 1960-1980. 1 ft.
Manuscripts and related materials for several of Mrs. Bradley's titles, including Electing a President (1963) and Sew It and Wear It (1966). Iowa Authors Mss. 570. (Finding Aid). See also "Some Children's Books by Iowa Authors" by Myra Cao.

BRANSON, DAN E. Dan E. Branson Papers. .25 ft.
University of Iowa professor of civil engineering, 1963-1993. RG 99.0245 (Finding Aid)

*BRANT, IRVING , 1885-1976. Papers of Irving Brant, 1962-1972. 1.5 ft.
Writer and journalist. Manuscripts for four of his books, including The Bill of Rights. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC569. (Finding Aid)

*BRAY, THOMAS JAMES. Papers of Thomas J. Bray, 1905-1967. 112 items.
Trial lawyer of Oskaloosa , Iowa and Albert B. Cummins campaign manager. Speeches, correspondence, photographs, biographical sketch, etc. relating to Bray's political concerns and private life. MsC251. (Finding Aid)

*BREEN, EDWARD J., 1899-1978. Papers of Edward J. Breen, 1936-1973. 2.5 ft.
Iowa state legislator, attorney, and broadcasting station executive. Senate bills, correspondence, speeches, and subject files ranging from the Democratic Party to the Townsend National Recovery Plan document his career in Iowa 's state senate. MsC334. (Finding Aid)

*BROMWELL, JAMES E., 1920-. Papers of James E. Bromwell, 1959-1969. 52.5 ft.
Lawyer and U.S. Congressman, 1961-1965. Political and campaign related papers. MsC441. (Finding Aid)

BROWN, GEORGE W., 1917-1986. George W. Brown Papers. .75 ft.
Member of faculty, University of Iowa colleges of law and engineering. Transportation safety consultant. RG 99.0246 (Finding Aid)

BROWN, HAZEL, 1893-. Manuscript for Grant Wood and Marvin Cone - Artists of an Era. 8 linear in.
Writer and friend of both Wood and Cone. The collection contains research notes and manuscripts for the book, as well as clippings about Brown herself. Iowa Author Mss. MsC573. (Finding Aid)

BROWN, LEWIS HEROLD., 1894-1951. Papers of Lewis H. Brown, 1950-1951. .25 ft.
Papers of the industrialist who went to Germany after World War II to investigate the financial recovery there. Various forms of the book resulting from this investigation as well as speeches, press releases, and clippings. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

BROWN-GIBSON FAMILY. Papers of the Brown Family, 1822-1944. 30 items.
Letters, documents, and a booklet on Major Hugh G. Brown. MsC381. (Finding Aid)

BROWNING, ROBERT MORRISS. Papers of Robert Morriss Browining, 1917 -- 1963. .5 ft.
World War I letters to students at the University of Iowa. MsC841. (Finding Aid)

BUNGE, RAYMOND G. 1908-1998. Papers of Raymond G. Bunge. 1 ft.
University of Iowa professor of urology, 1953-1976. His research in androgyny and infertility led him to work with Dr. James Bradbury in the world’s first successful human pregnancy from frozen sperm. RG 99.0002 (Finding Aid)

BUNUEL, LUIS. Filmscripts of Luis Bunuel, 1951-1956. 10 items.
Nine scripts for films directed by "the father of Surreal cinema." One transcription of a narration from Bunuel from 1932. MsC355. (Finding Aid)

BURDICK, EUGENE, 1918-1965. Papers of Eugene Burdick, 1962. 2 linear inches.
Author and co-author of such books as The Ugly American and Fail-Safe. This collection contains a manuscript for the book The Blue of Capricorn, and the serialized version of Fail-Safe, as well as clippings relating to Burdick. Iowa Author Ms. MsC574. (Finding Aid)

BURLINGTON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. Papers of the Burlington Chamber of Commerce, 1928-1948. 6 ft.
Records, minutes, correspondence and clippings reflect commercial and civic activities. MsC139. (Finding Aid)

BURMA, HENRY WILLIBRORD, 1895-1974. Papers of Henry W. Burma, 1949. 129 items.
Iowa state legislator. Speeches and congratulatory letters on his appointment to the Iowa Board of Control. MsC321. (Finding Aid)

* BUTLER , ANSON R., 1829-1901. Papers of Anson R. Butler, 1862-1900. 34 items.
Civil War soldier and mayor of DeWitt , Iowa. Letters written to his wife while he was serving with the 26th Iowa Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War. MsC1. (Finding Aid)

* BUTLER , ELLIS PARKER, 1869-1937. Papers of Ellis P. Butler, 1891-1940. .75 ft.
Author and businessman from Iowa , best known for his short story "Pigs is Pigs". The papers consist of correspondence to and from Butler about his writing and the Author's League of America . His wife's correspondence is also included. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC575. (Finding Aid). See also "Lighting Out for the Territory Back East: Ellis Parker Butler, American Humorist" by Henry B. Chapin.

* BUTLER , GUY G., 1887-1961. Papers of Guy G. Butler, 1951-1953. 40 items.
Iowa state legislator, banker, and farmer. Scrapbooks, speeches, and correspondence all relating to his service in the Iowa legislature. MsC233. (Finding Aid)

BUXBAUM, KATHERINE, 1885-1975. Partial manuscript for Iowa Outpost. 1 folder.
Iowa author and teacher. This collections contains twelve of the chapters from the book Iowa Outpost. Iowa Author MsC869. (Finding Aid)

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