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*CADY, CHARLES. Papers of Charles Cady, 1862-1864. 11 items.
Civil War soldier from Danville, Iowa. Consists of letters written to his parents and family describing life in the 15th Iowa Volunteer Infantry. Also includes his promotion and discharge papers. MsC17. (Finding Aid)

*CALHOUN, JOHN N., 1903-1972. Papers of John N. Calhoun, 1923-1954. 8 ft.
Lawyer in Burlington, Iowa and Iowa state senator. Correspondence and subject files relating to his legal and political careers and his military service in World War II. MsC274. (Finding Aid)

CALHOUN, MARY HUISKAMP, 1926-. Papers of Mary Calhoun, 1962-1968. 7 items.
Well-known children's author. This collection consists of several versions of her manuscript for Magic in the Alley. Iowa Author Ms. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

Diary of an unknown soldier in Company C, 4th Infantry C.V., who was assigned to a detail guarding a wagon train carrying specie to the East. MsC79. (Finding Aid)

*CALKIN, HOMER L., 1912-1995. Homer L. Calkin Collection of Printed Ephemera, 1880-1896. 524 items.
Historian, archivist, author and collector. This collection of printed ephemera consists of advertising and trade cards, spelling cards, calling cards and invitations, as well as paper dolls and cut-outs of artwork such as flowers and fruit. MsC505. (Finding Aid)

*CALKIN, HOMER L., 1912-1995. Papers of Homer L. Calkin, 1897-1996. 21 linear ft.
Historian, archivist, and author. Correspondence files; diaries; memorabilia; scrapbooks dealing with his early life, education, career in the State Department, and work for the Methodist Church. MsC504. (Finding Aid)

CALVIN, SAMUEL, 1840-1911. Papers of Samuel Calvin, 1862-1980. 15.5 linear ft.

University of Iowa professor of geology, and first head of that department.  Instructor in paleontology, zoology, botany.  Photographer or the Iowa City area.  RG99.0083. (Finding Aid)

*CAMPBELL, ED HOYT, 1882-1969. Papers of Ed H. Campbell, 1911, 1924-1933. 9 ft.
Iowa state senator and U.S. Representative from Iowa . Office files, correspondence, speeches, and campaign material. MsC175. (Finding Aid)

CANAN, JANINE, 1942-. Papers of Janine Canan, 1960-2004. 15 linear ft.
Poet and editor. Books, manuscripts,clippings, correspondence. MsC792. (Finding Aid)

CAPLAN, RICHARD M., 1929-. Papers of Richard M. Caplan, 1967-1990.  1.5 linear ft.

Director of the Office of Medical Education in the Department of Dermatology and associate dean for continuing education in the College of Medicine, 1961-1996. Records of the many committees on which he served. RG 99.0270. (Finding Aid)

CAREY, JOHN W., 1877-1945. Correspondence of John W. Carey, 1899-1943. ca. 228 items.
Newspaper editor in Rock Rapids and Sioux City, Iowa . MsC389. (Finding Aid)

*CARHART, ARTHUR HAWTHORNE, 1892-1978. Papers of Arthur H. Carhart, 1916-1959. 4.5 ft.
Author, conservationist, and landscape architect. Manuscripts of some of his books including The National Forests and Timber in Your Life. Typescript drafts, proofs, galleys, outlines, and correspondence are included. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC576. (Finding Aid)

CARLSEN, GEORGE ROBERT, 1917-2003. Papers of George Robert Carlsen, 1941-1982. 2 ft.

Professor of English and education 1958-1982. Correspondence, speeches, articles, clippings. RG99.0040. (Finding Aid)

CARLSON, ESTHER, 1920 --. Manuscript for Moon Over the Back Fence, 1947-1948. 2 folders
Iowa Author Manuscript MsC 869. (Finding Aid)

CARPENTER, MILLINGTON F., 1888-1967. Papers of Millington F. Carpenter, 1903-1961. 0.5 ft.

Professor of English at University High School, 1922-1950.  Taught literature at University of Iowa, 1950-1964. Correspondence, course material, speeches. RG99.0052. (Finding Aid)

CARR & CARR, MANCHESTER, IOWA. Records of Carr & Carr, Manchester, Iowa, 1857-1957, ca. 100 ft.
Complete records of a pioneer law firm and several of its predecessors, including correspondence, account books, ledgers, cases, journals, and receipts. MsC130. (Finding Aid)

CARR, GERTRUDE M., 1907-2005. Papers of Gertrude M. Carr, 1947-1981. 3.2 ft.
Noted science fiction fan and fanzine editor from Seattle, Washington. Correspondence, together with some additional ephemera. MsC 865. (Finding Aid)

*CARTER, STEVEN V., 1915-1959. Papers of Steven V. Carter, 1915-1960. 8.5 ft.
Attorney and U.S. Representative from Iowa . Subject files relating to his year in Congress and his earlier political and legal career. MsC250. (Finding Aid)

cARTalog Exhibit. 2006. 20 ft.
Artifacts from the exhibit mounted at the University of Iowa Libraries in 2006, in which volunteers contributed artwork created from cards from the defunct catalog of the library. MsC859 (Finding Aid)

CARVER, THOMAS NIXON. Manuscript for Recollections of an Unplanned Life. 1 item.
Economist and Harvard professor. Manuscript for his memoirs. Iowa Author Mss. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

CASSILL, RONALD VERLIN, 1919. R. Verlin Cassill Manuscripts, 1958-1963. 1 ft.
Novelist and Writers' Workshop instructor. Uncorrected proof of Pretty Leslie (Simon and Schuster, 1963), a novel, and a recording of Cassill reading And in My Heart. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

*CAVERLY, LEON H. Papers of Leon H. Caverly, 1917-1920. 25 items.
Caverly was a cinematographer sent to document military activities in Belgium, France, and Germany in World War I. He also filmed Russian prisoner camps and the civilian riots in Berlin. In 1919 he spent six months filming in Cuba and Haiti. This collection consist primarily of letters to F. G. Riley, a New York photographer, but also includes a few photographs, a sketch, and a business card. MsC802. (Finding Aid)

Transcripts of interviews with Sutherland Dows and W.M. Schneider concerning the history and operation of the CRANDIC Railway. MsC210. (Finding Aid)

CEDAR RAPIDS SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA. Records of the Cedar Rapids Symphony Orchestra, 1923-57, 2 ft.
Correspondence, account books, reports, lists, attendance registers, minutes, rosters of officers, publicity material, programs, and financial records. MsC156. (Finding Aid)

CEDAR RAPIDS-MARION AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. Records of the Cedar rapids-Marion Area Chamber of Commerce, 1874-1973, 113 items.
Budgets, correspondence, clippings, photographs, and other material. MsC138. (Finding Aid)

Committed to the production and dissemination of "systems art," CAYC was established as a multidisciplinary workshop in August of 1968. A collection of large scale works (each about 22 x 34 inches) was assembled in 1972 by Jorge Glusberg, CAYC Director, as an edition of 10 that circulated as traveling exhibitions. Apparently including about 72 works in 1972, the collection grew over time and the Iowa collection now consists of 143 diazo prints and appears to be the only extant copy.  The collection includes a linear foot of catalogues, documentation, books and pamphlets, dating from 1970 to1980 and a complete set of black and white photographs from which online images were derived. MsC759. (Finding Aid)

*CHAMBERLIN, ALFRED BOLTON. Papers of Alfred B. Chamberlin, 1921-1951. 1 ft.
Methodist minister. Sermon outlines, orders of worship, notebook, pastoral calls, and other papers. MsC380. (Finding Aid)

*CHAMBERLIN, JAMES, 1817-1897. Papers of James Chamberlin, 1838-1897. 28 items.
Farmer and Johnson County , Iowa public official. Daybooks, ledgers, and photographs relating to the early years of North Liberty, Johnson County , Iowa . MsC249. (Finding Aid)

*CHAMBERLIN, JOHN GORDON, 1914-. Papers of John Gordon Chamberlin, 1930-1996. 20 ft.
Teacher, Methodist minister and writer on theological and educational subjects. Correspondence, course materials, sermons and speeches, with materials relating to his many books and articles. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC580. (Finding Aid)

CHAMBERS, GEORGE A. Papers of G. A. Chambers, 1967-1973. 0.75 ft.

UI Executive Vice-Provost from 1973 to 1976, followed by head, Educational Administration, College of Education.  Financial records. RG 99.0019.

*CHAMNESS, IDA ROISELAND, 1867-1952. Papers of Ida Roiseland Chamness. .12 ft.
Ida Chamness was born in Norway and moved to Iowa in 1900, where she was very active in the Society of Friends. This collection includes a manuscript memoir, transcribed by her daughter, and an appeal to the Yearly Meeting of Friends. MsC751. (Finding Aid)

*CHEEVER, LAWRENCE OAKLEY, 1907-1974. Papers of Lawrence O. Cheever, 1931-1972. 2 ft.
Industrial editor, author, book and bookplate collector. Correspondence, drafts, publications, and research relating to his interest in book illustrators, books and book plates. MsC494. (Finding Aid)

CHEHAK, THOMAS W. Tom Chehak Papers, 2000-2008. 21 feet.
Television and film writer, producer and director. 26 episodes of Galidor, an action series for children sponsored by Lego Media International and the Disney network; 13 episodes of Scout's Safari, an action-adventure series for young people set and shot in South Africa ; materials relating to The Listener, for which Chehak served as an Executive Producer, shot in Toronto. MsC744. (Finding Aid)

CHICAGO NORTHWESTERN RAILWAY. Ticket Agent Papers, 1890-1907. 10 ft.
Records of the Cedar Rapids ticket agent for the railway, this collection consists of record books, correspondence with headquarters in Chicago , and correspondence dealing with problems of passenger transportation. Bulk dates are 1896-1899. MsC85. (Finding Aid)

CHICAGO, ROCK ISLAND AND PACIFIC RAILROAD. Records of the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad Company, 1857-1984. 73.4 ft.
Records documenting the operations of this significant Midwestern railroad [particularly those in Iowa], including correspondence, administrative and legal files, real estate and property records, maps, and various financial records. MsC782. (Finding Aid)

CHILDS FAMILY. Letters, 1849 -- 1889. .5 ft.
Letters of the Childs family in Philadelphia , Pennsylvania and members of the family in Clinton County , Iowa , including the towns of Low Moor, Lyons, and Camanche. Though the correspondence is carried on during the Civil War, the letters have mostly to do with domestic affairs. MsC547. (Finding Aid)

*CHILDS, MARQUIS WILLIAM, 1903-1990. Papers of Marquis W. Childs, 1939-1978. 5.5 ft.
Pulitzer prize-winning journalist with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Typescript drafts, galleys, proofs, and layouts for some of his books. Also general correspondence files, speeches, and newspaper clippings. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC581. (Finding Aid)

CHINESE WRITERS. Manuscripts by Chinese Writers, 1949-1995. 3 feet.
A number of literary manuscripts composed by Chinese writers were acquired for the East Asian collections over a long period of time. In 1991, a program was established to encourage further and continued growth in this area. MsC771. (Finding Aid)

CHITTENDEN, EDWARD WILSON, 1885-1977.  Papers of Edward Wilson Chittenden.  1 ft.

Professor of mathematics, University of Iowa, from 1918 until 1954.  Correspondence and lectures.  RG99.0126.  (Finding Aid)

*CHRISTIE, CAROLINE MABRY, 1887--. Mss. .5 ft.
Holdings are the manuscript of Silver Heels, a book for children. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC750. (Finding Aid).

CHRISTISEN, D.M. Christisen Collection of Railroadiana.
Records for the Milwaukee Road , Amtrak, and the B&O railroads, with some materials from the Elgin, Joliet and Eastern (EJ&E), the Central Railroad of New Jersey (CNJ), the Nickel Plate Railroad (NKP), and Acheson, Topeka and Santa Fe (AT&SF) lines; from the 1880s to the early 1990s. MsC548. (Finding Aid)

CHRISTY, TERESA E., 1927-1982. Papers of Teresa E. Christy, 1961-1981. 8 ft.

Nursing historian and educator. Correspondence, articles, speeches.  RG99.0292. (Finding Aid)

Documents having to do with the Civil War. MsC906. (Finding Aid)

*CLAMPITT, AMY. Papers of Amy Clampitt, 1984-1993. 0.25 ft.
Poet: Kingfisher (1983), Manhattan: An Elegy (UI Center for the Book, 1990), MacArthur Fellow, 1992, Collected Poems (1997). Correspondence and typescripts of some of her writings. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC582. (Finding Aid)

CLAPP, PHILIP GREELEY. Papers of Philip Greeley Clapp, 1879-1992. 34.25 ft.
Professor of music, University of Iowa, from 1919 until his death in 1953. Composer and symphony conductor. Compositions, correspondence, and scrapbooks containing newspaper articles. RG99.0128. (Finding Aid)

CLARK & HADDOCK. Records of Clark & Haddock, 1857-74. 60 items and 9v.
Correspondence, account books, and docket books of the law firm of Clark & Haddock. MsC39. (Finding Aid)

*CLARK, DICK, 1928-. Papers of Dick Clark, 1964-1980. 212 ft.
U.S. Senator from Iowa , and educator. Arranged in 9 series, the papers consist of subject files, casework files, issue statements, clippings, audio, visual, film and photographs during his term in office. Subjects of special concern to Clark range from Africa and international relations to agriculture and conservation, Democratic Party politics to the aged, and; education to transportation. MsC414. (Finding Aid)

CLARK, EZEKIAL. Account book of Ezekial Clark, 1863-1866. 1v.
Record of Clark's accounts with the Iowa State Sanitary Commission. MsC31. (Finding Aid)

CLARK, GLENN, 1882- . Glenn Clark Manuscripts, 1950s. 1 ft.
Theological writer. Typescripts of Come Follow Me and God's Reach. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

*CLARK, PATRICK SEAN. Papers of Sean Clark, 1996-1999. 0.75 ft.
Scripts for the television program, Early Edition, and drafts of a yet to be produced screenplay. MsC508. (Finding Aid)

CLARK , RUSH, 1834-1879. Letters of Rush Clark, 15 May to 24 December 1877, 1 v.
Contains letter-press copies of correspondence from Rush Clark to constituents while in U.S. House of Representatives. MsC168.

*CLARKE, GEORGE W., 1853-1936. Papers of George W. Clarke, 1904-1937. 0.5 linear ft.
Lawyer, state legislator, and Governor of Iowa . Subject files, campaign files, correspondence, and clippings relating primarily to his 1914 bid for re-election. MsC47. (Finding Aid)

CLEVELAND, BUSTER. Papers of Buster Cleveland. 3 linear feet.
Correspondence and art work by mail artist Buster Cleveland. MsC 785. (Finding Aid)

CMIEL, KENNETH J. Papers of Kenneth J. Cmiel. 14.25 ft.
University of Iowa professor of history and director of the UI Center for Human Rights. Course materials, book chapter drafts. RG 99.0042. (Finding Aid)

COFFEE HOUSE PRESS, Minneapolis , 1984--. The Coffee House Press Archive, including the records of the Toothpaste Press, 1970--.
A continuation of the Toothpaste Press founded in Iowa City in 1970, the Coffee House continues as a publisher of well designed books of poetry and fiction. MsC461. (Finding Aid)

*COHEN, ALBERT J. Papers of Albert J. Cohen, 1948-1958. 33 linear ft.
American motion picture and television script writer and producer. Program scripts, department materials, memos, clippings, notes, correspondence, production budgets, and miscellaneous photographs. MsC126. (Finding Aid)

COLBY, ANTHONY, 1939-. Anthony Colby Papers.
Iowa doctor and author. MsC869.(Finding Aid)

*COLEMAN, CARROLL. Papers of Carroll Coleman, 1927-1985. 4.5 ft.
Proprietor of the Prairie Press and printer. Correspondence, preliminary drafts, galleys and mock-ups for books printed by the Prairie Press, and related business records, advertising, etc. MsC477. (Finding Aid). See also "The Prairie Press: A Thirty-Year Record" by L.O. Cheever; "A Confirmed Typomaniac: Carroll Coleman and the Prairie Press" by John M. Harrison.

COLEMAN, MARY SUE, 1943-. Papers of Mary Sue Coleman. 3.75 ft.
Eighteenth president of the University of Iowa. 1995-2001. RG05.01.18 (Finding Aid)

*COLLINS, MAX ALLAN. Papers of Max Allan Collins, 1967-1996. 69 ft.
Author, filmmaker, and comic strip writer. The papers document his film and literary career. His novels, comics (including Dick Tracy and Ms. Tree), and screenplays are represented in various forms of completion, with typescript drafts, artwork, correspondence, research, galley proofs, and promotional material. MsC500. (Finding Aid). Collins has a website at

COLLINS MORTGAGE AND FARMS COMPANIES. Records of the Collins Mortgage and Farms Companies, 1901-1945. 12.0 ft.

Records of a Cedar Rapids-based mortgage company and company devoted to innovative utilization of farmland. Records include correspondence, financial records, legal files, property descriptions, and tax files. MsC 317. (Finding Aid)

COLLINS RADIO COMPANY. Records of the Collins Radio Company, 1924-1980. 34.0 ft.

Corporate and product records of a Cedar Rapids-based communications and aerospace company. Records include correspondence, administrative records, product files, advertising, research materials, photographs, and blueprints. MsC814. (Finding Aid)


---. ATCA Comics Collection. Artists' and underground comics, 1969-1979. MsC 780

---. Comic Books of the Bronze Age, 1969-1986, bulk dates 1970-1976. MsC 883  (Finding Aid)

---. Comic Book Collection, 1971-2010. 1.0 ft. (a collection of assorted comic books not tied to any particular donor or other collection). MsC342. (Finding Aid). 

COMMERCIAL DOCUMENTS. 1840s-1930s. 151 items.
Stock certificates, bonds, and other financial documents. MsC347. (Finding Aid)

CONE, MARVIN DORWART, 1891-1965. Papers of Marvin D. Cone, 1929-1995. 60 items.
Artist. Exhibit catalogues and newspaper clippings. MsC297. (Finding Aid)

CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA, Documents of, 1861-1865. .5 linear ft.
A collection of bills, acts, reports and other documents printed by the Confederate States of America government. MsC540. (Finding Aid)

CONLON, PAUL, 1944--. Conlon United Nations Sanctions Papers, 1988-2001. 7 ft.
Documents supporting Dr. Conlon's United Nations Sanctions Management: A Case Study of the Iraq Sanctions Committee 1990-1994 (Ardsley, NY: Transnational Publishers, Inc., 2001; ISBN 1-57105-059-0). Most relate to UN sanctions against Iraq from 1990 through the spring of 1995 with extensive materials dealing with UN sanctions against Yugoslavia in the same period plus items dealing with UN sanctions against Angola , Haiti and South Africa and relating to certain peacekeeping activities of the time. MsC529. (Finding Aid).

CONROY, FRANK, 1936--2005. Frank Conroy Manuscripts, 1967, 1993. .5 ft.
Holograph manuscripts of two of Frank Conroy's published books, Stop-time (1967) and Body & Soul (1993). MsC 535. (Finding Aid).

CONZ, FRANCESCO AND FRIEDMAN, KEN. Conz-Freidman Papers. 4 Fluxus Textile Multiples. 1 linear ft.
Part of the Alternative Traditions in Contemporary Art Collection at the University of Iowa, this collection consists of four Fluxus textile multiples. MsC760. (Finding Aid)

COOK FAMILY. Papers of the Cook Family, 1841-1912, 5 ft.
Diaries of Edward E. Cook, journals and ledgers of the law firm of Cook & Dodge of Davenport, Iowa, and other business and legal papers. MsC109. (Finding Aid)

COOK, PAULINE, 1913-1965.  Papers of Pauline Cook, 1949-1954. 0.5 ft.

Foreign language and reference librarian at the University of Iowa Libraries, 1937-1952.  Unpublished manuscripts. RG 99.0304. (Finding Aid)

*COREY, PAUL ( FREDERICK ), 1903-1992. Papers of Paul Corey, 1920-1992. 26 ft.
Writer: Three Miles Square (1939), environmentalist, and animal activist. Correspondence, subject files, scrapbooks, and preliminary drafts of writings. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC585. (Finding Aid). See also "Paul Corey's Mantz Trilogy" by Robert McCown.

CORKHILL, THOMAS E. Papers of Thomas Corkhill, 1868-1874, 10 items.
Methodist minister and moving force behind the organization of schools at Eldora and Mitchellville. Included are certificates of Corkhill's appointment of trustee of Iowa Reform School and an account book relating to his expenses as trustee as well as a holograph commonplace book containing the text of a diary of his experience in the Civil War, commissioned by Governor Samuel Kirkwood. This diary also contains poems and clippings. Also included is a CD of a transcription of the diary, plus a commentary on the text of over 150 pages, including background information and photographs. MsC60. (Finding Aid)

*COSSON, GEORGE, 1876-1963. Papers of George Cosson, 1903-1961. 3 ft.
Attorney General of Iowa . The collection consists primarily of material regarding the case of Fred Stover vs. Central Broadcasting Company and other files relating to Stover. There are also copies of Cosson's writings, along with speeches, clippings, and correspondence files. MsC498. (Finding Aid)

*COUCH, ALBERT A. Papers of Albert A. Couch, 1940-1951. 100 items.
Labor leader. Correspondence, reports, and clippings relating to a proposed hydroelectric dam at Moscow , Iowa . MsC65. (Finding Aid)

COURTNEY, R. KEITH. Papers. 4 linear ft.
Iowa City resident and artist. From the late 1970s to the late 1980s Courtney conducted a project titled “Notes From All Over,” which invited artists to send him found objects and printed matter. The collection consists of art works, correspondence, and related documentation dating from 1971 -- 1995. MsC761. (Finding Aid)

*COVERDALE, JOHN W., 1883- , Papers of John W. Coverdale, 1922-1940. 1.5 ft.
Agriculturist. Correspondence and subject files relating to the early years of the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation and the American Farm Bureau Federation. MsC69. (Finding Aid)

COX & KIRKWOOD, Iowa City, Iowa . Land book of Cox & Kirkwood, 1876-1879. 1v.
Shows land holdings in various Iowa counties but show the holdings of James S. Easley primarily. MsC33. (Finding Aid)

CRAIG, HARDIN, 1875-1968. Papers of Hardin Craig, 1926-1947. 0.5 ft.

Professor of English at the University of Iowa 1919-1928.  Authority on Shakespeare and Milton.  Typescripts. RG99.0054. (Finding Aid)

CRANBERG, GILBERT.Gilbert Cranberg Papers. 7.5 ft
Editorial page writer for the Des Moines Register from 1949 to 1982, and from 1975 to1982 the editor of that page; and then professor in the University of Iowa in the School of Journalism from1982 to 2000. Drafts of published essays. MsC 912. (Finding Aid)

CRANEFIELD, PAUL. African Agriculture Collection. 6 ft.

CRARY, MARGARET. Papers. .25 ft.
Iowa author of books for young people. MsC869. (Finding Aid).

CRAWFORD, BARTHOLOW, 189?-1968. Papers of Bartholow Crawford, 1909-1945. 0.75 ft.

Professor in English Department 1921-1956.  Taught American literature and American drama courses.  Yearbooks, book reviews, articles.  RG 99.0055. (Finding Aid)

CRAWFORD AND EASTWOOD FAMILIES. Papers of the Crawford and Eastwood Families, ca.1910-2004. 7 ft.
Correspondence, photographs, clippings, and genealogical records of these families, including materials relating to operating a farm near Prescott, Kansas; letters home from a worker on the Chautauqua circuit; and letters home from a professor of music. MsC836. (Finding Aid)

CRAWFORD, MILDRED FOSTER, (1900-1934). Papers of Mildred Foster Crawford, 1924-1927. 1.0 ft.
University of Iowa law student. Course notes. RG02.09.15. (Finding Aid)

CROSBY FAMILY. Crosby Family Papers, 1865-1925. .25 ft.
Family papers, including adoption papers, a civil war discharge, and information on the Crosby Sliding Door Jack, including a patent application. MsC54. (Finding Aid)

CROWL, DENTON CHESTER, 1881-1942. Papers of Denton Chester Crowl, 1909-1938. 1.5 linear ft.
Lecturer-"portrayalist," salesman and editorial writer for the Toledo Blade, Denton Crowl performed on the Chautauqua circuits and in other venues. This collection includes correspondence, appointment diaries, photographs, and manuscripts, mostly relating to his lecture and political activities. MsC150.01 (Finding Aid)

CULBERTSON & RENO, Iowa City, Iowa . Account book of Culbertson & Reno, 1856-1858. 1v. .25 ft.
Pioneer banking firm operated by John C. Culbertson and Morgan Reno. MsC29. (Finding Aid)

*CULVER, JOSEPH FRANKLIN, 1834-1899. Correspondence of Joseph F. Culver, 1860-1900. 358 items.
Civil War soldier, lawyer, and banker. Letters about his military service with the Illinois 129th Infantry Regiment, and his life after the war as a lawyer and banker in Illinois and Kansas . These letters were published as Leslie W. Dunlap, editor, "Your Affectionate Husband, J.F. Culver": Letters Written During the Civil War (Friends of the University of Iowa Library, 1978). MsC373. (Finding Aid)

CULVER, JOHN. Papers of John Culver. 300 ft.
U.S. Congressman and Senator from Iowa. MsC810. (Finding Aid)

CUMMING, CHARLES A. Papers of Charles A. Cumming, 1880-1947. 2.5 ft.

Impressionist painter and founder of art departments at Cornell College in 1880 and the University of Iowa in 1909.  Developed the Des Moines Academy of Art, which was renamed the Cumming School of Art in 1900. RG99.0029. (Finding Aid)

CUMMINGTON PRESS. Papers of the Cummington Press, 1947-1981. .25 ft.
Print specimens from the press of Harry Duncan; biographical essays about Duncan. MsC843. (Finding Aid)

*CUNNINGHAM, PAUL H., 1890-1961. Papers of Paul H. Cunningham, 1933-1961. 1 ft.
U.S. Representative from Iowa . Correspondence, newspaper clippings, speeches, news releases, and other documents relating to his public and political life. MsC107. (Finding Aid)

CURRIER, AMOS NOYES, 1832-1909. Papers of Amos Noyes Currier. .5 ft.
Professor and dean of Collegiate Department, also interim president of the University of Iowa, 1885-1905. RG05.01.05. (Finding Aid)

CURTIS COMPANIES, INC., Clinton, Iowa. Records of the Curtis Companies, Inc., 1869-1948, ca. 60 ft.
Founded in 1866 and dissolved in 1938, the Curtis Companies were a conglomerate of associated sash, door, and millwork companies that eventually consolidated into a single corporation. Includes correspondence, ledgers, journals, cashbooks, stockbooks, and minute books, with correspondence of U.S. Representative George M. Curtis. MsC551. (Finding Aid)

CUTTLER, CHARLES D., 1913--. Papers of Charles D. Cuttler, 1935-1988. 3.0 ft.

Professor of art and art history.  Consultant to National Endowment for the Humanities.  Correspondence, administrative records. RG99.0001. (Finding Aid)

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