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Dada Covers.
Dust jackets from books in the Dada collection at the University of Iowa. MsC909. (Finding Aid)

*DAKIN, ALLIN W., 1905-. Papers of Allin W. Dakin, 1940-1981. 24 ft.
Administrative dean at the University of Iowa (1944-1974). Correspondence, notebooks, and speeches relating to Dakin's many civic interests and activities. Topics included are Rotary International, Boy Scouts of America, and U of I. MsC418. (Finding Aid)

DANIELS, AMY L., 1875-1965. Papers of Amy L. Daniels, 1903-1942. 0.25 ft.

Professor of nutrition at the Iowa Child Welfare Research Station, 1918-1941. Her accomplishments documented in photographs and clippings. RG 99.0308. (Finding Aid)

DANA, ROBERT. Robert Dana Papers.
Poet. MsC 892.

DARLING, FREDERICK. Papers of Frederick Darling. .25 ft.
Iowa author. MsC869.(Finding Aid)

DARLING, JAY NORWOOD, 1876-1962. Papers of Jay N. Darling, 1909-1954. 2.5 ft.
Correspondence, speeches, articles, leaflets, clippings, scrapbooks and a sketchbook, mostly dealing with politics, conservation, or family affairs, assembled by newspaper cartoonist "Ding" Darling of The Des Moines Register. There are also some 6,000 original pen-and-ink cartoons drawn by Darling. MsC170. (Finding Aid)

*DARLING, MARCELLUS WARNER, 1844-1913. Papers of Marcellus W. Darling, 1862-1911. 78 items.
Civil War soldier, Congregational minister, and father of Jay Norwood Darling. Consists primarily of letters, a diary, and memoirs of his service in Company K, 154th New York Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War. MsC236. (Finding Aid)

DAVENPORT BESLER CORPORATION. Records of the Davenport Besler Company, 1901-56. 80 ft.
Business records of a liquidated Davenport, Iowa, locomotive manufacturing company. MsC81. (Finding Aid)

DAVENPORT CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. Records of the Davenport Chamber of Commerce, 1918- .
Minutes, financial records, correspondence, subject files, agendas and other records. MsC140. (Finding Aid)

*DAVIDSON, OSHA GRAY. Papers of Osha G. Davidson, 1987-1994. 1.5 ft.
Free-lance journalist and author of Broken Heartland and Under Fire. Correspondence, research notes, and preliminary drafts of his writings. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC588. (Finding Aid)

DAVIES, John Leonard. Papers of John Leonard Davies, 1938-1963. 0.5 ft.
Iowa writer and educator in the Division of Continuing Education. MsC820. (Finding Aid)

*DAVIS, ANDREW FOSTER. Papers of Andrew F. Davis, 1861-1891. 129 items.
Civil War soldier. Correspondence from Davis (an officer in Co.I, 15th Regiment, Indiana Volunteers) to his wife and daughters. Letters include information on troop morale, slavery, camp life, battles, Copperheads, etc. MsC454 (Finding Aid)

DAWN, MORGAN. Morgan Dawn Fanzine and Fanvid Collection, 1976-2010. 13.5 ft.
Collection of fanzines and fanvids (fan-created montages of video clips from assorted media fandoms set to music) relating to numerous media fandoms, assembled by long-time fan writer and vidder Dawn. MsC403. (Finding Aid)

DAWN, MORGAN. Morgan Dawn The Professionals Circuit Library and Fanzine Collection, 1982-2010. 7.5 ft.

Collection of fanzines and items of fan fiction relating to the British crime drama The Professionals, including the print and digital contents of the fan-assembled 'Circuit Library'. MsC439. (Finding Aid)

*DAWSON, ALBERT FOSTER, 1872-1949. Papers of Albert F. Dawson, 1904-1942. 101 items.
U.S. Representative from Iowa and businessman. Speeches on various topics. MsC67. (Finding Aid)

DeGOWIN, ELMER, 1901-1980. Papers of Elmer DeGowin and the DeGowin Blood Donor Center. 5.5 ft.
Founded the University of Iowa Hospital’s blood bank in 1938, one of the nation’s first. Co-author of the first modern text on “Blood Transfusion” (1949). RG 99.0320 (Finding Aid)

*DeKOSTER, LUCAS JAMES, 1918- . Papers of Lucas J. DeKoster, 1967-1982. 1 ft.
Iowa state senator. DeKoster's correspondence and legislative newsletters from his terms in the legislature. MsC289. (Finding Aid)

DEAN, AMOS, 1803-1869. Papers of Amos Dean. 1 ft.
First president of the University of Iowa, 1855-1860. RG05.01.01 (Finding Aid)

*DEW, BIRCHEL RAYMOND, 1901-1973. Collector. B.R. Dew Collection of Railroadiana, 1883-1966. 7 ft.
Railroad employee and collector. Collection of publications, timetables, photographs, tickets, passes, and artifacts relating to the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railway, as well as other railroads. MsC497. (Finding Aid)

DEWEL, B. F. (TOD), 1902-1999. Papers of B. F. (Tod) Dewel, 1920-1992. 1 ft.

College of Dentistry graduate and teaching assistant who endowed the first chair in dentistry in 1988.  Correspondence and course notebooks regarding dental education and history.  RG 99.0216. (Finding Aid)

*DEWEY, CHARLES A., 1877-1958. Papers of Charles A. Dewey, 1888-1954. 6.5 ft.
Judge and lawyer. Papers relating primarily to his career on the bench. Correspondence and subject files, together with biographical material, speeches, and articles make up the collection. Includes jury instructions and a well documented lawsuit involving Union Carbide and Carbon Corp. MsC103. (Finding Aid)

*DEXTER COMPANY. Records of the Dexter Company, 1904-1954. 20 ft.
Washing machine manufacturing company in Fairfield, Iowa. Corporate records, financial reports, correspondence, patents, etc. MsC344. (Finding Aid)

DEY, PETER ANTHONY, 1825-1911. Papers of Peter A. Dey, 1853-1911. 47 v.
Engineer who worked on canals and railroads and Iowa City businessman. Diaries and note books. MsC86. (Finding Aid)

*DICKINSON, LESTER JESSE, 1873-1968. Papers of Lester J. Dickinson, 1898-1955. 4 ft.
U.S. Representative and Senator from Iowa. Speeches, scrapbooks, correspondence, clippings, and campaign material all related to his political career. MsC94. (Finding Aid)

DIMOND, T. L. Papers of T. L. Dimond. 6.5 ft.
Engineer. MsC806. (Finding Aid)

DOCTOR GENEROSITY PRESS. Publications, 1969-1971. .25 ft.
Paperback books, broadsides, correspondence for this small press. MsC281. (Finding Aid)

DODGE, GRENVILLE MELLEN, 1831-1916. Notebook of Grenville M. Dodge. n.d., 1 v.
Describes railroad engineering problems. Included in the Iowa Documents Collection. MsC897. (Finding Aid)

*DOLLIVER, JAMES I., 1894-. Papers of James I. Dolliver, 1923-1962. 21 ft.
Attorney, U.S. Representative from Iowa, and Regional Legal Council for the International Cooperation Administration of the Middle East. Correspondence, speeches, and subject files relating to his career. MsC243. (Finding Aid)

DONOSO, JOSÉ, 1924-1996. Correspondence, notebooks and manuscripts of Chilean writer Jose Donoso, 1942-1967, ca. 1500 items.
The collection contains a preliminary version of Donoso's first novel, Coronación, many drafts of El obsceno pájaro de la noche (The Obscene Bird of Night), as well as drafts of stories and other writings. MsC 340. (Finding Aid)

DONOVAN, JOSEPHINE. Josephine Donovan . .25 ft.
Iowa Author. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

*DOWNING, J. HYATT, 1888- . Papers of J. Hyatt Downing, 1925-1968. 1.5 ft.
Novelist and story writer. Correspondence, subject files, biographical material, and preliminary drafts of his writings. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC591. (Finding Aid). See also "J. Hyatt Downing: The Chronicle of an Era" by Anthony T. Wadden.

DRABBLE, MARGARET, 1939-. Margaret Drabble's Research Files for Angus Wilson: A Biography, 1990-1995. 4.8 ft.

Acclaimed British novelist and scholar. Research files, including administrative material, research materials, and corrected typescripts for her 1995 biography of novelist Sir Angus Wilson. MsC 931. (Finding Aid)

DRAKE, DAVID, 1945-. Papers of David Drake, 1979-2002. 7.5 ft.
Science fiction author. This collections contains many second drafts of Drake's novels, essays, and short stories. Iowa Author Mss. MsC592. (Finding Aid)

DUBIE, NORMAN, 1945-. Papers of Norman Dubie, 1970-
Poet: numerous books from Alehouse Sonnets (1971) to Funeral (1998). Manuscripts, correspondence, other papers. MsC409. (Finding Aid)

DUFF, A. Account book of A. Duff, 1874-1881. 1 v.
Account book of a variety store in Washington, Iowa. MsC38. (Finding Aid)

DUNCAN, ACTEA. Actea Duncan Papers. .25 ft.
Iowa author. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

*DUNCAN, THOMAS WILLIAM, 1905-. Papers of Thomas W. Duncan, [1940?]-1959. 8.5 ft.
Novelist and story writer. Preliminary drafts, notes, revisions, and galley proofs for three of his novels, including a highly successful circus novel, Gus the Great (1947). Iowa Authors Mss. MsC594. (Finding Aid)

DUNN, LLOYD. Papers of Lloyd Dunn. 12 ft.
Publisher of Retrofuturist and PhotoStatic magazines and member of collage music groups the Tape-beatles and Public Works. The collection includes audio cassettes as well as two boxes of videotapes and a number of small art works which incorporate audio cassettes. MsC520.(Finding Aid)

DUNN, SAMUEL ORACE, 1877-1958. Papers of Samuel O. Dunn, 1917-1928. 25 items.
Editor and writer on railroads. Speeches and articles. MsC435. (Finding Aid)

DURLAND, STEVEN. Papers of Steven Durland. 1.5 ft. plus 1 Oversize box.
Writer, sculptor, performance artist, and editor of High Performance magazine. Personal correspondence and documentation as well as artworks and other documentation from the Not Clay International Mail Art Show, co-curated by Durland and Melvin Tearle in 1977, and The Cover, co-curated by Durland and Robert Harris in 1978. MsC787. (Finding Aid)

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