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EASTMAN, HAROLD. Harold Eastman Papers. .25 ft.
Iowa author. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

Typed editorial comments gathered for years from prominent TV stations from throughout Iowa. MsC158. (Finding Aid)

*EDSON, WILLIS CHARLES, 1874-1965. Papers of Willis C. Edson, 1899-1965. 150 items.
Lawyer, Iowa state legislator, and sportsman. Correspondence, subject folders, and clippings relating primarily to his college days, but also concerning his election as speaker of the Iowa House of Representatives. MsC279. (Finding Aid)

*EDSTROM, PETER DAVID, 1873-1938. Papers of David Edstrom, 1919-1931. 50 items.
A small collection of papers of the Swedish-American sculptor, including 8 x 10 photographs of some of his busts. MsC752. (Finding Aid)

EICHELBERGER, CLARK MELL, 1896-1980. Papers of Clark M. Eichelberger, 1916-1933. 1 ft.
Articles, clippings, correspondence, lectures, photographs, etc. MsC150.18. (Finding Aid)

EICHER, EDWARD CLAYTON, 1878-1944. Papers of Edward C. Eicher, 1899-1944. ca. 100 items.
Lawyer, Government official, and U.S. Representative from Iowa. Correspondence, and speeches, including material on Iowa politics and government. MsC49. (Finding Aid)

EINSTEIN, HANS ALBERT, 1904-1973. Papers of Hans Albert Einstein,1900-1990. 3 ft. Personal and professional papers of a hydrologist whose long career was mainly at the University of California, Berkeley. Substantial part of the collection consists of drafts of an unpublished book compiled by his wife Frieda with the working title Albert Einstein in His Letters to His Wife and Children. Includes a few autographed and typed letters from Albert Einstein to his son. MsC900. (Finding Aid).

EISENSCHIML, OTTO, 1880-1963. Papers of Otto Eisenschiml, 1936-1962. 7.5 ft.
Chemist and Lincoln scholar. Manuscripts, notes, proofs, reviews of books on Lincoln's death and the Civil War, and the manuscript of Eisenschiml's autobiography. MsC256. (Finding Aid)

ELBERT FAMILY. Papers of the Elbert Family, 1828-88, ca. 70 items.
Legal papers, diplomas, certificates of appointments, scrapbook, 2 issues of Keosauqua, Iowa, newspapers (1852-58), and other papers. MsC42. (Finding Aid)

ELDER, DAVID R., 1911-. Collection of World War II letters, 1944-46. 652 items.
Collector. MsC335. (Finding Aid)

*ELDERKIN, DAVID L., 1913-. Papers of David Elderkin, 1966-1999. 0.5 ft.
Lawyer. Photocopies of correspondence, editorials, photographs, and speeches. MsC511. (Finding Aid)

*ELIJAH, EARL, 1888-1971. Papers of Earl Elijah, 1929-1971. 39 items.
State senator, farmer, and bank president. Primarily speeches about agriculture, with newspaper clippings, campaign literature, and correspondence. MsC244. (Finding Aid)

ELLIOTT, OWEN AND LEONE. Owen and Leone Eliott Papers, 1957-1981. .5 ft.
Cedar Raids busniness people and collectors who donated thier silver collection to the University of Iowa Museum of Art. This collection is made up of a series of correspondence and inventories of the Elliotts' library. MsC842. (Finding Aid)

ELSTON, HATTIE. Hattie Elston Papers. .5 ft.
Iowa author. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

*EMMONS, W.B. Diary of W.B. Emmons, 1864-1865. 1 item.
Civil War soldier, member of the 34th Illinois Infantry Regiment. Participated in the Atlanta Campaign saw a good deal of action in Georgia. Recorded. Wrote of many battles and skirmishes. MsC10. (Finding Aid) Digitized diary

ENGLE, HUALING NIEH, 1925- Papers of Hualing Nieh Engle. 3.5 ft.
Associate director and director of the International Writing Program. These papers consist of the manuscript for Literature of the Hundred Flowers and writings by Hualing Nieh Engle and about Hualing and Paul Engle. MsC903 (Finding Aid)

ENGLE, PAUL, 1908-1991. Papers of Paul Engle, 1929-1988. 70.5 ft.
Poet (numerous books from Worn Earth, 1932), editor of the O. Henry Prize Stories, 1954-1959, director of the Iowa Writers' Workshop, 1941-1967, and co-founder and director of the International Writers' Program, 1967-1976 at the University of Iowa. Literary manuscripts, correspondence, subject files, and student works documenting his career as a writer and teacher. MsC514. (Finding Aid) See also "Paul Engle: A Checklist" by Richard B. Weber.

ENO FAMILY. Correspondence of the Eno Family, 1813-1889. 83 items.
Letters about experiences in Penn Yan, New York and Fort Madison, Iowa. MsC91. (Finding Aid)

*ERBE, NORMAN A. Papers of Norman A. Erbe, 1952-1975. 2 ft.
Governor of Iowa. Subject files relating to liquor laws, correspondence, and speeches. MsC206. (Finding Aid)

ESPINOSA, ROBERT. Espinosa Bookbinding and Conservation Collection, 1978-2000. 19.5 ft.
Photocopies of articles on conservation and bookbinding. MsC769. (Finding Aid)

ESSLEMONT, DAVID. David Esslemont Papers.
Fine press printer, controller of the Gregynog Press from 1985-1998. MsC837. (Finding Aid)

EVANS, DINA REES, 1891-1989. Papers of Dina Rees Evans, 1937-1974. 0.25 ft.

High school educator in dramatic arts.  Awarded first Ph.D. in dramatic arts from an American university, received from the University of Iowa in 1932. RG99.0189. (Finding Aid)

EVANS, HARRY CARROL, 1858-1932. Papers of Harry C. Evans, 1915-1916. 7.5 ft.
Lawyer and editor. Correspondence and scrapbooks relating to the Ford Peace Party of 1915. MsC20. (Finding Aid)

*EVANS, JOSEPH EARLY, 1919-1971. Papers of Joseph E. Evans, 1935-1971. 331 items.
Editorial page editor of the Wall Street Journal. Correspondence, clippings and photographs relating to his editorial work, his experience in World War II, and his days as a graduate student at the University of Iowa. MsC275. (Finding Aid)

EVANS, MARY ELLEN, 1912-2000. Papers of Mary Ellen Evans. 4.75 linear ft.
Personal and business correspondence of this Dominican tertiary and editor, this collection also includes manuscripts for two of Evans' published works, as well as some unpublished manuscripts. Iowa Author MsC598. (Finding Aid)

EVANS, RUDOLPH MARTIN, 1890-1956. Papers of Rudolph M. Evans, 1933-56. 205 items.
Special assistant to Sec. of Agriculture, administrator of the Agriculture Adjustment Administration, Governor of Federal Reserve System, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate from Iowa. Correspondence, reports, speeches, appointment books, scrapbooks, and photos. MsC74. (Finding Aid)

*EVANS, WILLIAM DAVIS, 1852-1936. Papers of William D. Evans, 1873-1936. 59 items.
Justice of the Supreme Court of Iowa. Correspondence, speeches, reminiscences, papers written as a student, poetry, judicial opinions, and clippings. MsC217. (Finding Aid)

*EYERLY, JEANNETTE (HYDE), 1908--. Papers of Jeannette Eyerly, 1925-1994. 12.5 ft.
Author of books for young adults from More Than a Summer Love, (1962), with a special concern for mental health. Correspondence, notes, various drafts, promotional material, etc., of her many books for adolescents. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC599. (Finding Aid) See also Eyerly's talk, The Lay of a Lay Librarian, from Books at Iowa.

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