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*FACTS FOR FARMERS. Records , 1919-1983. 7 ft.
Agricultural publication (1935-1962) edited by Charles J. Coe. Business and research files, correspondence, and subject files. MsC485. (Finding Aid)

FAIRALL, LAURENCE RANKIN, 1895-1973. Papers of Laurence R. Fairall, 1917-1932. 23 items.
Editor of The Camp Dodger. Items relating to the 88th Infantry Division and the formation of the American Legion. MsC152. (Finding Aid)

FAIRFIELD DAILY LEDGER. Records of the Fairfield Daily Ledger, 1930-51, ca. 3 ft.
Account books, tax receipts, operating statements, advertising returns, other financial records. MsC155. (Finding Aid)

*FARMERS' GRAIN DEALERS ASSOCIATION OF IOWA. Records of the Farmers Grain Dealers Association of Iowa, 1914-1943. 31 ft.
Correspondence and subject files documenting nearly 30 years of this regional grain cooperative. MsC141. (Finding Aid)

FARMERS' STATE MUTUAL HAIL INSURANCE COMPANY, Estherville, Iowa. Records of the Farmers' State Mutual Hail Insurance Company, 1898-52, ca. 120 ft.
Correspondence, ledgers, applications, and other records. MsC189. (Finding Aid)

FARNSWORTH, PHILO J., 1830-1909. Papers of Philo J. Farnsworth, 1870-1895. 0.75 ft.

Physician named professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics when the College of Medicine was established in 1870. Course lecture notes. RG 99.0272. (Finding Aid)

FARRAN, DON, 1902-1986. Don Farran Manuscripts, 1903-1978. 2 ft.
Writer, State Director Historical Records Survey. Collection includes drafts of poems and stories but consists largely of scripts for Navy and Coast Guard training films dating from the mid-1930s to the mid-1950s. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC600. (Finding Aid). See also his "Recollections of the Federal Theatre" from Books at Iowa 18.

*FARWELL, BYRON, 1922--. Papers of Byron Farwell, 1955-1989. 15 ft.
Author and military historian. Primarily manuscripts including various drafts, galleys, and proofs for eleven of his books. Also contains drafts of book reviews, short stories, and articles along with some subject files. MsC502. (Finding Aid)

FAY FAMILY. Papers of the Fay Family, 1837-1946., ca. 400 items.
Correspondence and papers relating to the Fay diamond case. Other papers include an indenture agreement dated 1837, several land warrants and deeds dating from the 1850's. A collection of about 300 postcards from various points in Iowa and the U.S. MsC45. (Finding Aid)

FEDERAL THEATRE PROJECT. Playscripts of the Federal Theatre Project, 1936-1938, 1.5 ft.
Complete working scripts of 19 produced and 5 unproduced plays. Includes Eugene O'Neill (One-Act Plays of the Sea) and George Bernard Shaw (On the Rocks). MsC314. (Finding Aid)

FEDERAL WRITERS' PROJECT, IOWA. Records of the Federal Writers' Project, Iowa, ca. 1937-1942, 18 ft.
Subject files on Iowa history, counties, towns, colleges, churches, and other matters, unpublished manuscripts, radio scripts, pamphlets, and newspaper clippings. MsC295. (Finding Aid)

*FEELEY, JOHN RICHARD, 1904- . Papers John R. Feeley, 1913-1960. 23 ft.
Real estate and insurance agent. Correspondence, pamphlets, clippings, etc. relating to his interest in conservative politics and health measures. MsC166. (Finding Aid)

FEINBERG, CHARLES. Feinberg Collection of Walt Whitman Portraits.
Seven portraits of Whitman, including photographs, phototypes, and engravings. MsC891. (Finding Aid)

*FELSEN, HENRY GREGOR, 1916-. Papers of Henry G. Felsen, 1942-1970. 4.5 ft.
Novelist, story writer and author of children's books, including Hot Rod, a best-seller for 30 years. Correspondence and literary manuscripts. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC601. (Finding Aid)

*FELTON, NORMAN, 1913-.Papers of Norman Felton, 1937-1974, 63 linear ft. (143 boxes and one oversized drawer).
British born American television producer and director. Correspondence, clippings, photographs, notebooks, binders. MsC265. (Finding Aid). See also Felton's biographical essay, "Best of Luck: The Education of Norman Felton".

FELTON-SINCLAIR FAMILY. Felton-Sinclair Family Papers, 1941-1943 .5 ft.
161 letters written from Albia, Moravia, and Blakesburg, Iowa to Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Felton of Rawlings, Wyoming. Includes letters mostly from the Sinclair and Felton families, and deals with life on an Iowa farm during the early years of the United States' involvement in World War II. MsC887. (Finding Aid)

FENTON, CARROLL LANE, 1900-1969, and FENTON, MILDRED ADAMS, 1899-1995. [P]. Papers of Carroll Lane Fenton and Mildred Adams Fenton, 1963-1966. 2 ft.
A geologist by training and a member of several university faculties, Carroll Fenton published a large number of books on scientific topics for children, most of them with his own illustrations and many co-authored with his wife. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC602. (Finding Aid). See also "Some Children's Books by Iowa Authors" by Myra Cao.

FICKE, ARTHUR DAVISON, 1883-1945. Arthur Davison Ficke Manuscripts, 1906-1940. 2 ft.
Poet and writer born in Davenport, Iowa. Manuscripts include materials for a course in Arthurian legend given at the State University of Iowa 1906-1907, drafts of published poems and stories, and typescripts of unpublished stories and novels. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC603. (Finding Aid) See also "Twins in My Cradle: Arthur Davison Ficke, Iowa Poet" by William H. Roba.

FINE, A.M., 1932-1987. A.M. Fine Collection, 1960-1991, 16ft.
Fluxus artist, composer, and poet. Artworks, personal items, poetry, essays, and music scores. MsC518. (Finding Aid)

FINNEY, S. G.  S.G. Finney Letters, 1872-1898. .25 ft.

Letters from S. G. Finney, settler of Blakesburg in Wapello County, Iowa to his son George, a Wells-Fargo stagecoach driver and cattle rancher in Nebraska. MsC848. (Finding Aid)

*FINSTERWALD, MAXINE, 1906-. Papers of Maxine Finsterwald, 1928-1983, 2 ft.
Radio scriptwriter (Kaffee Klatch and Playhouse of the Air among others) and playwright (as Maxine Wood). Correspondence, photographs, clippings, scrapbooks, typescripts, etc. MsC427. (Finding Aid)

FISK, MARION ADA BALLOU, 1875-1961. Papers of Marion Ballou Fisk, 1906-1930. .5 ft.
About 1909, Marion Ballou Fisk polished her drawing and public speaking skills and developed a career as "Cartoonist-Lecturer-Entertainer" on the Chautauqua circuits. She continued to appear through the 1926 season, becoming a popular and sought after performer. This collection includes her letters to her family, photographs and promotional materials, and a group of her original pastel drawings. The collection also includes a few items related to her husband, Charles Leon Fisk (1868-1933), who was also briefly on the circuits as a member of the Hesperian Quartet. MsC150.09. (Finding Aid)

FITZGERALD, RUFUS H., 1890-1966. Papers of Rufus H. Fitzgerald, 1924-1945. 0.25 ft.

Director of Iowa Memorial Union and School of Fine Arts. Correspondence, speeches, radio addresses. RG99.0315. (Finding Aid)

FIX, BEVERLY BARNES. Beverly Barnes Fix Television and Film Video Collection. 57 ft.
Over 700 videotapes recorded from commercial broadcast by Mrs. Fix. About half form a kind of history of motion pictures, about half a history of television, and Mrs. Fix has provided extensive commentary on the contents of the tapes in an inventory. In the 1940s, following graduation from UI, Mrs. Fix hosted a weekly CBS radio program on Hollywood station KNX, "CBS Open House," and interviewed hundreds of Hollywood personalities. MsC816.

*FLANSBURG, JAMES S., 1932- . Papers of James S. Flansburg, 1962-1998. 14 ft.
Journalist and editor for the Des Moines Register. Correspondence, editorials, and subject files reflecting his professional career as a reporter, editor, and columnist for the Register. MsC496. (Finding Aid)

FLICKINGER, ROY CASTON. Roy Caston Flickinger Papers. 8.25 ft.

University of Iowa professor of classics. RG 99.0044 (Finding Aid)

FLUXUS WEST. Fluxus West Collection. 13+ ft. Bulk dates: 1965 - 1975.
Organization representing the work of the Fluxus group and its members in the Western United States. Original artworks and "relics" by Fluxus West members. MsC763. (Finding Aid)

FOCHT, HELEN E., 1901-2001. Helen E. Focht Papers, 1917-1983. 0.25 ft.
Assistant to Dean of Women, advisor to Associated Women Students, and counselor to women within the Office of Student Affairs, 1935-1970. RG99.0317 (Finding Aid)

FOERSTER, NORMAN, 1887-1972. Norman Foerster Papers. .75 ft.
University of Iowa professor of English and instrumental in the founding of the UI School of Letters. RG 99.0060 (Finding Aid)

FOLK, GEORGE EDGAR, JR., 1914-. Papers of George Edgar Folk, Jr., 1957-1986. 1 ft.

Professor in Department of Physiology and Biophysics, 1953-1985.  Records of the faculty Research Club. RG 99.0275. (Finding Aid)

FORT ATKINSON, IOWA. Military records, Dec. 13, 1839-Feb. 24, 1849, 1 box.
Muster rolls, post returns, and biographical sketches in typed carbon copy form. MsC96. (Finding Aid)

FORT MADISON, IOWA. Business records of Fort Madison, Iowa, 1858-1889, 1 ft.
Account books, a daybook, a ledger for flour mills and a distillery. MsC469. (Finding Aid)

*FOSTER, ORA DELMER, 1877-1965. Papers of Ora D. Foster, 1895-1960. 21 ft.
Congregational minister, lecturer, and professor. Subject files, literary manuscripts, diaries, photographs, and books relating to Foster's life and career. MsC211. (Finding Aid)

FOSTER, THOMAS HENRY, 1875-1951. Papers of Thomas Henry Foster.
President of John Morrell Company of Ottumwa, Iowa, Foster was a book and bookplate collector, anti-Stratfordian, and writer. Includes mounted and unmounted bookplates, scrapbooks on Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin, manuscripts of his book Shakespeare - Man of Mystery, and correspondence. MsC257. (Finding Aid)

FOURT, FRANCES LOUISE, 1912-1981. Papers of Frances Louise Fourt, 1930-1935. 0.5 ft.

Alumna of 1935 was a member of Seals Club and a life guard at YMCA camp in Okoboji. Scrapbook. RG02.09.08. (Finding Aid)

*FOX FAMILY. Papers of the Fox Family, 1880-1966. 2 ft.
Dr. Walter Fox was a physician who served in France during WWI and later died in Serbia while working for the Italian Red Cross. Helen Fox Angell was a Red Cross worker during WWII and later in the Panama Canal Zone. Primarily photographs, correspondence, clippings, and memorabilia. MsC449. (Finding Aid)

FRACASSINI, S. CARL. Collection of Artists' Letters, 1951.
Letters from artists and critics responding to S. Carl Fracassini queries made in the course of writing a Masters Thesis in 1951. MsC549. (Finding Aid)

FRANCIS, FREDERICK D., 1886-1973. Papers of Frederick D. Francis, 1928-1952. 0.5 ft.

Professor and Head of Dental Pathology, Therapeutics, and Periodontia, 1925-1953. Correspondence and administrative memos. RG 99.0210. (Finding Aid)

*FRANK, LEWIS CROWN, 1916-1970. Papers of Lewis C. Frank, 1943-1968. 1 ft.
Speech writer for Henry A. Wallace. Primarily relates to his work for Wallace's presidential campaign on the Progressive Party ticket in 1948. With speeches Frank wrote for Wallace there are clippings, correspondence, campaign schedules, and Progressive Party news releases and pamphlets. MsC369. (Finding Aid)

*FREDERICK, JOHN TOWNER, 1893-1975. Papers of John T. Frederick, 1908-1975. 26.5 ft.
English professor, Iowa author, and founder and editor of The Midland. Correspondence, subject files, business records for The Midland, lectures, and preliminary drafts of writings, etc. MsC513. (Finding Aid)

FREEDMAN, JAMES O., 1934-2006. Papers of James O. Freedman. 7 ft.
Sixteenth president of the University of Iowa, 1982-1987. RG05.01.14 (Finding Aid)

FREEMAN, JOHN RIPLEY, 1855-1932. Freeman Hydraulics Collection. .5 ft.
Consulting engineer. Topics of interest to Freeman included water power, dams, power plants, river control and management, hydraulics laboratories, and water supply. MsC271. (Finding Aid)

FRENCH, ALICE (OCTAVE THANET). Papers of Alice French, 1868-1962. .5 ft.
The papers of the once immensely popular writer of local color stories who grew up in Davenport, this collection contains photocopied manuscripts of some of her stories, photographs of French, and a video. MsC605. (Finding Aid.)

*FREY, THOMAS J. Papers of Thomas J. Frey, 1946-1971. 100 items.
Thomas Frey was a newspaperman from northern Iowa who once operated four newspapers at a time. He served in the Iowa Senate, and these papers are comprised of correspondence, newspaper clippings, photographs, and scrapbooks. MsC293. (Finding Aid)

FUNKE, ERICH, 1891-1974. Papers of Erich Funke, 1932-1974. 0.75 ft. (Finding Aid)

Professor of German at the University of Iowa, 1931-1960.  Correspondence, clippings, articles, and unpublished draft. RG99.0091. (Finding Aid)

FURNISH, WILLIAM M. Papers of William M. Furnish, 1938-1970. 0.25 ft.

Geology professor, University of Iowa, 1953-1978. Publications. RG99.0084. (Finding Aid)