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GAGLIONE, WILLIAM. Papers of William "Picasso" Gaglione. 6 ft.

Personal papers and art work of the stamp and mail artist. An ATCA collection. MsC866. (Finding Aid)

*GALLAGHER, HAROLD J.,1894-1981. Papers of Harold Gallagher, 1910-1981. 28 ft.
Attorney and President of the American Bar Association. Subject files, speeches, and correspondence. MsC443. (Finding Aid)

*GALLAGHER, JAMES V., 1933-. Papers of James V. Gallagher, 1964-1974. 13 ft.
Iowa state legislator. Correspondence and subject files relating to his service in the Iowa house and senate. Issues range from abortion to apportionment, however Gallagher's primary interest were energy and conservation. MsC327. (Finding Aid)

GALLUP, GEORGE. Papers of George Gallup. 3 ft.
Pollster. MsC811.

GARD, WAYNE. Wayne Gard Papers. .25 ft.
Iowa author. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

*GARLAND, HAMLIN, 1860-1940. Papers of Hamlin Garland, 1893-1940. .25 ft.
Correspondence, four short manuscripts, and photographs make up this small collection for this Iowa author and champion of local color. MsC797. (Finding Aid)

GARLOCK, DOROTHY, 1922-- . Papers of Dorothy Garlock, 1980--. 2 ft.
Romance novelist from Love and Cherish (1980), a career started to avoid the boredom of retirement. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC607. (Finding Aid)

GARNER, W. LEE. Archives of Targets: A Quarterly of Poetry. 5 ft.
Manuscripts, correspondence, and layouts for Targets: A Quarterly of Poetry. MsC282. (Finding Aid)

GARNETT, WILMA LESLIE, 1893-. Papers of Wilma L. Garnett, 1914-1967. 1 ft.
Educator. Clippings, correspondence, music scores, pamphlets, typescripts. MsC428

*GARRETT, HARRY FREELAND, 1887-1971. Papers Harry F. Garrett, 1911-1971. 1 ft.
Iowa Supreme Court Justice and Iowa state legislator. Subject files relating to his career in law and politics. Includes correspondence, legal cases, law school reunions, etc. MsC276. (Finding Aid)

GARWOOD, DARRELL, 1909-. Papers of Darrell Garwood. .25 ft.
Newspaperman and biographer of Grant Wood. This collection contains printer's typescripts with revisions for two of his works, Artist in Iowa: A Life of Grant Wood and Crossroads of America: The Story of Kansas City. Iowa Author Mss. MsC608. (Finding Aid)

GATTEN, TOM. Collection of Literary Letters, 1965-1996. .5 ft
Collection of letters from literary figures including Kofi Awoonor, Robert Bly, Michael Cimino, Galway Kinnell, Denise Levertov, and others. MsC748. (Finding Aid.)

GAVITT, BENJAMIN. Benjamin Gavitt Papers. .25 ft.
Iowa author. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

*GAWSWORTH, JOHN. Gawsworth (Armstrong)/Shiel/Redonda Collection, ca. 1930-1971. 3 ft. Papers and manuscripts of the lyrical poet and third King of Redonda; some papers for M.P. Shiel, fantasy writer and first King of Redonda; some papers on the Kingdom of Redonda. Letters from Gawsworth's days as editor; many of his poems written in his hand, most of them unpublished. 21 notebooks and several photographs. These notebooks are  mostly from the World War II era and document his experiences in the RAF in North Africa and Italy, as well as his literary musings and studies, including a list of authors in North Africa. MsC536. (Finding Aid)

GEARHART, SUSAN MERRIAM. Manuscripts of Poems. .25 ft.
Manuscripts of poems from the Springville, Iowa poet's two books, The Plow on the Hill and The West is Here, as well as other poems. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

GERINGER, LAUREN, 1908-1992. Lauren Geringer Papers, 1919-1992. 1.75 ft.
Iowa City printer and author. The bulk of the collection is comprised of monthly bundles from amateur press associations during 1990 and 1991, including the Amalgamated Printers Association, the National Amateur Press Association, and Peat's press. Items from Geringer's Press, clippings about Geringer, a miscellaneous collection of samples of printing, and several editions of his small journal, People Watcher make up the remainderof the collection. MsC 847. (Finding Aid)

*GIAUQUE, JAMES. Papers of the Giauque Family, 1861-1880. 38 items.
Primarily the correspondence of James Giauque, a Civil War soldier who served in the 30th Iowa Infantry. Letters to his brother relate to army life, the siege of Vicksburg, and Copperheads. Also includes letters from his cousin Florian Giauque who served with the 102nd Ohio Volunteers. MsC110. (Finding Aid)

GILGUN, JOHN FRANCIS, 1935-. Papers of John F. Gilgun, 1948-
Diaries, journals, stories, poems, correspondence, and manuscripts. MsC 417. (Finding Aid)

*GILLILLAND, WHITNEY, 1904-1993. Papers of Whitney Gillilland, 1947-1972. 2.5 ft.
Government official. Correspondence, speeches, and materials from the Republican National Committee reflect his work in politics and government. Many of the speeches were given while he was a member of the Civil Aeronautics Board. MsC316. (Finding Aid)

GILMORE, EUGENE A., 1871-1953. Eugene A. Gilmore Papers, 1934 - 1940. 55.5 ft.
Twelfth president of the University of Iowa, 1934 - 1940. RG05.01.10. (Finding Aid)

GINGERICH, MELVIN. Melvin Gingerich Papers. .5 ft.
Iowa author. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

GLASPELL, SUSAN, 1876-1948. Papers, 1920-1946.  1.25 ft.
Susan Glaspell helped to co-found the troupe that was to become the Provincetown Players in 1915. She wrote essays, short stories, and plays that were performed at Provincetown. This small collection consists of several manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, and other items. MsC798. (Finding Aid)

GLICK, CARL, 1890-1971. Papers of Carl Glick, 1918-1917. 21 ft.
Story writer, playwright and film script writer, author of books for adults and children, Glick is best remembered for his books about the Chinese in America. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC611. (Finding Aid)

Large collection of parts for band music. The collection is stored in the Libraries but administered by the School of Music.

*GOODENOW, JOHN ELLIOT, 1878-1973. Papers of John E. Goodenow, 1845-1959. 24 items.
Farmer and livestock breeder. Reminiscences and financial and stock and crop records relating to the family farm. MsC224. (Finding Aid)

*GOODHUE, WILLIAM F. Diary of William Goodhue, 1861. 1 item.
Civil War soldier. Goodhue was a member of the 3rd Wisconsin Infantry Regiment. He wrote of camp life, food, and military duties. He also describes the country through which he traveled. MsC13. (Finding Aid) Digitized diary

GOODRICH, HERBERT F., 1889-1962. Papers, 1922. .5 ft.
Dean of the University of Iowa College of Law, 1922. RG14.01.04 (Finding Aid)

*GOODRICH, WILLIAM H., 1914-. Papers of William Goodrich, 1966-1977. 1.5 ft.
Republican party official. Subject files relating to Republican politics in Iowa and the nation, especially the 1976 election. MsC351. (Finding Aid)

*GOODWIN, ROBERT K., 1905-1983. Papers of Robert K. Goodwin, 1866-1983. 1 ft.
U.S. Representative from Iowa and businessman. Correspondence and subject files relating to his political activities with the Republican Party. MsC462. (Finding Aid)

*GORMAN, CAROL. Papers of Carol Gorman, 1987-1994. 0.5 ft.
Author of books for young adults and teacher. Preliminary drafts of her writings. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC612. (Finding Aid)

*GORMAN, EDWARD, 1941--. Papers of Edward Gorman, 1985-1994. 3 ft.
Author of mysteries (the Tobin and Jack Dwyer series), westerns (as Leo Guild), and horror novels under several pseudonyms. Former advertising executive. Preliminary drafts of his writings. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC613. (Finding Aid)

GORMEZANO, I. Papers of I. Gormezano. .75 ft.
University of Iowa professor of psychology, 1966-2002. Fellow, American Psychological Association. RG 99.0161 (Finding Aid)

GOULD, (CHARLES) BRUCE, 1898-1989. Papers of Bruce Gould, 1960s. 0.5 ft.
Journalist and editor at the Ladies Home Journal, 1935-1960. Typescripts of a play and two short stories comprise this collection. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

GOVERNOR'S COMMISSION OF ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL TRENDS IN IOWA. Records of the Governor's Commission of Economic and Social Trends in Iowa, 1957-1958. 1 ft.
Files, minutes, correspondence, and committee reports. MsC123. (Finding Aid)

*GRAHAM, ALBERTA POWELL, 1875-1955. Papers of Alberta Graham, 1945-1955. 5 ft.
A writer of biographies for children (on Columbus, Clara Barton, Lafayette and LaSalle, among others), Mrs. Graham also published more than 300 songs and Strike Up the Band! (1949), a collection of short biographies of American band musicians. Both her books and songs are represented in her papers. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC615. (Finding Aid). See also"Some Children's Books by Iowa Authors" by Myra Cao.

GRAHAM, MANTA SHELLENBERGER, 1883- . Papers of Manta Shellenberger Graham, 1919-1953.
Between 1919 and 1941, Graham wrote and published at least 43 plays (represented by typescripts in this collection, a gift in 1953). Iowa Authors Mss. MsC616. (Finding Aid)

*GRAHAME, ORVILLE FRANCIS, 1904-1989. Papers of Orville F. Grahame, 1931-1971. 20 ft.
Vice-president and general counsel of Paul Revere Life Insurance Company of Worcester, MA. Subject files, correspondence, speeches, articles, etc., relating to his involvement in Republican politics (both nationally and in Massachusetts) and the insurance business. There are files on the Health Insurance Association of America, the new York Young Republicans, and the Securities Exchange Commission. MsC318. (Finding Aid)

*GRAVEN, HENRY N. Papers of Henry N. Graven, 1908-1974. 50 ft.
U.S. District Court Judge for the Northern District of Iowa. Papers primarily relating to his legal and judicial career with briefs, jury instructions, citations, subject files, and speeches. Also includes correspondence, information on the School of Religion at the University of Iowa and material about the Lutheran Church. MsC222. (Finding Aid)

GREALY, LUCY, 1963-2002. Lucy Grealy Papers, 1985-2004. .25 ft.
Lucy Grealy was born to an Irish family. A graduate of Sarah Lawrence she came to the University of Iowa Writers' Workshop for a graduate degree, 1985-1987.  She published two books: Autobiography of a Face (1994) and As Seen on TV: Provocations (2000). Grealy's life was shaped by childhood cancer that disfigured her face and led to a long series of operations intended to reconstruct her jaw and otherwise reduce or repair the disfigurement.  At least in part, this lead her to severe drug dependence and thus to her death by drug overdose at the age of 39. MsC767. (Finding Aid)

GREATER DES MOINES CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. Records of the Greater Des Moines Chamber of Commerce, 1907-66, 31 ft.
Correspondence, minutes of meetings, annual reports, and bulletins. MsC227. (Finding Aid)

*GREENE, GEORGE, 1817-1880. Papers of the Greene Family. 0.5 ft.
Pioneer family from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Typed transcriptions of diaries, letters, and cards describing life in early Johnson, Jones, and Linn counties in Iowa. MsC225. (Finding Aid)

GREGORY, CHARLES N., 1851-1932. Papers, 1901-1911. 2.5 ft.
Dean of the University of Iowa College of Law, 1901-1911. RG14.01.01 (Finding Aid)

GRIFFIN, RAY BURDETTE, 1836-1881. Papers of Ray B. Griffin, 1857-80. 40 ft.
Lawyer and land speculator, of Manchester, Iowa. Personal and business correspondence, legal papers, farm inventories, ledgers, and related materials. MsC119. (Finding Aid) See "Letters to an Iowa Lawyer, 1855-1870" by Ronald Fingerson.

GRILL, GEORGE WALTER. George Walter Grill Chautauqua Collection1907-1932. .5 ft.

Chautauqua employee associated with Redpath-Vawter, Alkahest Lyceum, and Coit-Alber systems. Correspondence, programs, talent lists, circuit routes, forms, and other items. MsC150.21 (Finding Aid)

GROMER, JUILAN, 1907-1986. The Julian Gromer Travelogues Collection. 2 ft.
Julian Gromer was a lecturer represented by the Redpath Agency in the 1940s and 1950s. He lectured against travelogue films that he directed and shot himself, and he was accompanied by sound tracks developed with his wife. This collection consists of three of the feature length travelogues. MsC150.13. (Finding Aid)

GRUNDTVIG, FREDERICK LANGE, 1854-1903. Papers of Frederick L. Grundtvig, c157, 76, 64p.
Lutheran Minister in Clinton, Iowa, 1888-1900. These manuscripts deal with the Grundtvig's observations of the birds breeding in Clinton and Jackson, Iowa and Whiteside and Carroll, Illinois. MsC23. (Finding Aid)

GUILD OF BOOK WORKERS. Records, 1907-2010.
Includes materials from multiple chapters, publications, financial records, membership records, and papers from the annual Standard Seminars. MsC862. (Finding Aid)

GUINN FAMILY. Guinn Family Papers, 1880-1924. .25 ft.
The Guinn family moved to Iowa from Tennessee beginning in 1846 to settle near Belle Plaine. This collection includes legal documents, correspondence, a photograph, and a ledger book made up at the time of the sale of the estate of H. Guinn. MsC84. (Finding Aid)

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