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HADDOCK, WILLIAM J., 1832-1906. Papers of William J. Haddock, 1864-1908. 2.25 ft.

Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Board of Regents, 1864-1902. Publications and scrapbooks.  RG99.0325. (Finding Aid)

HAHN, OSCAR, 1941-. Papers of Oscar Hahn. 4.5 ft.
Chilean poet and graduate of the International Writing Program. The collection is comprised of clippings and periodical publications having to do with Hahn and his poetry. Most items are in Spanish. MsC880 (Finding Aid)

HAINES, WILLIAM WISTER, 1908-1989. Papers of William Wister Haines, 1947. .5 ft.
Novelist and screenwriter. This collection contains the manuscript and correspondence for the novel Command Decision. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC617. (Finding Aid)

HALE, ARLENE. Arlene Hale Papers. .25 ft.
Iowa author. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

*HALL, GEORGE F., Papers of George F. Hall, 1861-1864. 21 items.
Civil War soldier from Iowa. Primarily letters written by Lt. George F. Hall of Co. C, 2nd Iowa Infantry Regiment, to his father during the Civil War. They discuss the food and weather, clothing, Copperheads, etc. MsC111. (Finding Aid)

*HALL, JAMES NORMAN, 1887-1951. Papers of James H. Hall, 1934-1952. 1.5 ft.
Manuscripts of some of Hall's poetry, plays, articles, and essays. Also drafts of his book, The Far Lands. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC619. (Finding Aid)

HALL, LYNN. Lynn Hall Papers. .25 ft.
Iowa author. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

HALL, SAMUEL, 1837- . Diary of Samuel Hall, 1863, 1 v.
Diary of a civil war soldier involved in the battles at Chancellorsville and Gettysburg where he was captured. MsC89. Digitized diary

*HALL, W. EARL, 1897-1969. Papers of W. Earl Hall, 1917-1969. 6 ft.
Editor and publisher of the Mason City Globe Gazette. Papers relating to his career and civic activities. Subject files, correspondence, speeches, and editorials reflect his work for such organizations as the Red Cross, Radio Free Europe, and the Iowa State Board of Regents. MsC193. (Finding Aid)

HAMANN, ALBERT W., 1876-1946. Papers of Albert W. Hamann, 1919-1944, 1 reel of microfilm (neg); 2 bound letterpress volumes.
Lawyer, Davenport, Iowa. Microfilm contains correspondence. Included in the Iowa Documents Collection. MsC897. (Finding Aid)

HAMILTON, JOHN JUDSON, 1854-1947. Papers of John J. Hamilton. 1877-1938. 20 items.
Journalist and public official. Includes two notebooks of a survey of race relations in the lower Southern states recorded on a journey on foot in 1877. MsC24. (Finding Aid)

HAMIT, FRANCIS. Francis Hamit Papers.
An alumni of the Iowa Writer's Workshop, Hamit writes mostly non-fiction, though there are some plays and screenplays among his papers. MsC 899.

HANCHER, VIRGIL M, 1896-1965. Papers, 1940-1960. 276 ft.
President of the University of Iowa, 1940 - 1964. RG05.01.11 (Finding Aid)

HANCOCK FAMILY. Papers of the Hancock Family, 1863-1920. 21 v.
Diaries and accounts of Ellery Moses Hancock, Ella Janette Hancock, and Spencer Waters, including material on farm life in Allamakee Co., Iowa. MsC62. (Finding Aid)

*HANSEN, JOHN ROBERT, 1901-1974. Papers of John R. Hansen, 1965-1967. 49 ft.
U.S. Representative from Iowa. Correspondence, subject files, films, and sound recordings from his term in Congress. MsC300. (Finding Aid)

*HARBERT, ALBERT N. Collection of Railroadiana, 1867-1937. 1 ft.
Correspondence and printed documents such as timetables, train orders, and rate sheets relating primarily to the Burlington, Cedar Rapids, and Northern Railway Company of Iowa. MsC434. (Finding Aid)

HARDIN, ROBERT C., 1913-1988. Papers of Robert C. Hardin, 1924-1988. 1 ft.

Educator and specialist in the treatment of diabetes and the collection and storage of blood.  Dean of the College of Medicine, 1962-1970. Articles, research files, U. S. Army blood bank records during World War II, photographs. RG 99.0277. (Finding Aid)

*HARDING FAMILY. Papers of the Harding Family, 1825-1975. 1 ft.
Diaries, genealogical records, account and ledger books, correspondence, and reminiscences of three generations. Includes descriptions of Iowa City and the surrounding area in the 19th century. MsC383. (Finding Aid)

HARNACK, CURTIS ARTHUR, 1927- . Papers of Curtis Harnack, 19??--. 17 ft.
Assistant Editor (with Paul Engle) Prize Stories 1958-1959. Author of a memoir, We Have All Gone Away (1973), and other books. President of Yaddo, 1981-1987; 1992-1997 President of the School of American Ballet. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC621. (Finding Aid)

HARPER, EARL E., 1895-1967. Papers of Earl E. Harper, 1923-1966. 3 ft.

Director of the School of Fine Arts and director of the Iowa Memorial Union, 1938 to 1963. Correspondence, speeches, clippings, photographs. RG 99.0316 (Finding Aid)

*HARPER, HARRY DANDRIDGE, 1900-1977. Papers of Harry D. Harper, 1946-1985. 1.5 ft.
Physician and civil rights leader in Fort Madison, IA. Correspondence, speeches, biographical and autobiographical materials, and subject files document both his career and his Civil Rights activism. MsC365. (Finding Aid)

*HARRIS, LEMENT, 1904-. Papers of Lement Harris, 1919-1992. 3.75 ft.
Agricultural writer and activist. Subject files, pamphlets, correspondence, and clippings, primarily related to communism and agriculture. MsC475. (Finding Aid)

HARRYMAN, ETHEL IRENE YOUNG, 1908-2004. Papers of Ethel Irene Young Harryman, 1927-1931.  0.25 ft.
University of Iowa alumnus scrapbook of college photographs, clippings, and programs. RG02.09.24. (Finding Aid)

HARTER, EVELYN (GLICK), 1903-1990. Mss, 1950. 1 ft.
Harter was born in Keokuk, Iowa. Completing a BA at the University of Iowa in 1925, she moved to New York City where she shared an apartment for a time with Ruth Suckow. Primarily a typographer and book designer, she worked for publishers such as Cape and Smith, Smith and Haas, and Random House. Her first novel, Dr. Katherine Bell (Doubleday, 1950) is partially set in Iowa City. She gave a corrected typescript and a set of corrected galleys just after the novel was published. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC622. (Finding Aid). See also her article "The Life or The Work" in Books at Iowa 41 (1984).

HARTMAN, DR. KENNETH J., 1917-2011. Dr. Kenneth J. Hartman Papers, 1944-2007. 2.5 ft.
Hartman trained as an engineer and served in the Army during World War II, later earning a Ph.D. in  psychology. From 1962 to 1975, he was attached to the manned space program and served much of that time as Senior Research Engineer for Crew Performance and Training for North American Aviation, Inc. Much of his work was classified. His papers, accumulated long after retirement, document varied aspects of the Apollo and related space programs, particularly the lives of the early astronauts and their families. MsC 876. (Finding Aid).

HASKELL FAMILY. Papers of the Haskell Family, 1775-1941. .5 ft.
Diary of Caleb Haskell, 1775-1776; writings and correspondence of Edwin Charles Haskell, a presbyterian minister, and those of his wife Lottie and children Evan, William, Elsie, and Nellie. MsC766. (Finding Aid)

*HAVILAND COLLECTORS INTERNATIONALE FOUNDATION. Records of the Haviland Collectors Internationale Foundation, 1891-2000. 25 ft.
A non-profit organization whose purpose is to study and promote the products manufactured by the Haviland China Companies in France and America. The records contain materials relating to the manufacture, marketing, function and use, and the collection of porcelain and ceramic ware produced by Haviland & Company. There are articles, catalogs, pattern books, advertising, etc., all concerning Haviland products. MsC299. (Finding Aid)

HEARST, JAMES, 1900-1983. James Hearst Papers, 1950-1987. .5 ft.
James Hearst, partially paralyzed at the age of nineteen by diving into a shallow pond, nevertheless lived an active life as a farmer and went on to become Iowa's distinguished "farmer poet." This collection includes published poems, drafts of poems, correspondence, interviews, and a photograph. MsC623. (Finding Aid)

HEBARD, GRACE RAYMOND, 1861-1936. Grace Hebard Papers. .5 ft.
Hebard was born in Iowa but spent most of her life in Wyoming, where she started the Hebard collection on western history at the University of Wyoming. She wrote several histories of Wyoming and the west. This collection contains many photographs for the book Sacajawea: Guide of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, including some images that were not used in the book. Iowa Author Manuscript. MsC624. (Finding Aid)

HEEZEN, BRUCE C., 1924-1977. Bruce C. Heezen Papers, 1938-2000. 4.5 ft.

Professor of geology and noted oceanographer received B.A. degree in geology from the University of Iowa in 1948.  Created topographical maps of ocean floors 1957-1977.  RG99.0085. (Finding Aid)

HELM, JUNE, 1924-2004. June Helm Papers. 1.5 ft.
University of Iowa professor in Sociology and Anthropology, 1960-1999.  Correspondence, speeches, manuscript, awards. RG99.0018. (Finding Aid)

HENDERSON, DAVID BREMNER, 1840-1906. Papers of David B. Henderson, 1884-1951. 1 box.
Lawyer and U.S. Representative from Iowa. Newspaper clippings, magazine articles, pamphlets, letters, medals, and photographs. MsC95. (Finding Aid)

HENDERSON, WILLIAM LEGG, 1833-1897. The Civil War Diaries of William Legg Henderson, 1861-1866. .5 ft
Eleven journals of the Civil War accompanied by a copy of The History of the Henderson Family of Aberdeenshire Scotland and the Journals of William Legg Henderson, along with CDs of the journals. MsC925 (Finding Aid)

HENRY, BEN A., 1899-1976. Papers of Ben A. Henry, 1933-1962. 3 ft.
Labor official in Iowa. Correspondences, appointment books, clippings and local union files. MsC92. (Finding Aid)

HENRY, JOHN MILTON, 1895-1981. John M. Henry Papers, 1955-1981. .25 ft.
Public Affairs Editor for the Des Moines Register, syndicated columnist, author and editor of books, and political activist. This small collection consists of manuscripts, printed materials, and clippings. MsC827. (Finding Aid)

HERELD, S. The S. Hereld Collection of Blake's 7 Fanzines and Fan Fiction, 1979-2001. 5.2 ft.

A collection of fan publications, including examples of fan fiction, by various authors relating to the British science fiction television series Blake's 7. Also included are some publications for several other genre shows. MsC877. (Finding Aid)

HERBST, JOSEPHINE, 1892-1969. Josephine Herbst Papers. .5 ft.
Novelist and journalist. Revised printers copy of Somewhere the Tempest Fell (1947), correspondence, clippings, book jackets, and a photograph. MsC838. (Finding Aid)

*HERRING, CLYDE EDSEL, 1915-1976. Papers of Clyde E. Herring, 1959-1964. 2 ft.
Lawyer and member of the Interstate Commerce Commission. Correspondence, subject files, speeches, etc. all relating to his service with the Interstate Commerce Commission. MsC310. (Finding Aid)

*HERRING, CLYDE L., 1879-1945. Papers of Clyde L. Herring, 1932-1942. 2 ft.
Governor and U.S. Senator from Iowa. The papers primarily consist of political speeches and correspondence on topics ranging from neutrality to the Democratic conventions. MsC68. (Finding Aid)

*HERRON, FRANCIS WILLIAM, 1913-1978. Papers of Francis W. Herron, 1938-1978. 1.5 ft.
U.S. Foreign Service Officer. Correspondence, speeches, articles, and subject files relating to his foreign service postings in Latin America. MsC378. (Finding Aid)

HERTZBERG BINDERY/LIBRARY BINDING SERVICE (LBS). Records of the Hertzberg Bindery/Library Binding Service (LBS), Des Moines, Iowa, 1900-1990. 6 ft.
Scrapbooks, photographs, paper sample books, and other materials documenting the history of the Hertzberg Bookbindery in Des Moines (established 1920). The company was renamed Library Binding Service by the late 1930s and continues to operate as three divisions under that general name (usually abbreviated to "LBS"). MsC545. (Finding Aid)

HERZ, JANET KIMPSTON, 1895-1991. Papers of Janet Kimpston Herz, 1919-1921. 2 ft.

University of Iowa student, 1919-1921.  Received B.A. with major in English in June 1921.  Course notes and papers. RG 02.09.12. (Finding Aid)

HEWLETT, MARILYN NESPER, 1923-2005. Papers of Marilyn Nesper Hewlett, 1942-1946. 0.75 ft.

University of Iowa student, 1942-1947.  Received B.A. with major in Speech and Dramatic Art in 1945, and M.A. in 1947.  Course notes and papers.  RG 02.09.13. (Finding Aid)

HIBBARD, WILLIAM A., 1939-1989. Papers of William Hibbard, 1957-1991. 25.8 ft.
University of Iowa composer, conductor, musician, and music professor. Musical scores, correspondence and other personal papers, and audio recordings. RG 99.0338. (Finding Aid)

HICKERSON, LOREN, 1918-1987. Papers of Loren Hickerson, 1940-1983. 12 ft.
Director of Alumni Programs and Director of Community Relations for the University of Iowa and mayor of Iowa City. Subject files, correspondence, speeches, etc. MsC464. (Finding Aid)

HIGGINS, DICK. Dick Higgins Collection (An Alternative Traditions in Contemporary Art Collection). 6 ft. MsC790. (Finding Aid)

HIGGINS, EDWARD F. III.  E. F. Higgins III Collection (An Alternative Traditions in Contemporary Art Collection). 3.5 ft. MsC855.  (Finding Aid)

*HILL, GEORGE RAYMOND, 1888-1966. Papers of George R. Hill, 1905-1966. 1.5 ft.
State senator and judge. Political correspondence, speeches, and scrapbooks. MsC246. (Finding Aid)

*HILL, PHILIP B., 1931- . Papers of Philip B. Hill, 1967-1979. 9.5 ft.
Iowa state legislator. Correspondence and subject files relating to his legislative career. Topics range from abortion to the courts and from child care to the Republican Party. MsC384. (Finding Aid)

HILL, SUSAN. The Susan Hill Fanzine Collection, 1986-2009. 4.0 ft.

Science fiction fan and fanzine collector. Collection of fanzines - mostly works of fan fiction, with particular emphasis on multimedia anthologies and on the British science fiction TV show Blake's 7. MsC401. (Finding Aid)

HINKLEY, LAURA L., 1875-1949. Papers of Laura Hinkley. 1.5 ft.
Writer and biographer of writers. This collection contains manuscripts for two of the author's books, Ladies of Literature and The Stevensons: Louis and Fanny. Iowa Author Mss. MsC625. (Finding Aid.)

HINRICHS, GUSTAVUS, 1836-1923. Papers of Gustavus Hinrichs. 1 ft.

Professor of Chemistry at the University of Iowa, 1863-1886.  Founder of the Iowa Weather Service, the first state weather and crop service in the United States. RG99.0039. (Finding Aid).

HOCKENBERG, HARLAN "BUD". Papers of Harold Hockenberg, 1981-2003. 1 ft.
Lawyer in practice in Des Moines, Iowa. Initial deposits of Mr. Hockenberg's personal papers include letters from a number of people prominent in national politics and several folders of his transcribed memoirs. The latter items are sealed during his lifetime. MsC739. (Finding Aid)

*HOEGH, LEO A., 1908-2000 . Papers of Leo A. Hoegh, 1929-1978. 4 ft.
Governor and state representative from Iowa, federal official. Papers comprised primarily of speeches relating to civil defense; there are also correspondence files, clippings, and photographs regarding his governorship. MsC98. (Finding Aid)

HOELTJE, HUBERT, 1894-1868. Notes and Research for Writing "Writing the Scarlet Letter." 2 in.
Iowa Author Mss. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

HOEVEN, CHARLES BERNARD, 1895- . Papers of Charles Bernard Hoeven, 1925-65. 28 ft.
U.S. Representative from Iowa. Correspondence, speeches, radio addresses, news releases, voting records, telegrams, photos, and similar related materials. MsC197. (Finding Aid)

HOFFMAN, MATHIAS MARTIN, 1889-1961. Mathias Martin Hoffman Manuscripts, 1950s. .5 ft.
Historian of regional religion. Collection consists of two manuscripts, Antique Dubuque, 1673-1833 and Young and Fair Is Iowa. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

HOGAN, ROSE. Hogan and Rosekopf Family Papers. 1.5 ft.
Ida County family papers. MsC951 (Finding Aid)

 HOKANSON, DRAKE. Hokanson Collection of Railroadiana, 1971-1988. 1.5 ft.
Railway timetables, mostly for Amtrak. Some for Canadian and European railways. Articles on Amtrak and passenger train travel. MsC534. (Finding Aid)

HOLBROOK, WEARE,1896-1985. Papers of Weare Holbrook. 8 ft.
Columnist, cartoonist, and writer. Correspondence, drafts of articles, cartoons, and genealogical materials. MsC515. (Finding Aid).

HOLMES, MARJORIE (MRS. LYNN MIGHELL), 1910--. Mss. 9.5 ft.
Author of numerous short stories, several novels and radio scripts. One story, "The General Comes Home," was sold to MGM. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC626. (Finding Aid).

HOLT, ROCHELLE LYNN, 1946-. Papers of Rochelle Lynn Holt. 1 ft.
Pulitzer-nominated poet. Iowa Authors Manuscript. MsC527. (Finding Aid)

HOOPER, WILLIAM HARCOURT. William Harcourt Cooper Papers, 1893-1911. .25 ft.
Wood engraver who worked for the Kelmscott Press, the Ashendene Press, and the Essex House Press. Includes proofs of wood engravings, correspondence, and ephemera. MsC252. (Finding Aid)

HOOVER, DEBBIE. Debbie Hoover Fanzine Collection, 1967-2007. 43.0 ft.

Oregon-based fan and collector of fanzines. Collection of fanzines - mostly fan fiction -, mainly from Star Trek but also for other SF and genre media properties. MsC430. (Finding Aid)

HOOVER, HERBERT. Herbert Hoover Papers. 1.5 ft.
President Hoover. Miscellaneous papers. MsC627. (Finding Aid)

HORN, ERNEST, 1882-1967. Ernest Horn Papers. 26 ft.
University of Iowa professor of education, 1917-1952. Founder of the University Elementary School. RG 99.0223. (Finding Aid)

HORNER, CHARLES F. Charles F. Horner Papers. .5 ft.
Correspondence, book manuscript, clippings, incomplete brochures, talent prices having to do with traveling Chautauquas. MsC150.07. (Finding Aid)

HORVAT, M. The M. Horvat Collection of Genre Apazines, 1943, 1945, 1958-2002.
A collection of science fiction, fantasy, mystery and other genre "apazines" (publications similar to newsletters or fanzines, and published by fan groups called Amateur Press Associations, or "apas"). MsC825. (Finding Aid)

HORVAT, M. The M. Horvat National Fantasy Fan Federation Collection, 1942-2008. 1.5 ft.
Collection of materials from the National Fantasy Fan Federation (N3F), a major and venerable SF fannish organization. Materials include administrative documents, publications, and records from N3F subsidiary bodies. MsC886. (Finding Aid)

HORVAT, M. The M. Horvat Collection of Science Fiction Convention Materials, 1943-2000.

Materials produced for or relating to numerous science fiction conventions, including progress reports, advertisements, newsletters, and assorted ephemera. MsC884. (Finding Aid)

HORVAT, M. The M. Horvat Collection of Science Fiction Fanzines, 1925-2002. 96 ft.
A large collection, stretching across most of the 20th century, of science fiction fanzines. MsC791. (Finding Aid)

HOTALING-LYONS, CELESTE. The Celeste Hotaling-Lyons Fanzine Collection, 1974-2005. 21.0 ft.

Fan writer and editor. A collection of science fiction fanzines, primarily consisting of pieces of fan fiction, and a few related items, including some science fiction convention materials. MsC400. (Finding Aid)

HOUGH, EMERSON, 1857-1923. [P]. Emerson Hough Manuscripts. .5 ft.
Journalist, editor of Forest and Stream, and novelist of the West. Includes letterpress book, 1902-1912 and 34 letters 1912-1923 to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bigelow [MsL H838b]. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC628. (Finding Aid) See also "Emerson Hough's American West" by Carole M. Johnson

HOUMES, BLAINE. Blaine Houmes Collection of Iowa Glass Plate Negatives. 1 ft.
Glass plate negatives probably from Charlie R. Runkle, an amateur photographer in Lisbon, Iowa, in the early days of the twentieth century, showing views of a town, most likely Lisbon and citizens. MsC943 (Finding Aid)

HOUSE OF COMMONS (ENGLAND), 1680-1702. Votes of the House of Commons. 1 ft.
Printed record of the day-by-day measures voted by the House of Commons. The records were issued daily when the House of Commons was in session. This run of 610 numbers includes a few numbers for 1680, 1690, and 1691 and is nearly complete for the years 1693-1696 and 1701-1702. MsC259. (Finding Aid)

HOWARD, C. P., 1877-1936. Papers of C. P. Howard, 1884-1958; bulk 1911-1923. 0.25 ft.

Head of the Department of Internal Medicine, 1910-1924. Speeches, reprints, hospital research data. RG99.0334. (Finding Aid)

HOWARD, GUY, 1891-. Papers of Guy Howard. .5 ft.
Itinerant preacher and writer. This collection consists of manuscripts from two of his books and various clippings. Iowa Author Mss. MsC629. (Finding Aid)

HOWE, JOSEPH HOMER, 1865-. Papers of Joseph Homer Howe, 1885-1891. 0.25 ft.

University of Iowa alumnus of Civil Engineering in 1890. Correspondence. RG02.09.05. (Finding Aid)

HUBBARD, PHILIP G., 1921-2002. Papers of Philip G. Hubbard. 3.25 ft.
Engineering professor, civil rights advocate, Dean of Academic Affairs, and Vice President of Student Services, at the University of Iowa. The papers cover 1932-1997, the bulk relates to his tenure as professor and dean. His speeches calling for fair housing are included. Archives RG99.0248. (Finding Aid)

*HUGHES, HAROLD E., 1922- . Papers of Harold E. Hughes, 1962-1975. 200 ft.
Governor and U.S. Senator from Iowa. Gubernatorial and senatorial office files relating to his political career. MsC385. (Finding Aid to Gubernatorial Papers). (Finding Aid to Senatorial Papers).

HUGHES, RUPERT, 1872-1956. Papers of Rupert Hughes, 1897-1950. .5 ft.
Prolific writer of verse, prose, music, and filmscripts, who was also a movie director and uncle of Howard Hughes. The collection includes manuscripts for two short stories, "The Baby's Shoes" and "The Christmas Rendezvous" as well as thirty-five letters. Iowa Author manuscript. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

HUMPHREY, JAMES. James Humphrey Papers. .25 ft.
Printed copies of poetry books, photographs, promotional materials. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

HUNN, L.E. "JACK", 1905- . L.E. Hunn Papers, 1980-1988. .5 ft.
Coach, story writer and poet. Stories for his grand-children published as Adventures with Grandpa (1988); two unpublished typescripts. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

HUNT, JAMES HENRY LEIGH, 1784-1859. Luther Brewer-Leigh Hunt Collection, 1800-present.
Single largest known collection of materials by and about English Romantic poet, essayist, and journalist Leigh Hunt. Includes all published editions of his books; more than 1500 letters by, to and about him; and a long run of his manuscripts. Core of the collection was assembled by Luther Brewer, a Cedar Rapids publisher (Torch Press).  (Finding Aid).

HUTCHINS, ALICE, 1916-. Alice Hutchins Collection, 1961-1998. 19 ft.
Fluxus artist. Art works, audiotapes, videotapes, exhibition catalogues, photographs, articles, poster and show announcements, and various documents and correspondence. MsC 758. (Finding Aid)

HUYCK, PETER H. Peter H. Huyck Papers, 1974-1980. 1.5 ft.
Drafts of and correspondence related to an early book on the theory of computer programming, Huyck, Peter H. and Nell W. Kremenak. Design and Memory: Computer Programming in the Twentieth Century (New York: McGraw-Hill, 1980). MsC757. (Finding Aid)

*HYDE, JACKSON L., 1915-1945. Papers of Jackson L. Hyde, 1915-1976. 184 items.
World War II soldier. Correspondence, medals, scrapbook, and photographs primarily related to his service in the 210th Armored Infantry Battalion, 10th Armored (Tiger) Division, U.S. Army. MsC422. (Finding Aid)

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