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IMAGES FROM SOUTH AFRICA. Images from South Africa Collection. 1.5+ ft. Bulk dates: 1985 - 1986.
Artwork and miscellaneous documentation concerning apartheid in South Africa and/or the various installations of the traveling exhibit Images from South Africa, first shown at the Media Gallery in San Francisco from April 18th - May 10th 1986. MsC789. (Finding Aid)

INGERSOLL FAMILY. Papers of the Ingersoll Family, 1875-1923. 1 ft.
Personal correspondence of Robert G. Ingersoll. MsC122. (Finding Aid)

INGERSOLL, LUMAN C., 1846-1897. Papers of Luman C. Ingersoll, 1884-1888. 0.5 ft.

First dean of the Dental Department (College of Dentistry). Educator at SUI and Keokuk Medical and Dental College. Transcript of one speech and lecture notes. RG99.0211. (Finding Aid)

*INGHAM, WILLIAM H., 1827-1914. Papers of William H. Ingham, 1844-1856. 6 items.
Pioneer in Iowa and early settler in Kossuth County. Letters written to his brother Erastus about Iowa in the 1850s. MsC18. (Finding Aid)

INSTITUTE OF CURRENT WORLD AFFAIRS. Papers of the Institute of Current World Affairs, 1940-1941. 67 items.
Field reports from two students abroad in India and Japan to the director. MsC323.

INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF COPIER ARTISTS. Papers and Publications, 1972-2004. 15 ft.
MsC768. (Finding Aid)

INTERNATIONAL WRITING PROGRAM. International Writing Program Authors' Ephemera, 1985-. .25 ft.
Print ephemera from participants in the Program. MsC893. (Finding Aid)

IOWA ADJUTANT-GENERAL'S OFFICE. Papers of the Iowa Adjutant-General's Office, 1887-1891. 83 items.
Special orders issued and signed by the Adjutant General of Iowa. MsC15. (Finding Aid)

IOWA ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDREN WITH LEARNING DISABILITIES. Records of the Iowa Association for Children with Learning Disabilities, 1964-1978. 1 ft.
Correspondence, publications, research papers, other records. MsC446. (Finding Aid)

IOWA AUTHORS' CLUB. Record of the Iowa Authors' Club, 1932-1941. 691 items.
Bank statements, checks, correspondence, receipts, and vouchers. MsC402. (Finding Aid)

Includes manuscripts, galley proofs, page proofs, dust jackets, and other miscellany associated with publications of many Iowa Authors. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

IOWA CENTENNIAL COMMITTEE. Records of Iowa. Centennial Committee, 1946-49. 1 ft.
Correspondence, reports, articles about the centennial, and other files. MsC215. (Finding Aid)

IOWA CITY EDUCATION PROJECT. Records of the Iowa City Education Project, 1962-1975. 2 ft.

Reference and subject files for a left-wing information clearinghouse active in the late 1960s-early 1970s. MsC374. (Finding Aid)

IOWA CONSUMER WATCHDOG SERVICE. Records of the Iowa Consumer Watchdog Service, 1969-1974. 2 ft.
Consumer protection organization in Iowa City. Case files, subject files, correspondence, financial records and newsletters. MsC303. (Finding Aid)

Miscellaneous individual and small collections of documents created in or relating to the history of the state. Organized in three series by date spans: I. Pre-Civil War; II. 1860 to WWI; III. WWI and later. MsC897. (Finding Aid)

IOWA ELECTRIC LIGHT AND POWER COMPANY, Records of the Iowa Electric Light and Power Company, 1932-1957. 47 items.
Shareholders bulletins, operative and statistical reviews and documents related to registration of bonds. MsC146. (Finding Aid)

IOWA GRANGE RECORDS, 1871-1943. See Smith, Ralph William.

IOWA LAND RECORDS, 1838-1900. 22 ft., 4 reels of microfilm, (35mm).
Books of Original Entry of fifty-two eastern and central Iowa counties and computer print-outs of data abstracted from these books and from Deed record books arranged chronologically and alphabetically. MsC108. See Swierenga, Robert P., "The Iowa Land Records Collection: Periscope to the Past". (Finding Aid)

*IOWA LIBRARY ASSOCIATION. Records of the Iowa Library Association, 1890-1996. 38.5ft.
ILA was founded in Des Moines, IA in 1890 to make library service readily available to all Iowans. These records document the organization's history and current activities with reports, minutes, correspondence, photographs, district meeting files, ledgers, and membership lists. MsC491. (Finding Aid)

IOWA MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION. News bulletins, 1932-1965. 2 ft.
MsC245. (Finding Aid)

IOWA PARTNERS OF THE ALLIANCE. Records of the Iowa Partners of the Alliance, 1965-1969. ca. 22 items.
By-laws, proposals, minutes, newsletters, directories, and other records. MsC280. (Finding Aid)

IOWA STATE DENTAL SOCIETY. Records of the Iowa State Dental Society, 1863-1957. 3 ft.
Proceedings of meetings, photographs, and glass slides of presidents of the Society. MsC341. (Finding Aid)

IOWA STATE PLANNING BOARD. Records of Iowa. State Planning Board, 1933-35. ca. 3 ft.
Community service survey maps of 55 Iowa counties made in 1933 and commodity maps or retail trade area analysis maps of 75 Iowa counties made in 1934. MsC102. (Finding Aid)

IOWA STUDENT PUBLIC INTEREST RESEARCH GROUP. Juvenile Justice Project. Videotapes and 4 color cassettes.

*THE IOWAN. Records of The Iowan, 1952-1971, 20 ft.
Magazine published by The Iowan, Inc., Shenandoah, Iowa. Correspondence, manuscripts, page proofs, layouts, advertising and business records, and photos. MsC291. (Finding Aid)

IOWANS FOR MCGOVERN-SHRIVER. Records of the Iowans for McGovern-Shriver, 1972. 233 items.
Campaign handouts, news releases, position papers, posters, bumper stickers, tape recordings of radio spots, and a film strip. MsC273. (Finding Aid)

IRELAN FAMILY. Papers of the Irelan Family, 1925 - 1996. 1 linear ft.
Curtis Glen Irelan worked as a telegraph operator for the Rock Island Railroad in Iowa and Nebraska from roughly the nineteen-thirties to the nineteen-sixties. His wife, Gerata Hunter Irelan, was a school teacher. These papers consist of railroad documents, items from their schools, legal and financial papers, and other family papers, including a reunion book for the Irelan extended family. MsC845. (Finding Aid)

IRELAND, WILLIAM HENRY, 1777-1835. Shakespearean Forgeries, 1794-1796. 1 ft.
Four scrapbook volumes with mounted items relating to famous Shakespearean forgeries by William Henry Ireland, whose father was a collection of Shakespeariana. The volumes are cataloged as xMs. (Contents Lists)

*IRISH, CHARLES WOOD, 1834-1904. Papers of Charles W. Irish, 1852-1927. 17 ft.
Civil engineer and surveyor. Diaries, surveyor notebooks, letterpress books, correspondence, postcards, terrain profiles, photographs, etc. MsC362. (Finding Aid)

IRWIN, WILLIAM ROBERT, 1915-1996. Papers of William Robert Irwin, 1932-1984. 6 ft.
Professor of 18th Century English literature. Essays, manuscripts, and reviews. RG 99.0063. (Finding Aid)

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