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*KANTOR, MACKINLAY, 1904-. Papers of MacKinlay Kantor, 1950-1958. 6 ft.
Author. Manuscript drafts, proofs, correspondence, etc. for his novel, Andersonville, with drafts for some other books. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC635. (Finding Aid)

KAPLAN, BERNARD L. Teacher of writing and writer. The collection consists of manuscripts of some of his early writings. MsC920. (Finding Aid)

KAUFFMAN, RAY. Ray Kauffman Papers. .25 ft.
Iowa author. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

KAY, GEORGE FREDERICK, 1873-1943. Papers of George Frederick Kay, 1903-1939. 30 linear ft.
University of Iowa professor of geology, 1907-1941.  Served concurrently as head of geology, dean of College of Liberal Arts, and state geologist of Iowa during 1911-1934. RG99.0086. (Finding Aid)

KEATON, BUSTER, 1896-1966. Marion Meade-Buster Keaton Archive, 1990-1996. 10 ft.
Biographer Marion Meade was commissioned to write a biography for the centenary of Buster Keaton's birth in 1895. She spent four years researching Keaton, interviewing people who knew or worked with him, locating photographs, and writing Buster Keaton: Cut to the Chase (HarperCollins, 1995). This collection consists of Meade's research files and interview tape recordings. It is a good example of a contemporary biographer at work. MsC 512. (Finding Aid).

*KEHOE, LOUIS, 1897-1969. Papers of Louis Kehoe, 1930-1969. 240 items.
Lawyer and journalist. Primarily consist of manuscripts of his columns for Washington, Iowa's Evening Journal, along with some material from his political campaigns. MsC219. (Finding Aid)

*KEITH /ALBEE COLLECTION. Records of the Keith /Albee Collection, 1890-1952. 50 ft.
Vaudeville, theater, and movie business. Clipping books, managers' report books, scrapbooks, business records, cash books, etc. MsC 356. (Finding Aid)

*KELLY, E. KEVIN, 1943-1992. Papers of E. Kevin Kelly, 1964-1978. 6 ft.
Iowa state legislator. Correspondence and subject files document his career as a state representative and senator. He was especially interested in criminal justice. MsC393. (Finding Aid)

*KELM, KARLTON AND WILLIAM. Papers of Karlton and William Kelm, 1928-1986. 7 ft.
Story writers, novelists and playwrights who did most writing in collaboration. Karlton published two novels: Brother (1936) and The Cherry Bed (1936). Correspondence with noted writers, drafts of plays, short stories, and novels, and material relating to the Dubuque Dial, a literary magazine. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC637. (Finding Aid)

KEMP, CHARLES. Charles Kemp Papers. .25 ft.
Iowa Author. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

*KEMP, BARRY. Television scripts and video recordings, 1982-1992, 10 linear ft. (144 scripts and 138 video recordings).
Television writer, producer. Consists of two series, scripts and video cassettes. MsC495. (Finding Aid)

*KENNEDY, EDWARD E. Papers of Edward E. Kennedy, 1921-1983. 1.5 ft.
Judge, economist, statistician, and union official. Papers relating primarily to Kennedy's activities with the National Farmers' Union in the 1930s. Also contains subject files relating to his work as a probate judge and with the United Mine Workers of America. MsC442. (Finding Aid)

*KENNEDY, STETSON. Collection of Progressive Party materials, 1945-1952, ca. 118 items.
Collector. MsC376. (Finding Aid)

KENT, FREDERICK W. Collection of Photographs, 1866-2000; bulk, 1880-1980. 109 ft. Comprised of about 50,000 prints and negatives. The collection relates to most areas of the University of Iowa, including individuals, departments, and buildings. RG30.01.01. (Finding Aid)

KENTFIELD, CALVIN, 1924-1975. Papers of Calvin Kentfield. 1.5 linear ft.
Iowa writer. Manuscript for The Alchemist's Voyage and various clippings and tear sheets. Iowa Author Mss. MsC 639. (Finding Aid)

*KENYON, WILLIAM S., 1869-1933. Papers of William S. Kenyon, 1911-1933. 6 ft.
U.S. senator from Iowa and U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals judge. Papers relating to his political and judicial careers. Correspondence, subject files, speeches, and clippings document Kenyon's positions on many issues of the day, including the Teapot Dome scandal, prohibition, and WWI. MsC506. (Finding Aid)

KEPNER, GEORGE W. Papers of George W. Kepner, 1865-1866. 183 items.
Business papers and correspondence relating primarily to Kepner's management of the Henry C. Potter Company dry goods store in Davenport, Iowa. MsC16. (Finding Aid)

KERN, ALEXANDER C., 1909-1997. Papers of Alexander Kern, 1903-1995. 1.0 ft.

Professor of English in 1946. Chairman in American Studies Program, 1947-1975. Correspondence, articles, photographs. RG99.0026. (Finding Aid)

KEYES, CHARLES REUBEN. Papers of Charles Reuben Keyes, 1871-1951. 0.5 ft.

University of Iowa research professor in archaeology.  Director of the Iowa Archaeological Survey, 1921-1950. Correspondence.  RG99.0027. (Finding Aid)

KIMBALL BROTHERS' ELEVATOR COMPANY. Papers of the Kimball Brothers' Elevator Company, 1883-1934. Incoming correspondence and order forms for freight and passenger elevator and dumb waiter company, located in Council Bluffs, Iowa. MsC524. (Finding Aid)

KING, JERRY. Jerry King Collection of 'Leaves of Grass' 4.5 ft.
MsC930. (Finding Aid)

*KINNICK, NILE CLARKE, 1918-1943. Papers of Nile C. Kinnick, 1926-1991. 2.5 ft.
Student leader, scholar, and athlete from Iowa. Correspondence, diaries, scrapbooks, speeches, photographs, articles, etc. MsC112. (Finding Aid)

KLASS, ROSANNE. Papers, 1951-2008. 1.5 ft.
Author of Land of the High Flags. The collection consists of manuscripts for this book, articles, correspondence, and other miscellany. MsC782 (Finding Aid)

KLAUS, CARL H. Carl H. Klaus Papers, 1990s-2001. 1 ft.
University of Iowa professor and writer on writing and the teaching of writing, as well as essayist. This collection consists of manuscripts and related materials for three of his books: My Vegetable Love, Weathering Winter, and Taking Retirement. MsC523. (Finding Aid)

*KLUCKHOHN, CLYDE, 1905-1960. Papers of Clyde Kluckhohn, 1945-1948. 2.5 ft.
Anthropologist and author. Correspondence, early drafts, galleys, and printer's copies of three of Kluckhohn's early works. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC640. (Finding Aid)

*KLUEVER, LESTER L, 1920-1991. Papers of Lester L. Kluever, 1949-1970. 6 ft.
Iowa state representative and attorney. Correspondence, political files relating to elections and campaigns, and subject folders with topics ranging from apportionment to liquor laws document his legislative service. MsC338. (Finding Aid)

KNAPP, BRIAN. The Brian Knapp Fanzine Collection, 1972-2003. 1 ft.

Collection of fanzines and science fiction convention materials from Connecticut-based fan Knapp, mostly dealing with Star Trek but including other media properties as well. MsC294. (Finding Aid)

KOHLER, ROSA. Rosa Kohler/Radcliffe Chautauqua Papers, 1895-1925. .5 ft.
Rosa Kohler served both as a superintendent and performer for the Radcliffe Chautauqua. These papers include correspondence, forms, promotional material, and clippings. MsC150.11. (Finding Aid)

*KOOP, THEODORE F., 1907-1988. Papers of Theodore F. Koop, 1940-1976. 1.5 ft.
Journalist with Associated Press before WWII, with the National Geographic Society and CBS after 1948. He conceived Face the Nation. Correspondence, subject files, speeches, and preliminary drafts of his works. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC642. (Finding Aid)

KRACHT, WILFERD (1923-1994), AND BRANN, VINCENT C (1927-2007). Papers of Wilferd Kracht and Vincent C. Brann. 3.25 ft.
Correspondence between two former University of Iowa students who co-wrote and produced a campus musical in 1949 and thereafter carried on a life-long correspondence. MsC643. (Finding Aid)

KRAMER, DALE, 1911-1966. Papers of Dale Kramer, 1936-1953. 0.5ft.
Writer and political activist. Included are drafts of his books The Heart of O. Henry, Ross and the New Yorker, and Teen-Age Gangs. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC869.(Finding Aid)

*KRANTZ FAMILY CONCERT CO. Records of the Krantz Family Concert Company. 3 items (scrapbooks)
Orchestral quartet. The records of the Krantz Family Concert Company consist of three scrapbooks, dating from 1926-1931, containing newspaper reviews, business correspondence, programs, postcard, maps, and other souvenirs of places where the company performed. MsC150.10. (Finding Aid)

*KRASCHEL, NELSON GEORGE, 1889-1957. Papers of Nelson G. Kraschel, 1932-1950. 4 ft.
Governor and Lieutenant Governor of Iowa. Papers relating to his political career and terms in office. Subject files include campaign materials, correspondence, speeches, etc. MsC174. (Finding Aid)

KRIEG, CLARICE E., 19-- - 20--."Partridge in a Pear Tree" and "Twelve Days of Christmas" Card Collection, 1950-1999, 5 ft.
In the 1950s library cataloger Clarice Krieg began to collect Christmas cards and other ephemera with the theme of the Renaissance song, "The Twelve Days of Christmas." She continued this collecting until making a gift of the cards and other paper representations in 1999. The collection contains over 1100 examples, carefully cataloged by a classification scheme invented by Miss Krieg. MsC531. (Finding Aid)

*KRIM, SEYMOUR, 1922-1989. Papers of Seymour Krim, 1953-1990. 8 ft.
Journalist and essayist. Correspondence, typescripts, notes, reviews, published copies, etc. relating to his literary career and his contributions to beat literature and the "new journalism" movement. MsC367. (Finding Aid)

KRINGLOCK, ALECK G. Pamphlet collection, ca. 1924-54. 14 ft.
Informational and organizational literature of many cooperative, labor, farm and international movements and organizations. Some correspondence. MsC182. (Finding Aid)

KUHL, ERNEST PETER. Ernest Peter Kuhl Papers, 1855-1979. 9 linear ft. Professor of English at the University of Iowa for 26 years. The collection is largely correspondence with important Chaucer and Shakespeare scholars. RG99.0064. (Finding Aid)

KUN, FRANCIS, 1825-1894. Sermons and other writings, 1851-1894, 1.5 ft.
Minister of the Czech-Moravian Brethren Church near Ely, Iowa. MsC284. (Finding Aid)

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