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LADD, MASON, 1898-1980. Papers, 1939-1961. 24 ft.
Dean of the University of Iowa College of Law, 1939-1966. RG14.01.07 (Finding Aid)

LAFFERTY, R.A. (Ralphael Aloysius), 1914--. R.A. Lafferty Manuscripts, 1960-1979. 2 ft.
Prize-winning author of science fiction stories and novels. Typescripts and page proofs for several stories and novels, including the printer's copy of Okla Hannali (1972). Iowa Authors Mss. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

*LAFORE, LAURENCE D., 1917-1985.  Papers of Laurence D. Lafore.  39 ft.

Professor of history, University of Iowa, from 1969 until 1985.  Researched the origins of the two world wars.  Correspondence, manuscripts, travel postcards.  RG99.0100.  (Finding Aid)

LAIRD, CHARLTON, 1901 -1984. Manuscript and correspondence for Thunder on the River.
Author who wrote extensively on language. This collection contains the manuscript and correspondence for one of his novels. Iowa Author collection. MsC646. (Finding Aid)

*LAMBERT, BROOKE, 1834-1901. Papers of Brooke Lambert, 1860-1901. 134 items.
English clergyman and social reformer. Made up of letters written to Lambert over a forty year time span dealing with issues such as women's suffrage, the welfare of the poor and orphaned, colonialism, pulpit freedom, etc. MsC228. (Finding Aid)

*LASANSKY, MAURICIO, 1914-2012. Papers of Mauricio Lasansky. 0.25 ft.

Professor, University of Iowa School of Art and Art History, from 1945 until 1986.  Well-known for intaglio printmaking.  Biography and photographs of his prints.  RG99.0030.  (Finding Aid)

LASTRA, PEDRO, 1932-. Collection of Letters from South American Writers, 1954-2002. 1.75 ft.
Chilean essayist and poet. This collection contains over 900 letters to Lastra written by renowned South American writers. (Finding Aid)

LATCHAW, TRULY TROUSDALE. Papers of the Trousdale Theatrical Troupes. 3 ft.
MsC778.  (Finding Aid)

LAWRENCE, ROSE MARY. Dragon's Tail manuscript. 3 items.
The manuscript of this national prize-winning short story by a twenty-two year old Davenport native. MsC641. (Finding Aid)

LAY, DONALD POMEROY, 1926 -.  Papers of Donald P. Lay, 1958-2004. 4.5 ft.
Speeches, articles, and correspondence of a judge of the Eight Circuit Court of Appeals. MsC858. (Finding Aid)

LAZARUS, JULIUS. Photographs of the Henry A. Wallace Presidential Campaign, 1948. 200 items, 1.5 linear feet.
Photographs from the 1948 Presidential campaign of Henry A. Wallace, running on the Progressive Party ticket. MsC543. (Finding Aid)

*LE COMPTE, KARL M. Papers of Karl M. Le Compte, 1939-1972. 10.5 ft.
U.S. Representative from Iowa. Correspondence, speeches, and scrapbooks relating to his political career. MsC131. (Finding Aid)

LE SUEUR, MERIDEL. Meridel Le Sueur Papers. .25 ft.
Iowa author. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

LEACH, LAURA. Laura Leach Collection of The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Fanzines and Related Materials. 6.5 ft.

Collection of fanzines (primarily fan fiction) and other materials, including episode scripts, devoted to the 1960s cult television show The Man From U.N.C.L.E.. MsC 910. (Finding Aid)

LEAGUE OF IOWA MUNICIPALITIES. Annual convention proceedings, 1946-1961. 1 ft.
MsC248. (Finding Aid)

*LECHLITNER, RUTH, 1901-. Papers of Ruth Lechlitner, 1919-1988. 9.5 ft.
Poet and teacher. Correspondence, subject files, and preliminary drafts of her writings. MsC474. (Finding Aid)

LEE, ALFRED MATTHEW, 1938-1994. Papers of Alfred M. Lee, ca. 1957-1994. 1.5 ft,
Graduate of the Writers' Workshop, novelist and poet. This collection contains manuscripts, clippings, a photograph, and correspondence. Correspondents include Hubert Humphrey, Gene McCarthy, John F. Kennedy, Mark Strand, Cleanth Brooks, and Donald Justice among others. MsC851. (Finding Aid)

LEGGETT, JOHN, 1917-. Papers of John Leggett, 1933-2002. Manuscripts and correspondence of the editor, writer, and director of the University of Iowa Writer's Workshop, 1969-1987. Papers include research files and drafts for Ross [Lockridge] and Tom [Heggen]: Two American Tragedies (New York: Simon and Schuster, 1974), including three hundred Ross Lockridge letters and 40 interviews; copies of newspaper articles and book reviews; 446 letters by and about Tom Heggen, 95 interviews, copies of stories and articles written by Heggen; copies of newspaper and magazine articles written about Heggen and "Mr. Roberts"; official reports concerning Heggen's death; and general research and miscellaneous Items. This collection also includes materials for A Daring Young Man: A Biography of William Saroyan (New York: Knopf, 2002), and other books and stories. MsC503. (Finding Aid)

*LEMBERGER, LEANN, Papers of LeAnn Lemberger, 1987-1997. 3.5 ft.
Author of romance novels as Leigh Michaels. Manuscript drafts, galleys, and page proofs of her novels, as well as articles by and about Lemberger and teaching materials used for the Iowa Summer Writing Festival. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC647. (Finding Aid)

LEMLEY, JAMES A. Papers of James A. Lemley, ca. 1880-1926. 9 ft.
Account books, ledgers, invoices, and inventories, of a general store in Veo, Iowa, and administrative records of Deep Creek Township, Clinton Co., Iowa. MsC144. (Finding Aid)

*LEONARD, LEVI O., 1854-1942. Papers of Levi O. Leonard, 1839-1941 (Parts 1 & 2) 36.5 ft.
Historian, journalist, railroad employee, and collector. Records, notes, correspondence, ledgers, financial accounts, legal papers, land profiles, etc. relating to the building and operation of the Union Pacific, Rock Island, and other railroads. MsC159 (Part 1 & Part 2). (Finding Aid)

*LEOPOLD DESK COMPANY. Records of the Leopold Desk Company, 1886-1964. 1.5 ft.
Office furniture manufacturing firm in Burlington, IA. Company's history is documented with annual reports, minutes, time books, etc. Catalogs showcase their products. MsC209. (Finding Aid)

LESLIE, GEORGE L., 1862 [?]-1929. Papers of George L. Leslie, 1878-1930. 0.25 ft.

University of Iowa student and California school administrator. Course notes and correspondence. RG02.09.20. (Finding Aid)

*LETTS, FRED DICKINSON, 1875- . Papers of Fred D. Letts, 1841-1965. 3 ft.
Attorney, Congressman, and judge. Correspondence, family and personal records, with court decisions and speeches. MsC72. (Finding Aid)

LEWIS PUBLISHING COMPANY. Records of the Lewis Publishing Company, 1880-1902. 5 ft.
Correspondence of Nathan Henry Wilson, receipt books, memorandum pads, and other business records. MsC154. (Finding Aid)

LEWIS, JOHN C., 1876-1956. Papers of John C. Lewis, 1937-1954. 4 ft.
Labor leader. Correspondence, clippings, and other papers. MsC70. (Finding Aid)

LIDDELL-WESTEFELD, CHRIS. Liddell-Westefeld Congressional Candidate Oral History Collection, 1978 -- 2004. .5 ft.
Interviews with eleven candidates who ran unsuccessfuly for Congress, conducted by an undergraduate history major at the University of Iowa in Spring 2007. Includes audiocassette tapes and transcriptions of the interviews. MsC864. (Finding Aid)

LIERLE, DEAN M., 1895-1976. Papers of Dean M. Lierle, 1959.  0.25 ft.
Professor and head of Otolaryngology at the SUI College of Medicine.  Medical notes and committee report. RG99.0281. (Finding Aid)

LILJENQUIST, DON. Manuscripts of "The Chancellor's Party." 4 items.
Four revisions of the play that won the Iowa centennial contest and was performed at the University of Iowa in 1947. MsC776. (Finding Aid)

*LINCOLN CHAUTAUQUA BUREAU. Lincoln Chautauqua Bureau Materials, 1906-1917. 0.5 ft.

Materials from the operation of the Lincoln Chautauqua Bureau, originally found in the Records of the Redpath Chautauqua Bureau. MsC150.14. (Finding Aid)

*LINDLY, JOHN M., 1864-. Papers of John M. Lindly, 1828-1956. 3 ft.
Pharmacist and banker from Winfield, Iowa. Diaries, scrapbook, and subject files documenting Lindly's career and family. Also includes historical materials relating to Winfield, Iowa. MsC433. (Finding Aid)

Duplicates of field transactions, lexical questionnaires, worksheets, and handwritten notes. MsC181. (Finding Aid)

LINOGRAPH CORPORATION. Miscellaneous records, 1923-1932. 18 items.
Catalogs, type specimen books, advertising brochures. MsC83. (Finding Aid)

LIVINGSTON, W. ROSS, 1893-1978. Papers of W. Ross Livingston, 1918-1978. 9 ft.

Professor of history at the University of Iowa from 1925 to 1962.  Instrumental in acquiring British government documents for the University of Iowa Libraries.  Served in the U.S. Army Eighth Air Forces in Europe during World War II and wrote a history of that unit. RG 99.0102. (Finding Aid)

*LOESER, KATINKA. Papers of Katinka Loeser, [ca. 1960-1982]. 0.5 ft.
Author, poet, and editor born in Iowa. Drafts of her poetry and short stories, a master proof of A Thousand Pardons, and an unpublished novel, Everyday China. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

LOEHWING, WALTER F., 1896-1960. Papers of Walter F. Loehwing, 1920-1960. 0.5 ft.

Professor of Botany, researched plant physiology.  Articles, family photographs. RG99.0034. (Finding Aid)

LOGAN, WILLIAM ARCHIE, 1903- . Papers of William A. Logan, 1896-1924. 43 ft.
Personal and business correspondence of William Logan. Records, receipts, correspondence, accounts and other financial legal material of the Central State Savings Bank of Keokuk, Iowa. MsC129. (Finding Aid)

LOKKEN, ROSCOE LEONARD, 1904-1974. Collection of Land Records, 1833-1965. 6 ft.
Historian of Iowa public land disposal. Petitioner's exhibits and briefs used before the Indian Claims Commission, mimeograph copies of the original field notes for much of Iowa, and computer printouts of data abstracted from Deed Record Books. MsC 268. (Finding Aid)

LONGMAN, LESTER D., 1905-1987. Papers of Lester D. Longman, 1932-1955. 0.25 ft.

Professor and head of Art Department, 1936-1958. Correspondence, articles, clippings. RG99.0031. (Finding Aid)

*LOVELESS, HERSCHEL C., 1911-1989. Papers of Herschel Loveless, 1957-1961. 11 ft.
Governor of Iowa. Most of the papers relate to the 1960 gubernatorial race with correspondence, campaign materials, and speeches. There are also scrapbooks and office files. MsC184. (Finding Aid)

 LOYD, BETSY., 1979 - . Betsy Loyd Oral Histories of Permanent Chautauquas, 2008-2010. .5 ft. Student at the Department of American Studies at The University of Iowa between 2004 and 2011. Oral history recordings collected for her dissertation “Same Place Next Summer: Permanent Chautauquas and the Performance of Middle-Class Identity” (Defended spring 2011). MsC150.19. (Finding Aidd)

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