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PACKER, PAUL C., 1886-1964. Paul C. Packer Papers. 1 ft.
Dean of University of Iowa College of Education, 1939-1943. RG 99.0230 (Finding Aid)

PAINTER, ELEANOR. .25 ft. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

*PAISLEY FAMILY. Diaries of the Paisley Family, 1846-1918. 50 items.
Diaries of John and Chloe Paisley. John served in the 10th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry in the Civil War, and later lived in Burlington, Iowa. Also includes diaries kept by Mabel Paisley and Susan Swan Lippitt. MsC450. (Finding Aid)

Letters, diaries, genealogies, papers, and videocassette dealing with the Civil War, the Mormon move west, and World War II. MsC528. (Finding Aid)

*PALMER, DAVID JAMES, 1839-1928. Papers of David James Palmer, 1862-1887. 0.5 ft.
Civil War soldier. Typescripts of his Civil War correspondence, describing campaigns, battles, and camp life. MsC438. (Finding Aid)

PALUKA, FRANK. Papers of Frank Paluka.
Author and head of Special Collections, 1972-1986. Collection consists of manuscript for Iowa Authors: A Bio-bibliography of Sixty Native Writers. MsC869.(Finding Aid)

PAPER SAMPLES, 1930s-1970s. 2 ft.
Paper sample books from distributors and paper manufacturers. MsC743. (Finding Aid)

PARSONS FAMILY. Papers, 1886-1909. .25 ft
Account books of Albion and Louis A. Parsons of Burlington, Iowa. Credits and expenditures, Heirs of the Parsons, notes on a trip to the Washoe Smelter of the Anaconda Copper Mining Company and the Boston and Montana Consolidated Copper and Silver Mining Company in Montana, which include some drawings. MsC888 (Finding Aid)

PATRICK, GEORGE T.W., 1857-1949. Papers of George T.W. Patrick, 1900-1947. 0.5 ft. (Finding Aid)

Professor of Psychology.  Established the psychological laboratories at S.U.I. in 1890.  Reprints, journal, transcript. RG99.0137. (Finding Aid)

PAUL, LOUIS. Louis Paul Papers. .25 ft.
The Louis Paul collection contains a letter from Paul, a manuscript, and photographic proofs from his book The Way Art Happens, published in 1963. MsC949. (Finding Aid)

*PAYNE, E.F.J. Papers of E.F.J. Payne, 1939-1983. 7 ft.
Philosopher, writer, and translator. Writings by Payne, translations of works by Arthur Schopenhauer, and correspondence. MsC488. (Finding Aid)

PECHSTEIN, HEINRICH. Diaries of Heinrich Pechstein, 1847-94. ca. 50 items.
Farmer. Diaries begun in Leopoldsburg, Germany, and continued in Lee Co., Iowa. MsC58.

*PELENSKI, JAROSLAW. The Christina & Jaroslaw Pelenski Collection of Polish Posters, 1960-1985. 0.5 ft.
History professor. Over 200 Polish circus, theatre, opera and operetta posters from the 1960s to 1985. MsC118. (Finding Aid)

PENN, LEMUEL A. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) files in the murder case of Lemuel A. Penn, 1964-1967. 39 folders.
Obtained from the FBI under the Freedom of Information Act in 1999, these papers document the FBI's investigation into the murder of Lemuel A. Penn. Ku Klux Klan members who murdered him were the first persons convicted under the Civil Rights Act of 1964. MsC507. (Finding Aid)

PEPPER, ROBERT. Iowa City Broadband Telecommunications Papers, 1974-1982. 2 ft.
Papers. MsC463. (Finding Aid)

PERKINS, EDWARD S., M.D. World War II Letters of Edward Perkins, 1942-1945. 1 ft.
Letters home of a British ophthalmologist serving in the Royal Army Medical Corps in Africa. Of interest not only because they reveal a good deal about military life in World War II but because they reveal much about life in colonial Africa during the period. Some of the letters are transcribed in a self-published volume, Letters Home: Letters From the War Years From Capt. Edward S. Perkins to His Parents,1942-1946. MsC946. (Finding Aid)

PERRIN, JOYCE. Joyce Perrin Papers. .25 ft.
Typed manuscript of her book Portraits: Word Pictures of Fellow Voyagers in the South Pacific. Iowa Authors. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

PETERSEN, WILLIAM J. Papers of William J. Petersen. 1.5 ft.
Typescript and page proofs with corrections, miscellaneous material on history of Iowa. Iowa Authors. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

PETERSON, ELMER T., 1896-1977. Papers of Elmer T. Peterson, 1929-1959. 1.25 ft.

Educator and administrator.  Dean of College of Education 1946-1961. Correspondence. RG99.0231. (Finding Aid)

PETERSON, VIRGIL. Virgil Peterson Papers. .5 ft.
Various stages of the manuscript of his book Barbarians in our Midst: a History of Chicago Crime and Politics. Iowa Authors. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

PHILLIPS, BEN. Account book of Ben Phillips, 1909-1931. 1 v.
Records of income and expenses kept by a dentist in Maquoketa, Iowa. MsC71. (Finding Aid)

PICARD, LIL, 1899-1994. Papers of Lil Picard, 1915-1994. 76 linear feet.
Correspondence and related files of an artist, art journalist, and collector. Picard was born in Germany but migrated to New York City with her second husband in 1936. Exhibiting her own work, her writing about New York City art, and her extensive collecting made her a central figure in New York art until very near the end of her life. MsC 817. (Finding Aid)

PICKARD, JOSIAH L., 1824-1914. Papers of Josiah L. Pickard.  .25 ft.
Sixth president of the University of Iowa, 1878-1887. RG05.01.03 (Finding Aid)

*PICKETT, CHARLES EDGAR, 1866-1930. Papers of Charles E. Pickett, 1903-1922. 2 ft.
U.S. Representative from Iowa and attorney. Subject files relating to his Congressional career. Includes campaign materials, and files on conservation, tariffs, pensions, and other subjects. MsC171. (Finding Aid)

PICKETT, PAUL CLIFFORD. Paul Pickett's Notes on John Ward Studebaker. .5 ft.
MsC821. (Finding Aid)

PIERCE, ANNE E., 1890-1967. Papers of Anne E. Pierce, 1893-1937. 0.25 ft.

Professor of music.  Head of music at S.U.I. Experimental Schools. Performance programs and correspondence. RG99.0232. (Finding Aid)

PIERCE, DANTE MELVILLE, 1880-1955. Papers of Dante M. Pierce, 1925-45. ca. 50 items.
Farm editor. Correspondence with State and National Political figures including Smith Brookhart, Calvin Coolidge, Robert LaFolette, Henry Wallace, and George Wilson. MsC61. (Finding Aid)

PIERREPONT, EDWARDS, 1817-1892. 118 letters.
Letters to Edwards from American statesmen. MsC114. (Finding Aid)

*PIERSON, DONALD CHARLES, 1908-. Papers of Donald C. Pierson, 1937-1973. 2 ft.
Chairman of the Iowa Republican State Central Committee. Reports, campaign and convention material, clippings, correspondence, photographs, and speeches. MsC292. (Finding Aid)

PIPER, EDWIN FORD, 1871-1939. Edwin Ford Piper Folklore Collection., 2 ft.
Piper's notes on Western ballads, with music for some; other folk materials including rimes, riddles, games, folk sayings, quadrille calls, slang, superstitions, and folk remedies. MsC40. See two articles by Harry Oster, "Edwin Ford Piper Collection of Folksongs" and "English and Irish Broadsides in the Edwin Ford Piper Collection". (Finding Aid)

PIPER, JANET PRESSLEY, 1902-1997. Janet Pressley Piper Papers, 1939-1988. 3 ft.
Janet Pressley Piper was a poet, scholar, professor, and wife of Edwin Ford Piper. This collection is comprised mostly of self-published manuscripts, along with some correspondence. MsC308. (Finding Aid)

PLUM, HARRY G. 1868-1956. Harry Grant Plum Papers. .25 ft.
University of Iowa professor of history, 1902-1949; research specialty in European studies. RG 99.0107 (Finding Aid)

POLLIN, BURTON. Pollin Illustrated Addendum to the Mabbott Poe Collection.
Poe's stories illustrated. Mostly comic books, this collection also contains posters and other visual media relating to Poe. MsC429. (Finding Aid)

PORTER, ELLA WILLIAMS. Ella Williams Porter Papers. .25 ft.
Manuscript of her book Prairie Shadows. Iowa Authors. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

*POWELL, JOHN HARVEY, 1914-1971. Papers of John H. Powell, 1935-1974. 3.5 ft.
Historian. Correspondence and preliminary drafts of his writings. Iowa Author Mss. MsC678. (Finding Aid)

*POYNEER, FREDERICK JULIAN, 1885-1973. Papers of Frederick J. Poyneer, 1939-1972. 1 ft.
Member of the Iowa State Conservation Commission. Correspondence and subject files relating to the Conservation Commission. MsC285. (Finding Aid)

PRANGE, GORDON W. Gordon Prange Papers. .25 ft.
Japanese version footage of Tora! Tora! Tora! Iowa Authors. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

*PRATT, JOHN W. Diaries of John W. Pratt, 1862-1865. 2 items.
Civil War soldier. Relates his feelings and experiences with the 27th Iowa Volunteer Infantry Regiment. MsC11. (Finding Aid) Digitized diaries

PRESTON, CHARLES H. Papers of Charles H. Preston, 1867-1868. 0.25 ft.

University of Iowa student 1866-1873. Notes for two classes taught by Gustavus Hinrichs. RG02.09.07. (Finding Aid)

*PRICE, HIRAM, 1814-1901. Papers of Hiram Price, 1867-1899. 0.5 ft.
Congressman and banker from Davenport, Iowa. Correspondence, newspaper clippings, and a notebook relating to banking issues and temperance. MsC455. (Finding Aid)

PROGRESSIVE PARTY. Records of the Progressive Party, 1946-54, 30 ft.
Correspondence, speeches, reports, business records, articles, campaign materials, fact sheets, form letters, directives, telegrams, pamphlets, press releases, clippings, and other related material concerning the party and the national election of 1948. MsC160. (Finding Aid)

*PRYOR, JOHN C., 1883-1979. Papers of John C. Pryor, 1920-1976. 3.5 ft.
Lawyer in Burlington, Iowa. Correspondence and subject files relating primarily to the Iowa Bar Association and the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws. MsC377. (Finding Aid)

PUBLIC SPACE ONE. Public Space ONE Zine Collection, 1977-2008. 2.0 ft.
Collection of zines donated by Iowa City-based art and performance venue Public Space ONE. Many zines relate to anarchist or radical politics, and many zines are from Iowa City-area authors. MsC370. (Finding Aid)

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