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*RADIO TELEVISION NEWS DIRECTORS ASSOCIATION. Records of the Radio Television News Directories Association, 1947-1995. 350 ft.
Correspondence, minutes of the board of directors, convention reports, financial records, committee files, copies of the publication RTNDA Bulletin, membership files, audiotapes, video tapes, and other papers. MsC490. (Finding Aid)

*RAFFERTY, MAX LEWIS, 1917-. Papers of Max Lewis Rafferty, 1933-1981. 23.5 ft.
Educator, author, and columnist. Speeches, newspaper columns, and articles about education. Also includes sound recordings, video tapes, and filmstrips. MsC214. (Finding Aid)


*RAMSEYER, CHRISTIAN WILLIAM, 1875-1943. Papers of Christian W. Ramseyer, 1904-1943. 6 ft.
Attorney, Congressman, and U.S. Court of Claims commissioner from Iowa. Correspondence, clippings, court records and opinions, and speeches. MsC132. (Finding Aid) See also "Ramseyer's Battle for Monetary Reform" by David L. Porter.

RANDOLPH, COL. CHARLES. Col. Charles Randolph Papers. .25 ft.
Hand-written Buckskin Bill stories. Iowa Authors. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

RANDOLPH, ROBERT. Papers of Robert Randolph, 1950s-1990s. 16 ft.
University of Iowa alum who became a prominent Broadway set and lighting designer. Drawings and designs for Broadway and other theatrical productions. Also includes slides of models used to explore lighting options. MsC799.

RANNEY, MARK, 1827-1883. Manuscript collection, ca. 1860-1930, 1 ft.
Physician and book collector. Photographs, financial records, clippings and memorabilia. MsC190. (Finding Aid)

RAWLINGS, HUNTER R., III., 1944-. Papers, 1988-1995. 20 ft.
President of the University of Iowa, 1988-1995. RG05.01.16 (Finding Aid)

RAYMOND, WILLIAM G. 1859-1926. William G. Raymond Papers. .75 ft.
Dean of the University of Iowa College of Engineering, 1904-1926. RG 99.0252 (Finding Aid)

*RECORDS OF THE 1ST IOWA CAVALRY, 1861-1862, 25 items.
These records consist of copies of orders and invoices reflecting military issues such as posting guards, court marshals, and patrolling guerrillas. Most of the orders were issued from Headquarters of the District of Central Missouri. MsC14. (Finding Aid)

RED CROSS, UNITED STATES. American National Red Cross, Johnson County Chapter. Records, including Executive Committee minutes, financial papers, and other miscallaneous papers; and records of their interaction with the Community Givers, which later became the United Way.. MsC315. (Finding Aid)

*REDHEAD, WESLEY, 1825-1891. Papers of Wesley Redhead, 1852-1893. 1 ft.
Businessman of Des Moines, IA. Diaries and account books, business correspondence, and tax receipts concerning his business ventures in early Des Moines. MsC21. (Finding Aid)

*REDPATH LYCEUM BUREAU. Records of the Redpath Chautauqua Collection, 1890-1944 (bulk 1904-1935). 648 ft.
Commercial lecture bureau and booking agency for Chautauqua and lyceums throughout the United States and parts of Canada. Office files of the Redpath-Vawter Bureau of Cedar Rapids, IA, the Redpath-Chicago Bureau run by Harry P. Harrison and Charles Horner's Redpath Chautauquas. Included are: talent files consisting of correspondence, contracts, publicity brochures, and advertising flyers; business files including employee records; geographical location files with materials about cities and towns that sponsored Chautauquas and lyceums; periodicals; daybooks, cashbooks; and photographs. MsC150. (Finding Aid). A portion of the collection, 7,949 publicity brochures, promotional advertisements and flyers for 4,545 lecturers, teachers, preachers, statesmen and politicians, actors, singers and opera stars, glee clubs and concert companies, magicians, whistlers and other performers who traveled the circuits at the beginning of the 20th century, has been digitized as Traveling Culture: Circuit Chautauqua in the Twentieth Century (a part of the Library of Congress American Memories Project).

REED, WARREN. Warren Reed Papers. .25 ft.
She Rode a Yellow Stallion printer's typescript with revisions. Iowa Authors. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

REEDER, JEANNE FUNKHOUSER. Papers of Jeanne Funkhouser Reeder. 1.5 linear ft.
Iowa City author. This collections contains manuscripts of short stories, plays, shooting scripts, articles, and a small amount of correspondence. MsC796. (Finding Aid)

*REID, JOHN C., 1877-1968. Papers of John C. Reid, 1933-1962. 245 items.
Cedar Rapids, Iowa businessman; president of the National Oats Company; member of the Iowa State Board of Regents. Correspondence and memoranda relating to his term on the Board of Regents and his friendship with Grant Wood. MsC436. (Finding Aid)

REIGELMAN, MILTON MONROE, 1942-. Collection on "The Midland", 1915-1973. 348 items.
Collector and scholar. Chiefly correspondence assembled in preparing his A Study of the Midland Magazine: 1915-1933 (1973) and The Midland: a Venture in Literary Regionalism (1975). MsC329. (Finding Aid)

REMINGTON, RICHARD D., 1931-1992. Papers of Richard D. Remington. 2 ft.
Vice president for academic affairs and dean of the faculties, also interim president of the University of Iowa. 1987-1988. RG05.01.15 (Finding Aid)

*RENO, MILO, 1866-1936. Papers of Milo Reno, 1927-1959. 3 linear ft.
Farm leader. Correspondence, typescripts of speeches, articles, newspaper clippings, and other materials relating primarily to the activities of the National Farmers' Holiday Association and to state Farmers' Holiday associations. MsC 44. (Finding Aid)

*REYNOLDS, CONGER, 1891-1971. Papers of Conger Reynolds, 1899-1970. 9 ft.
Journalist, diplomat, and public relations expert. Subject files, correspondence, diaries, scrapbooks, etc. relating to his varied career, from WWI intelligence officer to Chicago Tribune editor in Paris to consulate official to public relations director for Standard Oil. MsC183. (Finding Aid)

*RICHARDSON, HOWARD. Papers of Howard Richardson, 1923-1987. 13.5 linear ft.
Dramatist. Subject files relating to his career and personal life, including drafts, photographs, set designs, etc. Much of the collection relates to his best known play, "Dark of the Moon.". MsC301. (Finding Aid)

*RIGBY, WILLIAM TITUS, 1841-1929. Papers of William Titus Rigby, 1830-1988. 4.5 ft.
Civil War veteran and Vicksburg National Military Park Commissioner. Correspondence, clippings, photographs, diaries, genealogical material, relating the Rigby family. MsC82. (Finding Aid)

RIGHTER, CHARLES BOARDMAN, 1896-1997. Papers of Charles B. Righter. .5 ft.
University of Iowa associate professor of music, 1930-1997. Director of University Bands, 1937-1954. RG 99.0132 (Finding Aid)

*RILEY, WILLIAM FRANCIS. Papers of William Francis Riley, 1932-1957. 6 ft.
Lawyer and U.S. District Judge from Iowa. Correspondence, speeches, legal materials, and subject files relating to the law, politics, and religion. MsC192. (Finding Aid)

ROACH AND MUSSER COMPANY, Muscatine, Iowa. Records of the Roach and Musser Company, 1902-63. 9 ft.
Correspondence, financial records, employee insurance reports, and stock proxies for the sale of Roach and Musser. MsC191. (Finding Aid)

*ROBB, ELLIS. Iowa Autograph Collection, 1898-1909. .5 ft.
Signatures of noted Iowans, mostly U.S. Senators and Representatives, and several Iowa governors. MsC749. (Finding Aid)

ROBERTS, DENYS KILHAM. Papers of Denys Kilham Roberts. 1.5 ft.
Correspondence to and from a British writer of the 1920s and 1930s. MsC828.

Printer's copies and related materials for four of Roberts' novels: And the Bravest of These, Center of the Web, Private Report, and Wind From The River. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC683. (Finding Aid).

ROBERTS, THOMAS HEWITSON, 1941-1957. 0.25 ft.

University of Iowa professor of education, 1940-1957.  Area of research was adult education. Lectures and manuscripts.   RG99.0233. (Finding Aid)

*ROBERTSON, KEITH, 1914- . Papers of Keith Robertson, 1941-1991. 2 ft.
Subject files documenting Robertson's literary career, including typescript drafts of Henry Reed's Big Show (1958) and The Crow and the Castle (1967). There are also folders of correspondence, research, royalty statements, etc., all relating to the writing and publishing of his children's books and short stories. Iowa Author Mss. MsC684. (Finding Aid)

*ROBINSON, THOMAS JOHN BRIGHT, 1868-1958. Papers of Thomas J. B. Robinson, 1905-1957. 163 items.
President of the Citizens National Bank of Hampton, Iowa, U.S. Representative, real estate and investment business. Correspondence, bank record book, and campaign materials documenting his career. MsC375. (Finding Aid)

ROCKWELL FARMS, ROCKWELL COLLINS. Papers of the Rockwell Companies. 210 ft. See: "Collins" for finding aids to these collections.

ROHLF, WILLIAM AMOS, 1867-1941. Papers of William Amos Rohlf, 1937-1939. 1 ft.
Manuscript of Dr. Rohlf's Good Morning, Doctor! and related materials. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC685. (Finding Aid)

ROSE, EARL FORREST, 1926-. Papers of Earl F. Rose, 1844-2006. 12 ft.
Medical Examiner of Dallas County at the time of the assassination of President Kennedy, Rose performed the autopsies on Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby. The reports and projector slides for these autopsies are here, as well as pathology slides for Ruby. Rose also kept clippings files on items related to the assassination, including a series on conspiracy theories. Clippings for other events of the latter half of the twentieth century such as Watergate and the Clinton impeachment are included here as well, as are photocopies of death certificates for some famous and infamous people, such as Nicole Brown Simpson and Bonnie Parker. Correspondence and personal papers form a portion of this collection, as well as a manuscript version of Dallas: My View of History, Rose's memoir of his time in Dallas. MsC860. (Finding Aid)

ROSHEIM, DAVID L., 1944-- . Papers of David L. Rosheim, 1961-1989. .5 ft.
Essayist, poet and historian whose work appeared regularly in the Des Moines Register. Includes typescripts of miscellaneous writings and poetry and the typescript of an unpublished science fiction novel. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC689. (Finding Aid)

*ROSS, ARTHUR. Papers of Arthur Ross, 1943-1965, 13 ft.
Motion picture and television script writer. Slides, watercolor paintings, scripts, screenplays, short stories and novels by Ross; photographs, three recordings. MsC127. (Finding Aid)

ROW, HEATH. Heath Row Amateur Press Association Collection, 1934-2010. 2.0 ft.

Zine writer and editor, and member of multiple amateur press associations. Includes apa publications, apa official organs, and assorted loose ajay publications. MsC 364. (Finding Aid)

 ROWAN, EDWARD BEATTY, 1898-1946. Manuscripts of Edward Beatty Rowan, 11 items.
A play, poems and drafts of five stories. MsC 869. (Finding Aid)

ROYAL, GEORGE, 1853-1931. Papers of George Royal, 1870s-1890s, 1.0 ft.

Professor, head, and dean of Homeopathic Medical Department, 1892 to 1921. Internationally known for his research on the efficacy of homeopathic remedies. RG99.0257. (Finding Aid).

RUBEN, ELLIOTT M., 1916-2009. Elliott M. Ruben Amateur Press Association Collection, 1926-2009. 30 ft.

Amateur journalist and member of a number of amateur press associations. Bundles of apa publications, apa official journals, correspondence, official apa documents, and Ruben's childhood efforts at printing. MsC336. (Finding Aid)

 *RUSSELL, HENRY CLAY . Henry Clay Russell Civil War Letters, 20 items. Russell's correspondence to his sister, Mary, of Crawfordsville, Iowa. MsC 546. (Finding Aid)

RUTLEDGE, WILEY, 1894-1949. Papers, 1924-1944. 1.5 ft.
Dean of the University of Iowa College of Law, 1935-1939; later appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. RG14.01.06 (Finding Aid)

RYAN, J. CLYDE, 1899-. Papers of J. Clyde Ryan. Manuscript for A Skeptic Dude in Arizona. 2 folders.
Iowa Author Mss. MsC687. (Finding Aid)

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