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*SABIN, EDWIN L., 1870-. Papers of Edwin L. Sabin, 1900-1970. 5.5 ft.
Novelist. Correspondence, scrapbooks, subject files, preliminary drafts of his writings. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC688. (Finding Aid). See also: "Edwin L. Sabin, Literary Explorer of the West" by Philip D. Jordan.

SAGE, NORMAN. Papers of Norman Sage. 6 ft. MsC831.

SALTZMAN, (KATHERINE) ELEANOR, 1905-1946. Papers of (Katherine) Eleanor Saltzman. 3 feet.
Iowa regional writer. This collection consists of manuscripts for Ever Tomorrow and Stuart's Hill, and her unpublished novel, Carpthorne; manuscripts and tear sheets of her short stories and poems; as well as correspondence, notes, and clippings. Iowa Author Mss. MsC689. (Finding Aid)

SANFORD & SON, Washington, Iowa. Account Books of Sanford & Son, 1872-1909. 5 v.
Accounts of feed store and livery stable. MsC37. (Finding Aid)

SAROYAN, William, 1908-1981. See the John Leggett Papers, which include two unpublished Saroyan manuscripts, Lily Dafon, a Paris Comedy and Trial at Gunpoint, as well as research materials for Leggett's A Daring Young Man: a Biography of William Saroyan (New York: Knopf, 2002).

SAUNDERS, WILLIAM IRVING, 1823-1895. William Irving Saunders Manuscripts. 0.5 ft.
Poet. Corrected typescript and galley proofs of Pillars of Space. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

SAVAGE, WILLIAM R., 1926-1988. Papers of William R. Savage, 1974-1987. 0.5 ft.

Professor of physics and astronomy. Researched musical acoustics and solid state physics. Offprints and Iowa Acoustics Colloquium conferences. RG99.0145. (Finding Aid)

SAVE FARSCAPE. Save "Farscape" Auction Collection, 1999-2002. 3.0 ft.
Collection of items assembled for a fannish auction to help fund the campaign protesting the cancellation of the science fiction television series Farscape. MsC371. (Finding Aid)

*SAYRE, PAUL L., 1894-1959. Papers of Paul L. Sayre, 1904-1962. 3.5 ft.

Professor, University of Iowa College of Law, from 1930 until his death in 1959.  Lecturer on divorce laws, and founder of the National Council on Family Relations.  Correspondence and manuscript drafts.  RG99.0262. (Finding Aid)

SAYRE, ROCKWELL, 1848-1930. Papers of Rockwell Sayre, 1885-1930. 13 ft.
Landowner, of North and South Dakota. Correspondence, leases, tax receipts, and abstracts, relating to farm tenancy in North and South Dakota. MsC226.

SCHAEFFER, CHARLES A.,  1843-1898. Papers of Charles A. Schaeffer. 3 ft.
Seventh president of the University of Iowa, 1887-1898. RG05.01.04 (Finding Aid)

SCHALLER, GEORGE J., 1873-1964. Papers of George J. Schaller, 1871-1964. .25 linear ft.
Banker and businessman. Legal, personal, and business papers, as well as correspondence and photographs. MsC833. (Finding Aid)

SCHAPSMEIER, EDWARD L. The Edward L. and Frederick H. Schapsmeier Collection on Henry A. Wallace, 111 items.
Historians. Correspondence with associates and friends of Henry A. Wallace in connection with the writing of a bibliography of Wallace by the Schapsmeiers. MsC185. (Finding Aid)

*SCHELL, JAMES PEERY, 1845-1932. Papers of James P. Schell, 1907-1929. 4 items.
Presbyterian clergyman in the Middle West. Memoirs of his life in the 1840s and 1850s. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

SCHOONOVER, LAWRENCE, 1906-1980. Papers of Lawrence Schoonover. 1 ft. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

*SCHRAMM, JAMES S. Papers of James S. Schramm, 1932-1979. 19 ft.
Business executive, Republican Party official, and art collector. Correspondence, speeches, subject files, etc. combine to document Schramm's business and political affairs, as well as his activities in the arts. MsC354. (Finding Aid)

SCHRAMM, WILBUR, 1907-1988. Wilbur Schramm Papers. .25 ft.
University of Iowa professor of journalism. First director of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and was instrumental in designing the first doctoral program in mass communication in the U.S. RG 99.0118. (Finding Aid)

*SCHWENGEL, FRED, 1907-1993. Papers of Fred Schwengel, 1940-1972. 326 ft.
U.S. Representative from Iowa to 84th-88th and 90th-92nd Congresses. Legislative and congressional papers. MsC456. (Finding Aid)

MsC928. (Finding Aid)

SCOTT, AUSTIN W., 1884-1981. Papers, 1911-1912. .25 ft.
Acting dean of the University of Iowa College of Law while on leave from Harvard University, 1911-1912. RG14.01.02 (Finding Aid)

SCOTT, JOHN HUBERT. Papers of John Hubert Scott, 1898 -- 1945. 6.5 ft.
Scott was the head of the Department of English at Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa for seven years beginning in 1908. He joined the faculty of the English department at the University of Iowa in 1915. The collection documents Scott's research theories regarding the connections between speech inflections and literary authorship, as well as his book collecting interests which focused on John Henry Ireland. MsC157. (Finding Aid)

M. GLADYS SCOTT, 1905-1990. Papers of M. Gladys Scott, 1920-1988. 0.5 ft.

Professor and head of women's physical education.  Established women's intercollegiate athletic program at SUI. RG99.0140. (Finding Aid)

SCRIPT EPHEMERA, 1921-2000. 2.5 ft.
The core of this collection is made up of scripts submitted for consideration for Best Screenplay in 2000. Other scripts have been added, and will continue to be added as they are received. Other materials, such as publicity kits and "the making of" books are included here. MsC852. (Finding Aid)

SEAGRAVE, SADIE FULLER, 1882-1972. Sadie Fuller Seagrave Manuscripts. 1 ft. 1930-1960.
Novelist and poet. Typescripts of three books of poetry, some stories, and six radio programs. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

SECOND IOWA CAVALRY ASSOCIATION, 1899-1905. Biennial Reunion Minutes. 1 item.
Scrapbook containing handwritten minutes and published programs from the biennial meetings of the Second Iowa Cavalry Association. MsC544. (Finding Aid)

SHAMBAUGH FAMILY. Shambaugh Family Papers. 19 ft.
Benjamin Shambaugh (1871-1940) was a University of Iowa professor of political science and, for many years, superintendent of the State Historical Society of Iowa. He and his wife, Bertha (1870-1953), hosted many scholars’ visits to the University. RG 99.0152. (Finding Aid)

*SHANE, GEORGE WALKER, 1906-1969. Papers of George W. Shane, 1949-1969. 98 items.
Painter and art critic. Articles about Shane and artwork by Shane. Including pencil sketches and paintings as they appeared in the Des Moines Register. MsC277. (Finding Aid)

*SHEARER, BRAINARD H., 1881-1970. Papers of Brainard H. Shearer, 1901-1969. 4.5 ft.
Newspaperman in Columbus Junction, Iowa. Journals, correspondence, business records, and subject files relating to his life and career as the editor and publisher of the Columbus Gazette and as the publisher of the Iowa Union Farmer. Subject files include topics ranging from the Iowa Union Farmer to the Louisa County Fair. MsC242. (Finding Aid) For an article on Shearer, see Robert A. McCown, "B.H. Shearer, Country Editor".

SHEARER, GEORGE M. Civil War diaries of George M. Shearer, 1863-65, 3 v.
Diaries of a soldier in Company E, 17th Iowa Infantry, who was captured and imprisoned in Sumter Prison, 1864-65. MsC80. (Finding Aid)   Digitized diary

*SHEARER, PAUL V., 1919-1995. Papers of Paul V. Shearer, 1919-1995. 1 ft.
Lawyer, owner and publisher of the Columbus Gazette, and Methodist lay leader. Copies of his newspaper column, correspondence, speeches, and biographical material. Also conference programs, debates, commission reports, etc., relating to the Methodist Church. MsC489. (Finding Aid)

SHEET MUSIC, 1899-1967. Sheet Music Collection. 1.5 ft.

Sheet music from the 19th and 20th centuries, including music about WWI, the American South, and many other topics as featured in popular songs, as well as music from film and theatre productions and several pieces in Hebrew and Yiddish.  This collection was created in 2008 from two smaller sheet music collections: The Kenneth J. Oberembt Sheet Music Collection (Series I), and the Sylvia Maibaum Music Collection (Series II). It was augmented in 2012 with the addition of the Beluah Yanney Montgomery collection (Series III.) (Finding Aid)

SHEETS, GEORGE MARSH, 1887-1974. George M. Sheets Papers. .25 ft.
Iowa writer and businessman. Manuscripts of unpublished works. Iowa Author Mss. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

SHEETS, RAYMOND F., 1914--. Raymond F. Sheets Papers. 0.25 ft.

Professor in Internal Medicine who specialized in hematology and oncology.  Diary. RG99.0286. (Finding Aid)

SHELTON FAMILY. Papers of the Shelton Family, 1864-66, 1908. 19 items and 4 v.
Diaries of Mary E. Shelton and Rhode Maenad Shelton describing their nursing experience with Annie Wittenmeyer during the Civil War and at the Hospital for the Insane in Mount Pleasant, Iowa; also the Civil War diary of Orteus Carnefix Shelton, lieutenant of the 45th Regiment of Iowa Infantry. MsC7. (Finding Aid)

SHENANDOAH, IOWA, EVENING SENTINEL. Records of the Shenandoah, Iowa, Evening Sentinel, 1888-1946, 57 items.
Journals and ledgers, cash books, subscription lists and inventories. MsC247. (Finding Aid)SHERMAN, EDITH. MsC695.

SHERMAN, RICHARD, 1906-1962. Manuscript for The Bright Promise. 2 linear in.
Iowa novelist. His collection consists of the manuscript for The Bright Promise. Iowa Author manuscript. MsC 869. (Finding Aid)

SHIMEK, BOHUMIL, 1861-1937. Papers of Bohumil Shimek, 1890-1937. 3.75 ft. University of Iowa professor of botany; founder of the Iowa Lakeside Biological Laboratory and the university herbarium. His papers include field notes pertaining to geology and flora of many Iowa counties. RG 99.0036. (Finding Aid)

SHIMURA, ASAO. Asao Shimura-Gary Frost Correspondence 1977-1988. .5 ft
Japanese papermaker's letters to an American conservator. Only Shimura's letters are contained in this collection. MsC934. (Finding Aid)

SHOVER, JOHN L., 1927- 1976. John L. Shover Papers. 200 items.
Historian. Correspondence, reminiscences, clippings, and notes used in connection with the writing of Shover's book, Cornbelt Rebellion; the Farmers' Holiday Association. MsC137. (Finding Aid)

SHULTZ, GLADYS DENNY, 1912-- . Gladys Shultz Manuscript, 1962. 0.5 ft.
Editor with Better Homes and Gardens and The Ladies' Home Journal and author of biographies. Typescript of her Jenny Lind (1962). Iowa Authors Mss. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

SIGMUND, JAY G., 1885-1937. Papers of Jay G. Sigmund, 1911-1975. 4 ft.
Insurance agent, poet, story writer, and lecturer on literature. Preliminary drafts of plays, poetry, an unpublished novel, and correspondence with writers of note. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC697. (Finding Aid)

*SILVER, SILAS B. Diary Silas B. Silver, 1863. 1 item.
Maryland physician. Diary includes his observations on the Civil War and politics, farming, and medicine. MsC12. (Finding Aid) Digitized diary

SIMMONS, ELEANOR POWNALL, 1925-1999. Eleanor Pownall Simmons Manuscripts, 1960-1970. 0.5 ft.
Printmaker and artist, Simmons wrote and illustrated a number of books for children. This collection includes Mary, The Mouse Champion (1963), Dog (1967), Cat (1968), Wheels (1968), and Family (1970). Iowa Authors Mss. 698. (Finding Aid).

SIMON, LUDVIG. Ludvig Simon Collection of Photographs of Washington (Iowa) and Travel Photographs. 1.25 ft (10 scrapbooks)
Simon, a gynecologist in Washington, Iowa in the early twentieth century, took photographs around Washington, and these make up the first scrapbook in the collection. The Simon family travelled widely and the remaining nine scrapbooks are comprised of photographs from these travels. MsC933 (Finding Aid)

SIMPSON, FRANK B. Frank B. Simpson Manuscripts, 1952. 2 in.
Poet. Drafts of a song, "Slumber Song". Iowa Author Mss. MsC869.(Finding Aid)

SINICROPI, ANTHONY VINCENT, 1931-. Arbitration cases, 1965-
Industrial arbitration, mediation, and conciliation, and coal mining collective labor agreement cases. MsC399.

SINNING, AUGUSTUS, 1864-1960. Papers of Augustus Sinning, 1892-1948. 42 items.
Physician. Correspondence, clippings, notebooks, and other papers. MsC391. (Finding Aid)

SITWELLS. Papers of Edith, Osbert, and Sachaverell Sitwell, 1917-1963. .5 ft.
Papers of the critics and writers, this collection consists of letters, drafts of their original poetic, dramatic, and prose works in the form of loose-leaf sheets and two notebooks. MsC946. (Findind Aid)

SIZER, NELSON, Papers of Nelson Sizer, 1818-1897. 6 pieces.
Statements of phrenological character of Sarah Gillespie Huftalen. With two related letters and three printed items. MsC113. (Finding Aid)

SMALL, ARTHUR A. Arthur A. Small Collection on the Iowa Communications Network (ICN). 1.5 ft
Background materials, research, proposals, and drafts of bills from the State Senator who served on the appropriations committee at the beginning of the ICN debate in the Iowa State Legislature. MsC254. (Finding Aid)

SMITH, BURTON JAY, 1916-1944. Papers of Burton Jay Smith and Willametta Turnepseed, 1941-1944. 0.8 ft.

Correspondence, chiefly love letters, between amateur printers Smith and Turnepseed, together with a few additional materials, including copies of their co-edited Literary Newsette. Many of Smith's letters document his activities training as a navigator in the United States Army Air Force, 1943-1944. MsC868. (Finding Aid)

*SMITH, CHARLOTTE M., 1919-2002. Papers of Charlotte M. Smith, including the Records of the Tamazunchale Press, 1961-2001. 4 ft.
Collector, publisher, and author; proprietor of the Tamazunchale Press of Newton, Iowa. Correspondence relating to book collecting, miniature book publishing and collecting, advertising and business records. MsC457. (Finding Aid)

*SMITH, CLEMENTINE M. FREDERICK, 1828-. Papers of the Smith-Frederick Family, 1843-1903. 14 items.
Letters of a Mahaska County family. MsC382. (Finding Aid)

SMITH, GEORGE S. Papers of George S. Smith, 1862-1890s. .25 ft
Civil war diary; diary of a minister in the Church of Christ in Kellogg, Iowa. MsC890 (Finding Aid)

SMITH, GRACE NOLL. Manuscript for The Apple is Eaten. .25 ft.
Poet and editor of the Iowa Magazine of Verse. Manuscript with revisions of one book of poetry. Iowa Author Mss. MsC 869. (Finding Aid)

SMITH, H. DANIEL, AGAMA COLLECTION. Sanskrit Texts from the H. Daniel Smith Agama Collection, Selected by Claude Setzer. 1 ft.
Photocopies of Sanskrit texts having to do with Pancaratra studies collected by H. Daniel Smith and now located at the Cleveland Public Library. The photocopies in the present collection were obtained by University of Iowa Professor Claude Setzer. MsC 522. (Finding Aid).

SMITH, JEREMIAH. Papers of Jeremiah Smith, 1836-42. 3 items.
Businessman and member of the Wisconsin Territorial Council. Includes a ledger showing accounts of the Sac and Fox Indians with Smith and a copy of a letter to Smith from John Beach providing for a settlement of these accounts. Included in the Iowa Documents Collection. MsC897. (Finding Aid)

SMITH, LEWIS WORTHINGTON. Papers of Lewis Worthington Smith, [1942?]-1946. 3 items.
Writer, professor and Dean of Drake University. Manuscripts for two of his works, "The Art of Life" and Crises. Iowa Author Mss. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

*SMITH, MARVIN W., 1901-1982. Papers of Marvin W. Smith, 1960-1972. 3 ft.
Farmer and Iowa state legislator. Subject files, reports, etc. on such legislative issues as apportionment and education. MsC263. (Finding Aid)

SMITH, PAUL A. Democratic Party Documents, 1968-2003. 24 ft.
Smith served in many capacities in the Iowa Democratic Party and the Iowa Democratic Conference, including three two-year terms as Secretary of the State Democratic Party. MsC808. (Finding Aid)

SMITH, RALPH WILLIAM, 1888- . Iowa Grange Records, 1871-1943. 1 ft.
Includes minute books, correspondence, and other records. MsC133. (Finding Aid)

SMITH, WARREN B., ?-2003. Papers of Warren B. Smith, 1960-2003. 6 ft.
Smith, a professional writer based in Clinton, Iowa, began writing in the 1960s and published a number of works of non-fiction as well as western historical novels. He also reviewed automobiles for Clinton and other newspapers. His papers include correspondence, drafts, journals, clippings, etc. Also present is a pre-publication mimeograph copy of James Jones' Some Came Running (1957). MsC747. (Finding Aid)

*SMITH, WILLIAM A., 1870-1958. Papers of William A. Smith, 1942-1951. 14 items.
Attorney and Iowa Supreme Court judge. Speeches about legal, ethical, and political topics and poetry written and/or collected by Judge Smith. MsC221. (Finding Aid)

SNOW AND HUBER, Pella, Iowa. Records of Snow and Huber, Pella, Iowa, 1864-1901, 8 ft.
Journals, ledgers, and a little advertising material of a firm of grain and implement dealers. MsC186. (Finding Aid)

SNOW, CORWIN R. Papers of Corwin R. Snow, 1872-1925. 3 ft. (ca. 300 items)
Iowa Farmer. Mostly diaries describing farm life in Benton Co., Iowa, particularly on Snow's Evergreen Farm near Keystone. MsC19. (Finding Aid)

*SOKOL-SHUTTLEWORTH FAMILY. Papers of the Sokol-Shuttleworth Family, 1875-1982. 5 ft.
Correspondence and business records of family from Osceola County, Iowa. MsC395. (Finding Aid)

SOLBRIG, INGEBORG, 1923-. Papers of Ingeborg Solbrig, 1969-1984. 0.25 ft.

Professor of German at the University of Iowa, 1975-1994. Articles and book reviews.  RG99.0092. (Finding Aid)

SOLURSH, MICHAEL, 1942-1994. Papers of Michael Solursh, 1967-1994. 21.5 ft.

Professor of Biology at the University of Iowa, 1969-1994. Manuscripts, correspondence, grants, course material. RG99.0195. (Finding Aid)

SONDAG, PAMELA. Sondag Beauty and the Beast and Ron Perlman Collection, 1987-1989. 10 ft.
Fan materials for this late 1980s television drama. MsC923.

SONS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION, IOWA SOCIETY. Records of the Sons of the American Revolution, Iowa Society, 1937-1956. 12 items.
Secretary's notebook, a history of the organization in Iowa, printed pamphlets, and one copy of the society's publication, The Old Continental. MsC266. (Finding Aid)

SOWERS, WILLIAM LEIGH, 1886-1969.  Papers of William Leigh Sowers. 0.5 ft.

Professor, University of Iowa Department of English, 1923-1958.  Theatre and drama professor.  Unpublished manuscript.  RG 99.0073. (Finding Aid)

*SPEIDEL, MERRITT C., 1879- . Papers of Merritt C. Speidel, 1914-1960. 300 items.
Newspaper publisher and founder of the Speidel Newspaper Syndicate. The papers consist of correspondence of both a personal and business nature. MsC104. (Finding Aid)

SPEIDEL NEWSPAPERS, INC. Speidel Newspapers, Inc., Records,1954-1957, 0.5 ft.
Weekly reports from the central office to the publisher. MsC481. (Finding Aid)

SPENCE, HARTZELL, 1908--. Hartzell Spence Manuscripts. 3 ft.
Born in Clarion, Iowa, Spence graduated from the University of Iowa in 1930. From 1930 to 1941 he was the United Press bureau manager in Des Moines, and saw service during WW II in the Army Air Forces where he was the founder and first editor of Yank, the Army weekly newspaper. After the war, he worked as a free-lance writer, particularly noted for his reporting on religion. He also published several novels, wrote a comic strip (David Crane) and scripts for the weekly radio program, "One Foot in Heaven," broadcast on the ABC network, 1944-1945. This collection consists of drafts for numerous articles and stories, including those for The Story of Religion in America, published in Look, 1957-1960. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC701. (Finding Aid).

SPIVEY, ARTHUR W. Arthur W. Spivey Papers. .25 ft.
Audio tape memoirs of Chautauqua and a manuscript relating to the work week of a Chautauqua crewman and crew chief. MsC150.05. (Finding Aid)

SPRIESTERSBACH, D.C., 1916- . Papers of D.C. Spriestersbach, 1952-2000, 19.5 ft. Faculty, Speech Pathology and Audiology, University of Iowa, 1940- ; Dean, Graduate College, 1965-1987; Interim University President, 1981-82. Reports, memoranda, appointment books, scrapbooks, and correspondence, pertaining to a variety of University-related topics, including advancement of research, anti-war protest, and federal funding for public institutions. RG 99.0255. (Finding Aid)

SPRINGER, JOHN, 1850-1937. Collection of printing and advertising material, 1866-1936. ca. 7 ft.
Advertising agent, printer, and newspaper editor, of Iowa City, Iowa. Correspondence, clippings, printed matter, memorabilia, and other material relating to printing and advertising. MsC202. (Finding Aid). See also “Publish & Perish: Printed Ephemera and Social History” by Richard M. Kolbet.

STANLEY, CARRIE E., 1886-1962. Papers of Carrie Stanley, 1901-1944 . 0.5 ft.

University of Iowa professor of English, 1920-1954. Correspondence.  RG99.0074. (Finding Aid)

STARBUCK, GEORGE E. Papers of George Edwin Starbuck, 3 ft.
University of Iowa professor of English and director, Iowa Writers’ Workshop, 1967-1971. RG99.0075. (Finding Aid)

*STARZEL, FRANK, 1904-1994. Papers of Frank Starzel, 1943-1962. 4 scrapbooks.
General manager of Associated Press. The scrapbooks contain photographs, speeches, press releases, and articles from his career with the Associated Press. MsC231. (Finding Aid)

STEFANSSON, VILHJALMUR, 1879-1962. Papers of Vilhjalmur Stefansson, 1903-1986, 0.25 ft.

Alumni, University of Iowa, class of 1903.  Anthropologist and Arctic explorer.  Correspondence, photographs, clippings, articles.  RG99.0013 (Finding Aid)

*STEGNER, WALLACE EARLE, 1909-. Papers of Wallace Earle Stegner, ca. 1937-1954. 4 ft.
Award-winning novelist, story writer, essayist, historian, English professor at Stanford, and frontline conservationist. Preliminary drafts and proofs for seven novels. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC703. (Finding Aid)

STEIGER, BRAD. Papers of Brad Steiger. .5 ft
Pen name of Eugene Olson, American writer and paranormal researcher. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

STEINER, RUDOLF, 1861-1925. Papers of Rudolf Steiner. 1.5 ft. MsC324.

STELCK, WILLIAM "DEL," -2004. Collection of the Papers of Guy M. Gillette, 1936-1959.
Research for a biography that was never published, this collection consists of papers from Gillette as well as Stelck's research materials. MsC745. (Finding Aid)

STEPHENSON, ROY L., 1917-. Papers of Roy L. Stephenson, 1960-1972. 35 ft.
U.S. Circuit Judge, Eighth Circuit and previously U.S. District Judge. Case files, correspondence, and subject files. MsC 421. (Finding Aid)

*STERN, STEWART HENRY, 1922-. Papers of Stewart H. Stern, 1931-1983. 10 ft.
American motion picture and television screenwriter. Primarily material documenting his career, with research notebooks, rough drafts and final versions of many of his screen and teleplays, along with photographs from the productions. Also personal material including correspondence and his education and military records. MsC440. (Finding Aid)

STERNER, EVERETT E., 1914-1996. Papers of Everett E. Sterner, 1931-1943. 0.25 ft.

University of Iowa student, 1934-1940.  Documented UI cooperative dorms of this period.  Photographs and notes. RG02.09.09. (Finding Aid)

*STERNS FAMILY. Papers of the Sterns Family, 1858-1947. 358 items.
Correspondence, photographs, memorabilia, etc. relating to the Civil War, railroading in the West, and the Alaskan gold rush. MsC405. (Finding Aid). See also "Thomas Rescum Sterns at the Battle for Vicksburg" by Robert McCown.

STEVENS, JOHN LOOMIS, 1850-1933. Papers of John L. Stevens, 1881-1914. 113 items.
Lawyer and politician of Boone, Iowa. Correspondence relating primarily to Steven's political activities, particularly in 1912. MsC5. (Finding Aid)

STEWART, GEORGE W., 1876-1956. Papers of George W. Stewart, 1899-1955. 1.25 ft.

Head of Physics Department, 1909 to 1946.  Established the Iowa Colloquium of College Physicists in 1936 and named to National Academy of Sciences in 1938. Correspondence, minutes, speeches. RG 0141. (Finding Aid)

STEWART, SEAN. Sean Stewart Zine Collection, 1986-2009. 1.0 ft.

Collection of zines dealing with a wide variety of subjects, themes, and creative styles, collected by a Baltimore-based zine writer, editor and reviewer. MsC 353. (Finding Aid)

STIMPSON, GEORGE, 1896-1952. George Stimpson Manuscripts. 2 feet.
Journalist, writer, and President of the National Press Club. Manuscripts for four of his informational books. Iowa Author MsC 704. (Finding Aid)

STONE, VERNON A. Papers of Vernon Stone. 42 ft.
Journalism professor at the University of Missouri who did a great many research projects on commission from RTNDA. Includes his research notes and data, writings, lecture notes and class materials. The collection includes a great many clippings on a variety of topics having to do with broadcast journalism. MsC826.(Finding Aid)

*STONG, JO STIDGER, 1903-1974. Papers of Jo S. Strong, 1958-1967. 368 items.
Keosauqua, Iowa, lawyer and Iowa Highway Commissioner. Correspondence, maps, expense vouchers, etc. relating to the Iowa Highway Commission along with material concerning various dam projects along the Des Moines River. MsC309. (Finding Aid)

STONG, PHIL DUFFIELD, 1899-1957. Phil Stong Manuscripts. 2 ft.
Iowa author best remembered for State Fair (film scripts dated 1945, 1961 and 1962 are here), Stong also wrote several books for children, including The Adventures of "Horse" Barnsby and Hirum the Hillbilly. Both of these, and others, are represented in this collection. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC705. (Finding Aid).

STOVER, FRED W., 1898-1990. Papers of Fred Stover, 13.5 ft.

Hampton, Iowa farm advocate and activist for progressive causes, former head of the Iowa Farmers Union and president of the U.S. Farmers Association. Correspondence, writings, and organizational materials, together with miscellaneous material, documenting his 40 years of political and social activism. MsC 165 (Finding Aid).

*STRICKLAND, CHARLES EDWIN, 1892-1973. Papers of Charles E. Strickland, 1937-1972. 756 items.
Mason City, Iowa, businessman. Correspondence and subject files documenting his business, political and civic interests. Topics include the Iowa Terminal Railroad and People's Gas and Electric Company of Mason City. MsC311. (Finding Aid)

STROMSTEN, FRANK A., 1872-1958. Papers of Frank A. Stromsten, 1897-1905. 0.5 ft.

Professor in Biological Sciences.  Taught zoology courses 1905-1950. Course notebooks. RG99.0196. (Finding Aid)

STRONG, GEORGE W. Papers of George W. Strong, 1863-1908. ca. 40 items.
Correspondence to and from the Second Lieutenant. MsC57. (Finding Aid)

STUCKI, FRANK EMMANUEL, 1895-1961. Papers of Frank E. Stucki, 1910-1961. 4 linear ft.
Minister. Correspondence, sermons, and tax returns. MsC90. (Finding Aid)

STUIT, DEWEY B., 1909 - . Papers of Dewey B. Stuit, 1909-1991. 10.0 ft.
University of Iowa professor of psychology and dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. RG99.0024 (Finding Aid)

*SUCKOW, RUTH, 1892-1960. Papers of Ruth Suckow, 1887-1988. 23.5 ft.
Novelist and pacifist. Correspondence, diaries, subject files, notes, and preliminary drafts of writings. Also includes the work of Ferner Nuhn and William Suckow. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC706. (Finding Aid). See also "Ruth Suckow's Art of Fiction" by Lois B. Muehl; " Ruth Suckow: a Calendar of Letters" by Frank Paluka.

SUTTON HOO PRESS. Sutton Hoo Press Archive
Archives of a fine press.

*SWIFT, DAVID, 1919- . Papers of David Swift, 1951-1965. 8 ft.
Television and motion picture writer, director and producer. Television and motion picture scripts, screenplays, publicity, reviews, notes and memos, set designs, and costume sketches. MsC125. (Finding Aid)

SZATHMARY, LOUIS I., II, 1919-1996. Chef Louis Szathmary Collection of Cookery Manuscripts, 1700-2000. 12 ft.
Among the more than 20,000 items in Chef Szathmary's culinary arts collection are just over 100 German, Czech, Irish, English and American manuscript recipe books. There is also a group of manuscripts related to food from the Chicago writer Nelson Algren. MsC533. (Finding Aid)

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