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*TABOR, ROBERT BYRON, 1882-1972. Papers of Robert B. Tabor, 1933-1972. 2 ft.
Iowa artist. Diaries and sketchbooks, correspondence and biographical material documenting his career. MsC272. (Finding Aid)

TALBOT, DANIEL HECTOR. Papers of Daniel H. Talbot, 1882-1905. 99 items.
Attorney and amateur naturalist. Photographs of Labrador and Texas. MsC404. (Finding Aid)

*TAMAZUNCHALE PRESS, INC. Records of the Tamazunchale Press, Inc., 1983-1990. 2 ft.
Publisher of miniature books in Newton, Iowa, founded by Charlotte and Thomas Smith. Correspondence, typescripts, proofs, advertising, contracts, etc., have been combined with Charlotte M. Smith's personal papers. MsC457. (Finding Aid). See also Smith's article on the Press in Books at Iowa.

TARGETS; A QUARTERLY OF POETRY. Records of Targets; a Quarterly of Poetry, 1959-1964. ca. 550 items.
Poetry magazine. Correspondence from poets and subscribers, manuscripts of poems, page layouts and dummy sheets. MsC282. (Finding Aid)

TAYLOR, JAMES C. James C. Taylor Manuscripts. 2 linear in.
Manuscript for Ottumwa: One Hundred Years a City. Iowa Author manuscript. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

TEETERS, WILBUR J., 1866-1959. Papers of Wilbur J. Teeters, 1941-1946. 0.25 ft.

Professor and dean of pharmacy.  Iowa state toxicologist. Correspondence regarding Mr. Teeters' eightieth birthday. RG99.0293. (Finding Aid)

TEMPLE, SETH JUSTIN, 1867-. Architectural Designs, ca. 1895-1896. 3 wallet folders.
Architect of Davenport, Iowa. MsC339. (Finding Aid)

*THANE, ELSWYTH, 1900- . Papers of Elswyth Thane, 1943-1963. 3 ft.
Playwright, biographer and novelist. Holograph notebooks containing first drafts of several historical novels, printer's copies, and correspondence are included. There are audiotapes of her research for Potomac Squire, a book about George Washington. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC707. (Finding Aid)

THANET, OCTAVE (i.e., FRENCH, ALICE), 1850-1934. Octave Thanet Mss. .5 ft.
One of the most successful women writers of the later 19th century, Octave Thanet's stories and novels celebrated the status quo; she lived much of her life in Davenport, Iowa. Our holdings consist of a holograph draft of her story, "The Governor's Prerogative," photographs, photocopies of other stories, and a microfilm of "Voice of Nature." Iowa Authors Mss. MsC605. (Finding Aid).

THAYER, DAVID. David Thayer Theater Lighting Collection. @1960s-2000. 21 ft. MsC835

Mostly programs from Chicago theaters; others are from St. Louis, New York, London, Des Moines, Iowa, Central City, Colorado, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, and various other places. MsC213. (Finding Aid)

*THIMMESCH, NICHOLAS P., 1927-1985. Papers of Nick Thimmesch, 1955-1985. 40 ft.
Journalist with Time and Newsday, where he began a column nationally syndicated in 1969. Author of several books. Correspondence, research, interviews, audio tapes, photographs, speeches, reporter's notebooks, and preliminary drafts of his works. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC709. (Finding Aid)

*THOMAS, SETH. Papers of Seth Thomas, 1904-1962. 292 items.
Judge and educator. Subject files and correspondence documenting his career. Includes speeches, court cases, genealogy, and memorial tribute. MsC101. (Finding Aid)

THOMPSON, FAYETTE L. Sermons of Fayette L. Thompson, 1886-1904. 14 items.
Methodist minister in Michigan, Iowa, Missouri, and Minnesota. The sermons represent the liberal evangelical viewpoint. MsC6. (Finding Aid)

THOMPSON, SARA CONN AND HAROLD LINCOLN. Thompson Travel Artifacts. 24 ft.
Artifacts, photographs, and slides from presentations made by the Thompsons upon return from their frequent travels. Includes descriptions. MsC870. (Finding Aid)

 THOMPSON, WILLIAM H. William H. Thompson Papers. 1.5 ft.
A performer on the Chautauqua and vaudeville circuits, Thompson was a singer with the Mendelssohn Club. MsC150.17  (Finding Aid)

THOREAU, HENRY DAVID. Photocopies and transcripts of the "Indian Notebooks" (1857). Photocopies of 11 notebooks; 2 linear feet of transcripts.
Photocopies of Thoreau notebooks held by the Pierpont Morgan Library; transcripts of the notebooks made in the 1930s. The collection was assembled by Robert F. Sayre in writing his book Thoreau and the American Indians (1977). MsC795. (Finding Aid)

THORNE, CLIFFORD, 1878-1923. Papers of Clifford Thorne, 1901-1923. 37 ft.
Attorney, Iowa Railroad Commissioner and candidate for the U.S. Senate. Correspondence, speeches, notes and other material relating primarily to legal disputes involving transportation of agricultural products. MsC188. (Finding Aid)

THORNTON, HARRISON JOHN. Papers of Harrison John Thornton, 1917-1952. 6 ft.
A history professor at The University of Iowa who specialized on the Chautauqua circuit. Collection contains extensive materials divided into research materials, teachings, and written publications by Thornton. MsC150.08. (Finding Aid)

*THROOP, JAMES A. Records of James A. Throop, 1860-1897. 2 items.
Businessman and proprietor of the Mount Pleasant Free Press. One journal contains Throop's hardware store accounts and recipes kept by Bessie Throop. The other is a record book kept by the Loyal Union League of Henry County, Iowa, 1863-1864, which includes bylaws, meeting minutes, a membership list, etc. MsC76. (Finding Aid)

TITUS LOAN & INVESTMENT CO. Records of the Titus Loan & Investment Co., 1903-1929. 6 items.
Muscatine, Iowa, real estate, investment and insurance concern. Includes analysis of farm accounts, account books and ledgers. MsC230. (Finding Aid)

*TOBIN, JOHN W. Papers of John W. Tobin, 1885-1980. 4 ft.
Judge, attorney, and environmentalist from Vinton, Iowa. Subject files, speeches, and correspondence relating to his law career, the Vinton community, and the Izaak Walton League of America. MsC387. (Finding Aid)

*TOOTHPASTE PRESS. Record of the Coffee House Press including the Records of the Toothpaste Press, 1970-1984.
Private press founded and operated by Allan and Cinda Kornblum in Iowa City in 1970. Comprised of subject files, correspondence, financial records, etc. relating to the daily operations and literary output of the private press. MsC461. (Finding Aid). See also The Toothpaste Press: A Checklist [1970-1982] by Michael Peich.

TORCH PRESS BOOK SHOP. Papers of the Torch Press Book Shop, 1908-1915. .5 ft.
The Torch Press Bookshop was started by Luther Brewer in 1909, and sold books at a storefront in Cedar Rapids as well as to mail-order patrons until 1917. This collection consists of forty-seven of their catalogs. MsC167. (Finding Aid)

TOTTEN, SILAS, 1804-1873. Papers of Silas Totten. .25 ft.
Second president of the University of Iowa, 1859-1862. RG05.01.02 (Finding Aid)

Fanzine collection. MsC927.

TRENHOLM, ZACH. Papers of Zach Trenholm.

Caricaturist and son of Buster Cleveland. Sketchbooks and correspondence. MsC867. (Finding Aid)

*TROST, EWALD GEORGE, 1898-1972. Papers of Ewald G. Trost, 1945-1968. 1.5 ft.
Member of the Iowa State Conservation Commission. Subject folders and scrapbooks relating to conservation issues and the American Legion. MsC278. (Finding Aid)

TROUSDALE THEATER FAMILY. See Papers of the Trousdale Theatrical Troupes. MsC778.

TROWBRIDGE, ARTHUR C., 1885-1971.  Papers of Arthur C. Trowbridge, 1873-1970. 12.5 ft.

Geology professor, department head, director of the Iowa Geological Survey, geologist for the state of Iowa, consultant for oil companies.  His research centered on stratigraphy, sedimentation, and glacial geology.  Maps, field notes, instruction, correspondence, committee work, papers and reprints of articles.  RG 99.0089. (Finding Aid)

*TROWBRIDGE, DELBERT LATEN, 1903-1973. Papers of Delbert Laten Trowbridge, 1969-1973. 5 ft.
Iowa state legislator. Correspondence and subject files relating to legislative issues, Charles City and Iowa City, Iowa, and the Iowa Development Commission. MsC286. (Finding Aid)

TROWBRIDGE, SAMUEL CUSHING, d. 1888. Account book of Samuel C. Trowbridge, 1845-1846, 1 v.
These accounts seem to be postal records for the period 1845-1846. MsC54.

TRUEBLOOD, D. ELTON, 1900-1994. Manuscripts.
Author and Quaker religious philosopher. This collection contains manuscripts for two of his books, The Common Venture of Life and Declaration of Freedom. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

TURCO, LEWIS. Papers of Lewis Turco, 1952-1999.
Papers of the twentieth century poet and teacher. Includes manuscripts of poems, books, essays, book reviews, plays, short stories, and correspondence and bibliographies. MsC 537. (Finding Aid)

TURNEPSEED, WILLAMETTA, 1909-1989. Papers of Burton Jay Smith and Willametta Turnepseed, 1941-1944. 0.8 ft.

Correspondence, chiefly love letters, between amateur printers Smith and Turnepseed, together with a few additional materials, including copies of their co-edited Literary Newsette. Many of Smith's letters document his activities training as a navigator in the United States Army Air Force, 1943-1944. MsC868. (Finding Aid)

*TURNER, DANIEL WEBSTER, 1877-1969. Papers of Daniel W. Turner, 1898-1969. 2.5 ft.
Governor of Iowa, 1931-1933. Correspondence, speeches, subject files, and clippings. MsC198. (Finding Aid)

TURNER, THOMAS SAMPLE, 1914-1994. Thomas Sample Turner Papers, 1935-1982. 13 linear ft. University of Iowa composer and professor from 1942-1982. Founder of the Theory-Composition Section of the Iowa Music Teachers Association. RG99.0133. (Finding Aid)

*TWENTIETH CENTURY-FOX FILM CORPORATION. Twentieth Century-Fox Film Scripts, 1929-1971. 200 linear ft.
American film producing and distributing corporation. Materials include motion picture screenplays (both American and foreign) and television scripts. The screenplays range from various drafts to dialogue and cutting continuity scripts. Correspondence and general business agreements. MsC 302. (Finding Aid)

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