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*WADE, MARTIN JOSEPH, 1861-1931. Papers of Martin J. Wade, 1900-1907.
0.5 ft.
U.S. District Court Judge and Congressman from Iowa. Scrapbooks, commentaries, and newspaper clippings concerning Wade's judicial and political careers. MsC50. (Finding Aid)

WAGNER, JOHN. Letters of John Wagner, 1862. 11 items.
Correspondence to his wife from Camp Strong describing his experiences in the "Graybeard" regiment. MsC2. (Finding Aid)

WALKER, PAMELA. Pamela Walker Manuscripts. 1 ft.
Teacher and novelist. Author of Twyla (1973, 1976), a book for young adults. Three drafts, related correspondence. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC717. (Finding Aid)

*WALLACE, DANIEL ALDEN, 1878-1954. Papers of Daniel A. Wallace, 1905-1954. 4 ft.
Agricultural journalist. Business correspondence, speeches, and subject files relating to agriculture and the Wallace family. MsC178. (Finding Aid)

*WALLACE, HENRY, 1836-1916. Papers of Henry Wallace, 1860-1924. 2.5 linear ft, 1 oversized folder.
First editor of Wallaces' Farmer. Arranged in broad subject categories and then in chronological order. Available on microfilm for use in repository, for interlibrary loan, and for purchase. MsC180. (Finding Aid)

WALLACE, HENRY AGARD, 1888-1965. Henry A. Wallace Papers, 1934-44. 168 ft.
Editor of Wallaces' Farmer 1921-1933; Secretary of Agriculture, 1933-1940; Vice-President of the United States, 1941-1945; Secretary of Commerce, 1945-1946. Includes audio visual materials; clippings; an extensive collection of correspondence, including photocopies of the microfilm edition of the originals in the Library of Congress, Manuscript Division; government documents; personal papers; photographs; research materials, with an emphasis on agriculture, particularly corn, but including livestock, weather, strawberries, chickens, and gladioli; writings, and speeches. MsC177. (Finding Aid)

*WALLACE, HENRY CANTWELL, 1866-1924. Papers of Henry C. Wallace, 1904-1930. 2.25 linear ft and 1 oversized scrapbook.
Second editor of Wallaces' Farmer; appointed U.S. Secretary of Agriculture by Warren Harding (1921-1924). Member of exec. committee of the Roosevelt Memorial Association and of the International Committee of Young Men's Christian Association. Arranged in broad subject categories. The correspondence arranged in chronological order. MsC179. (Finding Aid)

WALLACE, JAMES B. Papers of James B. Wallace, 1933-1989. 0.5 linear ft.
Notebooks of a collector of children's books, artwork, and other items by children's author Marguerite de Angeli. MsC483. (Finding Aid)

WALLACE, ZELLA. Zella Wallace Papers. .25 ft.
Drafts of poems with corrections from her book Laced with Laughter. Iowa Authors. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

WALSH CONSTRUCTION COMPANY. Papers of the Walsh Construction Company, 1907-1952. .25 ft.
This small collection contains papers of the company started by Patrick T. Walsh. These are mostly photocopies and photostats, and include information on the Walsh Company, correspondence, and materials relating to their bid to build the Panama Canal. MsC53. (Finding Aid)

WALTON, JOHN W. Account Book of John W. Walton, 1858-1865. 1 v.
Record of expenditures for a farm located on Muscatine Island. MsC51.

WALTON, JOSIAH PROCTOR, 1826-1899. Meteorological observations, Muscatine, Iowa 1838-1909, 15 v.
Holograph forms and forms from the Smithsonian Institution and War Department. Also includes United States War Department, Office of the Chief Signal Officer's monthly summaries of voluntary observers' meteorological reports from various locations in Iowa. MsC194. (Finding Aid)

WANDREY, RALPH. Ralph Wandrey Papers. .25 ft.
Drafts with revisions about his book on World War II, Fighter Pilot. Also includes newspaper article. Iowa Authors. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

*WARD, DONOVAN FREDERICK, 1904- . Papers of Donovan F. Ward, 1929-1980. 3 ft.
Dubuque, Iowa, surgeon. Subject files, articles, and speeches relating in great part to his term as president of the American Medical Association. MsC397. (Finding Aid)

WARD, LEO RICHARD, 1893 -. Papers of The Reverend Leo R. Ward. .5 ft.
Writer, Catholic priest, and professor of philosophy at Notre Dame University. This collection consists of two manuscripts of Ward's published novels, Holding Up the Hills and Concerning Mary Ann. Iowa Author Manuscript. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

WARNER, EMORY, 1905-1982. Papers of Emory Warner, 1925-1987. 1.25 ft.

Head of Department of Pathology 1945-1973.  Correspondence, writings, clippings. RG 99.0331. (Finding Aid)

WARREN, D. MICHAEL. Warren Collection of African Slides and Videos, 1992-2001. 3.5 ft.
Slides and video tapes made by an Africanist scholar in West Africa, primarily Ghana and Nigeria, recording daily life, medicine, palm oil production, chiefs and elders, women's activities, religion, house construction, and other activities. MsC538. (Finding Aid)

WATCHERS OF CIS. Watchers of CIS Collection of Highlander Fan Materials, 1985, 1993-1997. 1.5 ft.

Collection of fannish materials, particularly fanzines, relating to the Highlander media franchise of movies and television shows. MsC 333. (Finding Aid)

WATHNE, MARIELLEN (MING). Mariellen (Ming) Wathne Fanzine Archives Collection, 1966-2005. 94.0 ft.

Large assemblage of fanzines and works of fan fiction relating to multiple media fandoms, including Star Trek, Star Wars, and other movies and television shows. MsC 313. (Finding Aid)

WATSON, WILLIAM W. and B.B. Barry Illinois Chautauqua Collection, 1915-1923. 0.5 ft.
Leaders in establishing Barry, Illinois Chautauqua within that community. Correspondence, newspaper clippings, family recollections, and talent brochures relating to that endeavor. MsC150.16.
(Finding Aid)

WEARIN, OTHA. Papers of Otha Wearin. 57 ft. MsC807.

WEAVER, JAMES BAIRD, 1833-1912. Papers of James B. Weaver, 1837-93. 76 items.
Populist leader. Weaver's correspondence with his wife; other Weaver family papers. Includes material on Davis Co., Iowa, and experiences in the Civil War. MsC48. (Finding Aid)

*WEAVER, WILLIAM O., 1908-1991. Papers of William O. Weaver, 1951-1954. 1 ft.
Iowa attorney. Correspondence, campaign literature, clippings, and photographs relating to the Eisenhower presidential campaign of 1952. MsC 416. (Finding Aid)

*WEBER, GEORGE WILLIAM, 1881-1972. Papers of George W. Weber, 1955-1969. 2.5 ft.
Businessman and Iowa state senator. Subject files, correspondence, campaign material, legislation, and speeches documenting his legislative career. MsC 269. (Finding Aid)

*WEEKS, CARL, 1876- . Papers of Carl Weeks, 1922-1957. 2 ft.
Businessman. Correspondence, speeches, advertising, etc. relating to the Armand Company (a cosmetics manufacturing firm in Des Moines, IA). MsC164. (Finding Aid)

WEHMAN, HERBERT. Papers of Herbert Wehman. 3 ft. MsC721.
Scientist. Manuscripts with handwritten emendations for his unpublished work, Universal Science. MsC 721. (Finding Aid).

WEIR, RUTH CROMER. Papers of Ruth Cromer Weir, 1948-1970. 3 ft.
Author of biographies for children. Manuscripts for her books on Benjamin Franklin, John Paul Jones, and Marco Polo, also scripts for a 1954 television program, "F Bar F Ranch." Iowa Authors Mss. MsC869 (Finding Aid). See also "Some Children's Books by Iowa Authors" by Myra Cao.

WELLS, JAMES P., 1913-1982. Papers of James P. Wells, 1855-1963. 0.5 ft.

Editorial assistant for the University of Iowa News and Information Service from 1952 until 1958, and administrative assistant in the Department of Physics and Astronomy from 1958 to 1979.  Reports, writings, and news releases. RG 99.0143. (Finding Aid)

WELTY, SUSAN FULTON, 1905--. Mss. 2 ft.
Born in Fairfield, Iowa, Welty took degrees at Parsons College and the University of Utah. A teacher most of her life, this collection contains drafts of numerous stories and articles, most on religious subjects. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC723. (Finding Aid).

*WERTZ, HARVEY WILLIAM, 1899-1989. Papers of Harvey W. Wertz, 1917-1988. 1 ft.
American journalist. MsC 479. (Finding Aid)

*WESTON, R., 1827--. Diaries of R. Weston, 1873,1878. 0.5 ft.
Railroad mechanic. Two diaries containing details about his daily work in the shops of the C.B. &Q. and C.D. & M. railroads, community news and gossip in Dubuque, Iowa, and personal matters. MsC 117. (Finding Aid)

WEZEMAN, FREDERICK, 1915-1981. Papers of Frederick Wezeman, 1947-1973. 0.75 ft.
Founding director of the University of Iowa School of Library Science (later renamed School of Library and Information Science). RG 99.0123. (Finding Aid)

WHITE FAMILY. White Family Papers, 1804-1902. .25 ft.
Consisting mostly of letters written home from three men, presumably brothers, in the Civil War -- John Howell White, George L. White, and Ned [White] -- this collecion also contains a deed for propertry acquired by John H. White in Ohio, official documents related to the mens' service in the Civil War, leaves from the family bible, and other documentation from the White family. The family was probably located in southeastern Iowa, near Mount Pleasant. MsC889. (Finding Aid)

WHITE, GRANT, d.1960. Papers of Grant White, 1931-33.
Dispatches to the Des Moines Register describing the Cow War in Cedar Co., Iowa, over the compulsory testing of cattle for tuberculosis. MsC46. (Finding Aid)

WHITE, HERVEY, 1886-1944. Papers of Hervey White, 5 ft.
Novelist (Quicksand, 1900, and others), founder of the artist's colonies Byrdcliffe and Maverick, and editor of The Plowshare and The Wild Hawk. Drafts and typescripts of 24 stories and chapters from an unpublished autobiography. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC724. (Finding Aid)

WHITE, ROLAND, 1908-. Manuscript for Milo Reno: Farmers Union Pioneer. 10 folders.
Iowa Authors MsC725. (Finding Aid)

*WHITEHEAD, GLENN E., 1892-. Papers of Glenn E. Whitehead, 1924-1963. 22 items.
State legislator and Perry, Iowa, newspaper publisher. Correspondence, poetry, diary, subject files, etc. relating to both his private and professional life. Includes items ranging from campaign advertising to his WWI supply officer's manual. MsC 237. (Finding Aid)

WHITING SETTLEMENT TRANSMISSION COMPANY. Records of the Whiting Settlement Transmission Company, 1936-1946. ca. 250 items.
Electrical Power Company. Tax returns, customer receipts, stock certificates and related material. MsC 145. (Finding Aid)

*WHITING, LYMAN, 1817-1906. Papers of Lyman Whiting, 1836-1906. 15.5 ft.
Congregational clergyman. Diaries, correspondence, sermons, and other materials. MsC 172. (Finding Aid).

WHITMAN, WALT. Portraits. See the Feinberg Collections of Walt Whitman Portraits.
Seven portraits of Whitman, including photographs, phototypes, and engravings.MsC891. (Finding Aid)

WHITMAN, WALT - HORACE TRAUBEL - JOSEPH NIVER EARTH Papers. Joseph Niver Papers on Walt Whitman and Horace Traubel, 1902-1991. 1 ft.
Traubel materials and writings about Whitman; similar Niver materials about Traubel, and about Earth, a journal he established. MsC 525. (Finding Aid)

WHITNELL, FLORENCE ENSIGN. Diaries of Florence Ensign Whitnell, 1913-1930. .5 ft.
Diaries of an upper middle class woman with family in New Hartford, Iowa who spends her winters in Florida and her summers in Canada. MsC935. (Finding Aid)

WILBUR, RAY. Ray Wilbur Papers. .25 ft.
Correspondence, two drafts of "Opportunity of the American Woman", first draft with revisions of "Remuneratic Extra University Activities". Copy of Trail Tales. Iowa Authors. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

WILCOX, FRANCIS ORLANDO, 1908-. Papers of Francis O. Wilcox, 1929-1985. 3.5 ft.
Educator, United States government official (Senate Foreign Relations Committee chief of staff, 1947-1955; Assistant Secretary of State, 1955-1961). Correspondence, subject files, lecture notes, speeches, and preliminary drafts of articles. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC727. (Finding Aid)

WILDER, FRANK A., 1870-1930. Papers of Frank A. Wilder, 1902-1906. 0.5 ft.

Professor of geology and director of the Iowa Geological Survey Bureau. Correspondence, theses drafts, faculty-student information. RG99.0090. (Finding Aid)

WILDER, GENE, 1933-. Papers of Gene Wilder, 1961-2000. 5 ft.
Actor, film star, writer, director and producer, University of Iowa alumnus (1955). The Wilder papers include scripts and drafts of scripts, contracts and related papers, and a group of photographs. MsC 526. (Finding Aid).

WILKERSON, JESSE SKINNER. Jesse Wilkerson Civil War Letters, January-July 1865. .25 ft
Letters, mostly between Jesse Wilkerson and his wife Sarahett, who was left behind in Hamburg, Fremont County, Iowa to take care of the farm. MsC926 (Finding Aid)

*WILLARD FUR COMPANY. Records of the Willard Fur Company, 1910-1930. 0.5 ft.
Fur clothier in Marshalltown, IA. The company is documented with records such as daily cash receipts and sales records. Inventory lists and catalogs describe their products. MsC207. (Finding Aid)

WILLIAMS, MAUD NEWELL. Maud Newell Williams Papers. .25 ft.
Publisher's copy of Today's Yesterday, correspondence, publicity material, newspaper article. Iowa Authors. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

*WILLITS, EARL M. Papers of Earl M. Willits, 1970-1979. 3 ft.
Iowa State Legislator. Subject files and correspondence relating to his service in the legislature and in the Iowa Attorney General's office. MsC390. (Finding Aid)

*WILLSON, MEREDITH, 1902-1984. Papers of Meredith Willson, 1948-1957. 0.5 ft.
Writer, musician, composer, and lyricist, best known for The Music Man. Manuscript drafts from his books, a script from The Music Man, and sheet music. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC731. (Finding Aid)

WILSON, ANGUS (FRANK JOHNSTONE), 1913-1991. Papers of Angus Wilson, 1906-1992. 77.5 ft.
British author. Heavily revised manuscripts and typescripts of Wilson's short stories, reviews, novels, lectures, articles, and television scripts; notebooks, correspondence, etc. For some additional information about the collection , see Frederick P. W. McDowell, "The Angus Wilson Collection" MsC199. (Finding Aid)

WILSON, CLARA. Clara Wilson Letters, 1866-1894. .25 ft.
Thirty letters to one of the settlers of Algona, Iowa. Most of the letters are from her husband, J. J. Wilson, who was a businessman in Algona, owning a lumberyard and later a flour mill. J. J. Wilson was mayor of Algona during the years between 1876 and 1882 and served two terms in the state legislature. The letters are mostly about locating in Algona and their daughter's health. MsC856 (Finding Aid)

The papers of Sue Ann Wilson include clippings from the St. Nicholas Magazine for Boys and Girls, writings, correspondence regarding a possible theatre publication in the Ladies’ Home Journal, and a scrapbook for promotional materials from the WPA Federal Theatre Project. MsC950. (Finding Aid)

WILTSIE, WENDELL D. Civil War diaries of Wendell D. Wiltsie, 1863-65. 3 v.
Diaries of a soldier in Company E, 23rd Michigan volunteer Infantry. MsC78. (Finding Aid)

WINCHELL, MARY EDNA, 1878-. Papers of Mary E. Winchell, 1951. 7 items.
Manuscript for Home on the Bering Sea with correspondence and clippings. Iowa Author Mss. MsC869. (Finding Aid)

WINDSOR, JAMES H. James H. Windsor Railroadiana Collection, 1874-1989 (bulk 1960-1980). 43 ft.
Railroadiana mostly related to the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific (CRIP) Railroad, with some materials on the Union Pacific Railroad. MsC521. (Finding Aid)

*WINSLOW, EDWARD FRANCIS, 1837-1914. Papers of Edward F. Winslow, 1862-1917. 300 items.
Civil War soldier and railroad builder. Memoirs, correspondence, clippings, and reports relating to his service with the 4th Iowa Cavalry during the Civil War. Also includes reports and papers about the Battle of Brice's Crossroads. MsC424. (Finding Aid)

WINSLOW, FERDINAND SOPHUS. Civil War Letters of Ferdinand Sophus Winslow, 1861-1865. .25 ft. MsC846. (Finding Aid)

WINTER, SIDNEY GRAHAM, 1896-1970. Papers of Sidney G. Winter, 1929-1961. 1 ft.
Accountant. Correspondence, court documents, and clippings. MsC415. (Finding Aid)

*WISE-CLARK FAMILY. Papers of the Wise-Clark Family, 1855-1923. 2.5 ft.
Family papers consisting of correspondence on life in Iowa and Illinois in the Civil War era and beyond. MsC 419. (Finding Aid)

*WOLDEN, BERNT OLAF, 1886-1968. Papers of Bernt Olaf Wolden, 1902-1969. 122 items.
Naturalist. Correspondence and notebooks of nature observations. MsC407. (Finding Aid)

*WOLF, LEONARD GEORGE, 1925-1970. Papers of Leonard G. Wolf, 1956-1960. 0.5 ft.
U.S. Representative from Iowa and Agency for International Development official. Correspondence, bills and resolutions, newsletters and press releases all related to his one term in Congress. MsC151. (Finding Aid)

*WOLFE, HAROLD E., 1900-1971. Papers of Harold E. Wolfe, 1929-1971. 2 ft.
Mason City, Iowa, chief of police, chairman of the Iowa Liquor Control Commission, and member of the Iowa House of Representatives. Correspondence, clippings, radio broadcast scripts, photographs, campaign material, and other papers. MsC261. (Finding Aid)

WOLFE, JEN. Jen Wolfe Collection of Female-Driven Comic Books, 1948-2006. 3 ft.

Collection of comic books that mostly feature major female characters, are written and drawn by female artists, and/or chronicle stories of "traditionally female" interest, such as romance comics. MsC 879. (Finding Aid)

WOLFE, SARAH AND JEN. Sarah and Jen Wolfe Collection of Riot Grrrl and Underground Music Zines, 1991-1998, 2003. 6 ft.

Collection of amateur publications arising primarily from the feminist riot grrrl movement of the 1990s, together with numerous zines documenting various independent/underground music scenes. MsC 878. (Finding Aid)

*WOOD, GRANT, 1891-1942. Papers of Grant Wood. 6.5 ft.

Professor of art, University of Iowa, from 1934 until his death in 1942.  Regionalist painting style.  Articles, exhibit brochures, correspondence, and photographs.  RG99.0033. (Finding Aid)

WOOD, J. Account book of J. Wood, 1855-1857. 1 v., 1 item.
Accounts of a general store in Iowa City, Iowa. MsC32. (Finding Aid)

WOOLLEY, BIRNEY C., 1867--. Papers of Birney C. Woolley, 1888-1889. 0.5 ft.

SUI student in civil engineering and Representative from South Dakota. RG02.09.19. (Finding Aid)

World's Fair Collection, 1893-2005. 3 ft.
Printed matter from World's Fairs and Expositions. Includes postcards, photographs, printed matter. MsC840. (Finding Aid)

* WORKS PROJECTS ADMINISTRATION. IOWA. Records of the United States Works Projects Administration. Iowa, 1935-1943. 6 ft.
Project records for public service employment in Jefferson and Van Buren Counties in Iowa. MsC 447. (Finding Aid)

WORMHOUDT, ARTHUR, 1917--. Mss. .5 ft.
A professor of English, the manuscripts of The Demon Lover and The Muse at Length. (Christopher Publishing House, 1953) represent two of Wormhoudt's books of literary criticism. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC869. (Finding Aid).

WORTMAN, ALLEN, 1906--. Allen Wortman Papers, 1918-1990. 1 ft.
Editor of the Malvern Leader. Personal and professional correspondence. Iowa Authors Mss. MsC732. (Finding Aid)

*WRIGHT, JAMES CLAUDE, 1903-1979. Papers of James C. Wright, 1933-1971. 7 ft.
Educator. Correspondence, subject files, speeches, articles, clippings, and photographs documenting his career as a school administrator, state official, and educator. MsC296. (Finding Aid)

WRIGHT, LUELLA M., 1881-1963. Papers of Luella M. Wright, 1933-1951. 0.5 ft.

Professor of English from 1920 until 1951.  Published on the literature of Quakers.  Publications. RG99.0078. (Finding Aid)

WYLIE, CHARLES C. 1886-1976. C.C.Wylie Papers. .5 ft.
University of Iowa professor of astronomy, 1925-1976. Specialized in the study of meteors. RG 99.0146 (Finding Aid)

WYLIE, ROBERT BRADFORD, 1870-1959. Robert B. Wylie Papers. .5 ft.
University of Iowa professor of botany, 1908-1940. Director of the Iowa Lakeside Laboratory, 1919-1923. RG 99.0037 (Finding Aid)

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