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Projet Fox Files of Ralph E. Giesey
RG 99.0095
Collection Dates: 1565-1973

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Acquisition and Processing Information: The bulk of this collection was donated by Ralph E. Giesey in the autumn of 2008.

Photographs: None









Scope and Contents

This collection consists primarily of the research materials used by Professor Ralph E. Giesey for his extensive research project, entitled Projet Fox. (The name was derived by Giesey from the southern French village Fox-Amphoux, in which he did much of his research work in the 1970s.)

Projet Fox is a major examination of French medieval and early modern family inheritance and succession law. Giesey undertook the project with, as he admits, a highly polemical motive - he wishes to explore the role of hereditary plutocracy in our own times., and the project studies French heriditary transmission of great wealth with an eye to such wealth transfer in the modern day.

The collection contains Giesey's Project Bibliographical Files, which consist of many of the articles, reprints and other sources Giesey consulted in the course of the project, arranged alphabetically by author. Also contained are numerous Source Materials consisting of reproduced copies of French legal and historical treatises, as well as a Subject File consisting of handwritten notes and jottings from Giesey. The file is arranged alphabetically by subject.

The last box in the collection contains Giesey's typewritten transcription of the 1565 Latin text Franco-Gallia, by Francois Hotman, sieur de Villiers Saint Paul. Accompanying this manuscript is a photocopy of the Library of Congress copy of the book itself.

Biographical Note

Ralph Giesey is a Professor Emeritus in History at the University of Iowa. He is a noted scholar of medieval and early modern French legal and social history. Among Giesey's works are "Le rôle méconnu de la loi salique: La succession royale, XIVe-XVI e siècles" (2007), "The Royal Funerary Ceremony in Renaissance France"(1960), "Rulership in France, 15th-17th centuries" (2004), "Le roi ne meurt jamais : les obsèques royales dans la France de la Renaissance" (1987), "If not, not : the oath of the Aragonese and the legendary laws of Sobrarbe" (1968), and "The juristic basis of dynastic right to the French throne" (1961).


Box Contents List

Box 1

Bibliographic Files


1                                  A              

2 – 6                           B

7 – 10                         C

11 – 14                      D

15                               E

16                               F

17 – 18                      G

19 – 21                      H              

22                               I

Box 2

Bibliographic Files


1                                  J

2                                  K

3 – 6                           L

7 – 8                           M

9                                  N

10                               O

11 – 12                      P

13 – 17                      R

18 – 21                      S

22 – 23                      T               

24                               V

Box 3

Bibliographic Files


1                                  V

2                                  Y – Z

Source Materials

3                                  Arnaud, A., Essai d’analyse structural du code civil francais (1973)

4                                  Arnaud, A., Les origines doctrinales du Code civil francais (1969)

5                                  Bergues, Helene,, La Prevention des naissances dans la familie, ses origines dans                                                                         les temps moderns (1960)

6                                  Bernheim, F., De la theorie de la propertie apparente en matiere de droits                                                                                                         d’enregistrement (1936)

7                                  Besta, E., Le Succession nella storia del diritto Italiano (1961)

8                                  Bevin, G., Les nouveaux aspects de la theorie des pactes sur succession future (1942)

9                                  Bluche, F., L’anoblissement par charges avant 1789 (1962)

10                                Boilon, M., Traite’ special sur les successions ou point de vue fiscal… (1867)

11                               Caillemer, R., Le retrait lignager dans le droit provencal (1906)

12                               Chauffordet, M., Le problem de la perpetuite de la propertie (1933)

13                               Clos, M., Le role de l’intention liberale dans les donations deguises (1941)

14                               Congres’ de notaries de France, Du reglement des successions (1971)

15                               Daumard, A., Structures et relations socials a Paris au milieu du XVIIIe siècle (1961)

16                               Duttamel, H., Essai sur la distinction theorique des biens en immeubles et en meubles                                                                                       d’apres le Coutumier de Poitou de 1417 (1913)

17                               Durupt, M., Evolution de la notion de proper dans la coutume de Paris du XVIe au XVIIIe                                                                       siècle (1938)

18                               Duverigier de Hauranne, De l’egalitie des partages, et du droit d’ainesse (1826)

19                               Fildermann, W., Les successions en droit compare (1909)

20                               Filhol, L., La famille et les impots sur les successions (1930)

21                               Gournot, A., Discours sur l’esprit general de la loi francaise relative aux successions                                                                  (1854)

Box 4

Source Materials


1                                  Greiff, F., Les droits de l’etat en matiere de succession (1888)

2                                  Happe, R., La saisine hereditaire et les projets de loi actuels relatives a sa suppression                                                                                     dans le but d’enrayer les frauds fiscales par depot de valeurs a l’etranger (1921)

3                                  Ibled, J., Essai historique sur la regle (1905)

4                                  Incomplete work, author unknown, n.d.

5                                  Jarriand, E., Histoire de la novelle 118 dans les pays de droit ecrit depuis Justinien                                                                                         jusqu’en 1789 (1889)  

6                                  Lale’re, M., De la modificiation a ‘apporter au regime successoral en vue d’enrayer la                                                                                  diminution de la natalite’ (1920)

7                                  Lampman, R., The Share of Top Wealth-holders in National Wealth, 1922-56 (1962)

8                                  Laporte, J., Des atteintes directes et indirectes a la saisine hereditaire par la droit fiscal                                                                                (1939)

9                                  Lefebvre, C., Les fortunes anciennes au point de vue-juridique (1912)

10                               Lefebvre, C., Observations sur les rentes perpetuelles dans l’ancien droit francais (1914)

11                               Lerouge, G., Theorie de la fraude en droit fiscal (1944)

12                               Louis-Lucas, P., Etude sur la venalite des charges et fonctions publiques et su celles des                                                                             offices ministerielsm depuis l’antiquitie romaine jusqu’a nos jours, precede d’une introduction generale (1883)

13                               National Committee on Inheritance Taxation, Report of the National Committee (1925)

14                               Petitjean, H., Fondements et meconisme de la transmission successionale et droit                                                                                           francais et en droit anglais (1959)

15                               Pietri-Tonelli, A., Il dritto ereditario, saggio espositivo e critic…(1908)

16                               Piano Mortari, V., Diritto romano e diritto nazionale in Francia a nel selcolo XVI (1962)

17                               Piret, A., Le recontre chez Pothier des conceptions romaine… (1937)

18                               Prosopographie des elites francaises (XVIe-XXe siecles) (1980)

19                               Reinaud, F., Le patrimonie familial et l’etat… (1941)

20                               Robine, C., Les souvenirs de famille en droit francais (1944)

21                               Sandford, C.T., Taxing Inheritance and Capital Gains (1967)

22                               Swart, K.W., Sale of Offices in the Seventeenth Century (1949)

23                               Tch’en, Hiang-fei, L’institution de la Reserve Hereditaire… (1941)

24                               Timbal, E., Nature juridique de la donation de biens a venir (1935)

25                               Titmuss, R., Income Distribution and Social Change (1962)

26                               Weil-Fribourg, V., Le droit des heritiers a leur reserve en nature… (1935)

Box 5

Subject File


1                                  Ancien Regime

2                                  Bibliography

3                                  Bourgoisie (Wealth)

4                                  Capitalism

5                                  Class

6                                  Dynastic Officialdom

7                                  England

8                                  Equality

9                                  Family (General)

10                               Family (Secrets)

11                               Family (Size and Extension)

12                               France (Modern)

13                               Fraude

14                               French Revolution

15                               Genetic

16                               Germany

17                               Inheritance (General)

18                               Italy

19                               Life Chances

20                               Marriage Contracts

21                               Marxism

22                               Meritocracy

23                               Methodology

24                               Mobility

25                               Nobility

26                               Notaries

27                               Offices

28                               Paradigm Theory

29                               Parlement

30                               Paterfamilias

31                               Patrimony

32                               Primogeniture

33                               Projet Fox

34                               Property

35                               Propres

36                               Rentes

37                               Reserve and Legitime

38                               Retrait Lignagier

39                               Royal Administration

40                               Saisine

41                               Socialism

42                               Society (Theory)

43                               Spain

44                               State

45                               Succession (Advantaging)

46                               Succession (Code Civil)

47                               Succession (Hereditary)

48                               Succession (Taxes)

49                               Synchronous/Diachronic

50                               United States

51                               Venality

52                               World Resources (Club of Rome)

53                               Subject Index – Notebook 1

Box 6


1                                  Subject Index, Notebook 2                             

2                                  Subject Index, Notebooks 3-4

                                    Typewritten transcription, Franco-Gallia (1565)

                                    Photocopy of 1565 edition of Franco-Gallia