Skinnier global header search


This is a redesign of the global header search (found in the upper right of almost all pages). This newer design focuses upon making it simpler and less confusing.

Primary goals

  • Search only the UI Libraries web sites
    • *
    • All our content placed into the Internet Archive.
  • Offer a link to the InfoHawk+ home page.


  • Simplification
    • Purpose of the search can be made more straight-forward to the user.
    • On the backend, the form is more elegant.
  • Minimize InfoHawk+ search confusion because these methods already exist
    1. The search interface that handles focused and unfocused searches within the context of a site’s needs (e.g., search found on the Art Library home page)
    2. The InfoHawk+ home page.
  • Tyranny of the default

Special note

  • I eliminated the link to InfoHawk+ on the mobile version purely for space and layout – lots of choices/links in a smaller space. It is not entirely fair, but a compromise of design.