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The book as we know it is ever-changing, in its physical structure and in its interaction with the reader. While the book remains steady in its role as a conveyor of knowledge, it undergoes changes in its structure and physical composition, as well as how it is conceptually perceived in the context of other information media. All of these changes influence how the book is designed, produced, used and preserved.

The University of Iowa Libraries is pleased to offer an exposition celebrating the legacy and future of book conservation within the context of the evolving book. The Changing Book exposition will explore how perceptions of the traditional book are changing and how the field of conservation is responding to these changes. The exposition will provide perspective on the continuing role and preservation of the paper book, illustrate trends in print book production, suggest prospects for those beginning their careers and examine visions for the future of the book.

The Changing Book program will include speakers and panels, four book exhibitions, banquet, picnic, tours and a “tent show" exposition which will feature technical demonstrations, vendors, and informative poster sessions. The exposition will offer an informal and lively ambience for discussion, entertainment and inspiration, much in the spirit of a county fair.

We encourage all who are interested and dedicated to the traditional book to join in the event. Book conservators, bookbinders, preservation educators, researchers, specialists, and students in library science, book studies, and book craft should find the Changing Book Exposition highly relevant and worthwhile. The event is organized and sponsored by the University of Iowa Libraries. Co-sponsors of the event are L B S Archival Products and Preservation Technologies, L.P. , University of Iowa Center for the Book and the State Historical Society of Iowa. Additional support has been provided by the Iowa Conservation and Preservation Consortium, Library Binding Institute, Etherington Conservation Services/ LexiconDS, Metal Edge, Inc. and Heckman Bindery.


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