Archival Products
Des Moines, Iowa
Archival Products representatives Janice Comer and Melinda Sinnott will provide product catalogs and brochures as well as samples of their enclosures. FRIDAY/SATURDAY/SUNDAY
Katherine Beaty
Library of Congress, Alexandria, Virginia


All-in-One Clamshell Box with Built in Cradle

Katherine will share the current developments and use of the cradle box at the Library of Congress. She will have a variety of cradle boxes on display and provide description and instructions on its construction. FRIDAY/SATURDAY/SUNDAY

Whitney Baker
University of Kansas Libraries, Lawrence, Kansas


No Leafcaster? No Problem!: Using the Suction Table to Repair Large Lacunae in an Entire Volume

Poster will follow the treatment of a badly mold - and vermin-damaged 17th ce herbal of 600-some pages. Whitney chose to use pulp-fills for paper repair and her poster will document the decisions and workflow involved in her choice of treatment. SATURDAY/SUNDAY

Bob & Kristie Black
Bluegrass Musicians, North English, Iowa
Bob and Kristie Black have bluegrass roots going straight back to "The Father of Blue Grass Music," Bill Monroe. Together, they draw on bluegrass, folk, and gospel music traditions to create their own brand of "Midwestern Roots" music, which features many original duets and instrumentals. Their heartland bluegrass will fill the air and add to the fun at Friday's outdoor tent show. FRIDAY
BookLab II
Booklab II, San Marcos, Texas


Hand Edition Binding

Craig Jensen will be on hand to present recent projects and methods developed at Book Lab II. FRIDAY/SATURDAY

Jim Canary
Cold Mountain Bindery, Bloomington, Indiana

Papers and Books of the Himalayas

Speaker Jim Canary will provide images and examples of Tibetan papermaking, printing and decorative paper techniques. Himalayan papers, papermaking moulds and mallets will be available for purchase.On Friday he will offer demonstrations of traditional Tibetan papermaking. FRIDAY/SATURDAY/SUNDAY

Candle Light Press
Iowa City , Iowa

Candle Light Press: Small Print-on-Demand Graphic Novel Publisher

John Thomas, along with Carter Allen, David Carpenter, Will Grant and Jeremy Smith others will be on hand to share their work at Candle Light including their current line of books. FRIDAY/SATURDAY/SUNDAY

In addition to their Tent Show presence, Candle Light Press will be featured at a reading/roundtable at local bookstore, Prairie Lights on Sat July 23 from 5-6
pm. Many of Candle Light Press authors and creators will be there to talk
about the books, POD and what it's like to be a really small publisher.


the cARTalog project
University of Iowa Libraries, Iowa City, Iowa


the cARTalog project

A small group of UI Library staff-- motivated by both nostalgia and library subculture--have oranized the cARTalog project in hopes of offering a rebirth to its retired card catalog cards. cARTalog hopes to find as many creative uses as possible for the salvaged cards and to generate a sense of community among those who love the card catalog. From educational tools to mail art to artist books, learn how others are using creatively using card catalog cards and how you, too, can get involved! FRIDAY/SATURDAY/SUNDAY

Center for the Book
University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa
UICB faculty and students will be on hand to offer information the Certificate program at the UI Center for the Book, as well as to sell a variety of items including handmade paper, videos, and book kits from their book and paper store. FRIDAY/SATURDAY/SUNDAY
Jim Croft
Old Ways, Santa, ID

Bookbinding the Old Way
Jim will offer a variety of demonstrations including: 1) From-tree-to-book the Old Way, 2) Working hemp and flax fiber from the stalk and spinning with a drop spindle, 3) Examples of tradition and innovation in wooden board binding and clasps, 4) Making of scabboard with an axe, and 5) Gothic book materials replication. Jim will also be selling his array of remarkable handmade tools and materials, including: bone tools, awls, formica press board, and wood covers. FRIDAY

Lucy David
Silverlightworks, Iowa City, Iowa


Decorative Paper Techniques: Paste Paper and Orizomi

Lucy will demonstrate decorative paper techniques and guide partipates in making their own decorative paper and simple book structure. FRIDAY

Shari DeGraw
Empyrean Press, Iowa City, Iowa

Printing Multi-color Artwork Without Halftones

Shari will offer a poster session and demonstration of how to use pouchoir to create vibrant hand-colored artwork for limited editions. She will demonstrate pouchoir using a small section of artwork from La Prose de Transsiberian by Blaise Cendrars and Sonia Delaunay. There will be books and broadsides available for purchase. FRIDAY/SATURDAY/SUNDAY

Bill Drendel
Chicago Center for Book and Paper Arts, Chicago, Illinois


Tent Show Moderator

William Drendel is a Chicago book artist and designer who often takes the "book" to its outer limits. He has taught both nationally and internationally and his work is in collection both here and abroad. He will fullfill the role of the Tent Show ringmaster. FRIDAY

Timothy C. Ely
Planetary Collage, Colfax, Washington

The Planetary Collage Sewing Frame: Transmitter of Text and Image and Large Antenna Array

Tim will offer demonstrations illustrating the full capacity of his ingenius sewing frame, and possiby other tools and equipment. Order forms for his sewing frames will be available.FRIDAY/SATURDAY/SUNDAY

Etherington Conservation Services
ECS, Subsidiary of the ICI Group, Greensboro, North Carolina


A Zeolite Chamber

In this poster session ECS Representatives Bryan Draper, Sonja Schwoll and Adrienne Bell will illustrate the construction of a chamber that employs a recirculating air supply and zeolites to trap and remove odor-causing particles and volatile compounds from books and artifacts that have been smoke and fire damaged. FRIDAY/SATURDAY/SUNDAY

Phil Fass
University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, Iowa


Large Scale Laser Printing: Some Implications for Book Structures

Phil will share and display his results of his preliminary investigation of large scale laser printing, including test prints, and maquettes. Phil Fass is a professor of graphic design at University of Northern Iowa. SATURDAY/SUNDAY

Scott Fiddelke
Hardin Health Sciences Library, UI Libraries



The UI Libraries very own Scott Fiddelke will be on hand from 1:30-4:00 on Friday to fashion balloon animals for Tent Show participants. FRIDAY

Guild of Bookworkers
National and Regional Chapters


Membership Information

The Guild of Bookworkers will have there Newsletters, Journal, and Membership materials on hand. SATURDAY/SUNDAY

Ivan Hanthorn
Iowa Conservation & Preservation Consortium, Iowa



Iowa State Conservator, Ivan Hanthorn, will be provide information about the state wide consortium and its mission to educate on issues of collection preservation. Ivan, with assistance from Susan Hansen, UI Libraries, will host a disaster response relay game. FRIDAY

Heckman Bindery
Preservation & Conservation Services, North Manchester, Indiana

Heckman Bindery representatives, Jim Heckman and Jane Kogi will provide information on Heckman's array of preservation and conservation services, including digitization, repair, restoration and protective enclosures. FRIDAY/ SATURDAY/SUNDAY

Iowa Book Works
Iowa Book Works, Coralville, Iowa

Bookcraft Kits

Iowa Book Works representative Joyce Miller will be on hand to offer a demonstration on design and sales of book craft kits. FRIDAY/SATURDAY

Jessica Lacher-Feldman & Barbara Walden
University of Alabama, W.S. Hoole Special Collections, Tuscaloosa, Alabama Memorial Library, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wisconsin


Publishers' Bindings Online, 1815-1930: The Art of Books

Session will highlight the three-year IMLS funded partnership between UW-Madison and University of Alabama to provide a 5,000 item database with accompanying teaching materials, illustrating American publishers' bindings and their relevance to material culture, design, and history. For more information see

Shanna Leino
Harrisville, New Hampshire


Shanna Leino is a jeweler and hand bookbinder who has combined her talents to produce accurate models of historical book bindings. She has special expertise in early African and Eastern Church book structures and is an extremely popular workshop instructor on these subjects. She will offer demonstrations in toolmaking and have an array of her tools available for purchase. FRIDAY

ECS/ Lexicon DS
ECS, Subsidiary of the ICI Group, Greensboro, North Carolina
Lexicon DS, Subsidiary of ICI Group, Chesterland, OH


Digitizing and Conserving
Books and Documents

Randy Highness will provide information on the book and document digitization services Lexicon DS offers using the Kirtas APT Bookscan 1200 and Kodak i260 Scanner. Bryan Draper will provide information on the conservation treatments for books and documents offered by Etherington Conservation Services. FRIDAY/SATURDAY/SUNDAY

Metal Edge, Inc.

Materials for Preservation, Archival Storage and Conservation

Metal Edge representative Bob Henderson will exhibit a variety of materials available. Catalogs will be available.Services. FRIDAY/SATURDAY

Jesse Meyer
Pergamena Handmade Parchment, Montgomery, New York

Parchment Making

Jesse Meyer is the youngest member of a family that has been tanning leather for over 450 years in Germany and the United States (since 1846). He is currently the only producer of parchment in North America for bookbinding, calligraphy, and letterpress printing, as well as furniture and interior paneling and art material. He will demonstrate aspects of parchment making and dying and will have fine parchment available for purchase. FRIDAY

Tim Moore
Timothy Moore Tools, Concord, Michigan

Handmade Bookbinding Equipment

Tim is a skilled craftsperson and equipment maker for the hand paper maker and hand bookbinder. He produces western style hand paper molds and has recently collaborated with the UI Libraries preservation department to develop a high precision plow for book sheet trimming. Tim will demonstrate his trimming plow and repair presses.Tim will offer demonstrations of his vertical precision plow (shown here) and have a variety of his handcrafted presses and equipment available for purchase. FRIDAY

Preservation Technologies, LP
Cranberry Township, PA


Mass Deacidification
for Libraries and Archives

Preservation Technologies representative Bob Strauss will be on hand to discuss the Bookkeeper ® mass deacidification process as well as the Bookkeeper ® spray products. Brochures and samples will be available. FRIDAY/SATURDAY


Larry Raid
Linotype University, Denmark, Iowa


Table Top Printing Presses

Larry Raid is the Director of the Linotype Museum in Denmark Iowa. HeOne of his current projects includes recreation of the historical printing shop in the Amanas. He will be demonstrating printing by hand. His display includes an array of popular table top printing presses, all ready for use by both children and adults. FRIDAY/SATURDAY

Margit Smith
Copley Library, University of San Diego, San Diego, California


The Medieval Girdle Book
Documenation Project

Poster will provide images and descriptions of girdle books, their distribution in collections in the U.S. and abroad, as well as the method used in gathering the information for documention. Two handbound models of girdle books will be on display. FRIDAY/ SATURDAY/SUNDAY.

Rebecca Stuhr
Grinnell College Libraries, Grinnell, Iowa


Grinnell College Libraries'
Last Copy in Iowa Program

The poster session will set out the history of the project, the means by which a book is determined to have "last copy" status, what this means for the book, and finally, why having one college in Iowa with a "last copy" program can make a difference. SATURDAY & SUNDAY.

Nicholas Yeager
Artifex Equipment, Inc., Penngrove, CA


Dri-Gel and Vacme Press

Nicholas Yeager will demonstrate two new products for the conservator and artist. Dri-Gel is a new class of dessicant sheet material that absorbs fifty times its weight in water and speeds the drying time of damp paper material. The Vacme Press is designed as a versatile, lightweight atmospheric press which can be used in bookbinding, disaster recovery, and even printmaking. He will have product literature on hand. SATURDAY/SUNDAY



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