Imagining an Integrated Future Library Content, Library Services and the Campus Course Management System
A CIC conference for Librarians and Information Technology Professionals - Chicago, Illinois, Feb 23-24, 2004


Co-sponsored by the CIC Learning Technology Group and the CIC Digital Library Initiatives Overview Committee, the focus of this conference was to define issues surrounding the integration of course management systems and library systems, in addition to promoting dialogue among key stakeholders.

Please review our Conference Overview page for more detail concerning the goals of the conference and the types of attendees. A summary report (PDF) of the conference also is available from our Reading & Resources page.

We started with a question: "How do we begin to imagine an integrated future of teaching, learning and information services?" Keynote speaker Clifford Lynch, Executive Director of the Coalition for Networked Information (CNI), helped set the stage. Since this was a "working conference" we expected and encouraged a high level of participation and interactivity during the group discussions. These proved fruitful. The topics that emerged from our discussions are detailed in a link from our Reading and Resources page.

Further interaction among attendees took place during the three-hour poster session on Day 2, which featured entries from most or all of the institutions in the CIC. Poster content in the form of PowerPoints, PDFs and other resource types can be found within Poster Session Content.

If, like us, you imagine an integrated future for library content, library services and course management systems, we invite you to explore this web site!


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