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CIC Conference 2004 - ARCHIVED CONTENT

Conference Overview

CIC member institutions have invested substantial university resources to implement Course Management Systems (CMS) and digital library systems, resources and services during the late 1990's and early 2000's. However, most Course Management Systems and Library Systems do not interoperate directly.  The Library and IT staff are likely collaborating at some level, but may not have succeeded in creating a seamless electronic environment where e-content is organized and managed in one system but easily discovered and securely integrated into the other.  Faculty may not be aware of the full array of library services that exist, even in the virtual space, to help guide their students to appropriate research tools, equip students with solid research skills, and provide full text, images, and media in digital forms. 

CMS vendors have begun to offer full text content bundles, enterprise portal applications, and multi-course content management tools.  Expertise exists within each university to synthesize and evaluate these and other new offerings, but such an evaluation requires the IT and Library organizations to collaborate closely and to articulate a shared vision of the future. 

Goals of the conference were:

  1. To develop an instrument that defines the key integration and policy issues for interoperability between current and future Course Management Systems and library systems and services.
  2. To promote better understanding and smooth communication between Library and IT organizations by discovering and documenting a common vocabulary.

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