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CIC Conference 2004 - ARCHIVED CONTENT

Reading & Resources

Conference-specific Documents and Resources

Conference Summary Report [ MS Word ] | [ PDF ]

List of Conference Registrants by Institution

Glossary of Terms

"Presentation notes, discussion topics, working version of glossary" -
This blog tracks discussion and project work surrounding the CIC CMS/LMS conference and ongoing work. It includes the final version of the glossary of terms. Definitions will be applied at a later date. Blog maintained by M. Claire Stewart, Northwestern University.

Pictures from the Conference

Required reading for the CIC Conference - ALL Attendees

David Cohen, "Course Management Software: Where's the Library?"
EDUCAUSE Review, May/June 2002.

Colleen Carmean and Jeremy Haefner, "Next-Generation Course Management Systems."
EDUCAUSE Quarterly, Number 1, 2003.

If you have any suggestions for additional readings please e-mail

Articles, white papers, and web pages

Libraries and the Enhancement of E-learning - an OCLC white paper

John Meerts, "Course Management Systems (CMS)" An Evolving Technologies white paper
(EDUCAUSE), October 2003.

Oliver Heyer, Mladen Maljkovic, "Resources List Interoperability(RLI)"
IMS Global Learning Consortium, June 23, 2003.

Neil McLean and Clifford Lynch, "Interoperability between Information and Learning Environments--Bridging the Gaps,"
A CNI/IMS Global White Paper, June 28, 2003.

Loanne Snavely and Helen Smith, "Bringing the Library to Students: Linking Customized Library Resources through a Course-Management System." 
Proceedings, ACRL 11th National Conference, April 10-13, 2003, Charlotte NC.

"Proliferation of E-Learning" Research & Learning Landscape Section, The 2003 Environmental Scan: Pattern Recognition -
A report to the OCLC membership. December 2003.

"An Increasingly Interconnected Environment"
Library Landscape Section, The 2003 Environmental Scan: Pattern Recognition (A report to the OCLC membership). December 2003.

"Libraries and the Enhancement of E-Learning,"
OCLC E-Learning Task Force publication. October 2003.

Colleen Carmean and Jeremy Haefner, "Mind Over Matter: Transforming Course Management Systems into Effective Learning Environments."
EDUCAUSE Review, November/December 2002.

Clifford A. Lynch, "The Afterlives of Courses on the Network: Information Management Issues for Learning Management Systems,"
(EDUCAUSE Center for Applied Research Research Bulletin 2002:23 (November 2002).


Christine Drew, "Library Users Reap the Benefits of Integration: Proactive Inclusion in Blackboard Course Sites."
Computers in Libraries Conference, March 2003.

Brian Nielsen and Denise M. Shorey, "A Web-Based Bibliography Management Initiative: Collaborating for Classroom and Library Technology Integration"
EDUCAUSE, October 2003.

John T. Harwood and Loanne Snavely, "Where's the Library for this Course? - Moving the Library to Where the Students Are."
Presentation documents from NLII annual meeting, January 2003.

Other resources or projects

DEVIL Project - DEVIL is a JISC funded project funded as part of the 'Linking Digital Libraries with Virtual Learning Environments' (07/02) Programme.This pilot project will examine the means for identifying resources of interest to tutors in creating courses, and will build on existing work to provide academic staff with tools to permit dynamic data integration between library and other resources and VLE based courses, for a variety of media.