CADRE: Call for user stories

The University of Iowa Libraries is a collaborating partner on a project to create a Collaborative Archive Data Research Environment (CADRE).

CADRE will enable students, faculty, and researchers at the University of Iowa to gain crucial access to new research data through a cloud-based platform, including a user interface that will allow direct, hands-on access to the data. (For a project description, including a brief explanation of the project’s benefits for researchers, please see the University of Iowa Libraries announcement. You can also read the project news release from Indiana University.)

The initial focus will be on bibliometric data, and datasets supported by CADRE will include Web of Science, Microsoft Academic Graph, and USPTO Patent Assignment Dataset.

Seeking your input

To build user interfaces that will be of the highest utility for you, CADRE seeks your input. Potential users in all disciplines (faculty, staff, and students) are encouraged to provide input through user stories, including those in Scientometrics/Science of Science researchers, librarians and other research technical service providers.

A user story simply consists of a plain English explanation of the functionalities you need in order to achieve high-level research goals. At this early stage, we’re looking for input on anything ranging from a specific interface design to a general computational environment. We also welcome detailed information on scientific challenges our platform can help you address.

Examples of user stories

  • “As a coordinator of multiple research teams, I need the functionality to run code examples on associated data on a cloud vendor with our own credits so that collaborators from different institutions can reproduce the result. This will greatly facilitate our research collaborations, making it possible to conduct a study on XXX that was previously impossible.”
  • “As a bibliometric researcher with a focus on biomedical literature, I work with the PubMed/MEDLINE dataset. I also want a unifying query data extractor into XXX format so that I can run my model on different data sources without worrying about different file structures. My model is built to capture XXX. Being able to utilize both the PubMed and Web of Science data will help me compare XXX with YYY.”
  • “As a librarian, I want an intuitive and responsive graphical interface to navigate the citation and collaboration networks from individual publications and scholars.”

To share your user story, please complete this form. All responses, no matter how abstract or seemingly trivial, are very helpful for us and will be given serious consideration as we plan for the development of CADRE.

Want more info? We are happy to schedule a conference call or web meeting. If you’re interested in this option, please indicate that on the web form or email us at