Digital Research & Publishing provides a variety of publishing services for various materials, including:

Future publishing will include:

    • Research datasets
    • Maps and geospatial data
    • Open educational resources

The materials are often available through Iowa Research Online or through Iowa Digital Library.

Journal Services

Our journal-hosting service is part of a larger initiative at the Libraries to help advance new forms of scholarly publishing. The journals are accessible through Iowa Research Online

Our services include:

    • training your editorial team to use the editorial management software
    • creating a customized web site for your journal
    • migrating back issues into your journal site (including scanning and metadata creation)
    • helping you draft author copyright guidelines
    • offering long-term digital preservation

All editorial activities—including copy-editing, proofreading, and page composition—are the responsibility of the participating academic unit or publishing program.

Types of journals:

    • scholarly journals published by University of Iowa
    • literary journals published by University of Iowa
    • society publications with University of Iowa editors (all editors do not need to be at Iowa)

This publishing platform is well suited for open access titles or titles that become open access after an embargo of no more than 24 months.

Conference management

We offer online hosting and long-term preservation of proceedings, papers, and supplemental materials for all UI-affiliated conferences. This service is part of a larger effort to support the scholarly activities of the University. All materials are made accessible through Iowa Research Online. Please browse an example of the work we have done in the past. For administrative and logistical management services for your conference, please contact the UI Center for Conferences for their service offerings.

Getting Started

To schedule a consultation, contact  your subject  liaison or Digital Research & Publishing at

Making Your Books Available

If you have copyright for a book or thesis, we can work with you to make it freely available. You would still retain copyright and can decide what rights you want to retain. If you would like to make your thesis or dissertation available, please use this form. If you would like to make your book accessible, if it is in HathiTrust, we can help you with their form to make the full text available. If it is not in HathiTrust, please use this form.