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Bones of the Skull: A 3-D Learning Tool

Please note: Although it continues to work The Bones of the Skull was created in 1999 and has not been updated since.

The Bones of the Skull: A 3-D Learning Tool received the 1999 Sandoz/Slice of Life Student Software Development Award and won first place in the CD-ROM category of the 2001 Instructional Computing in Dentistry Competition, sponsored by the American Dental Education Association. The program was developed to help students learn the features and bones of the human skull and has two essential features:

  • A collection of QuickTime VR (virtual reality) object movies of the skull and its individual bones. Students are able to rotate the bones and view them from multiple perspectives. At any point, the user can click to view labeled close-ups.
  • An interactive textbook containing high-quality 2-D images, descriptive text, and many interactive activities to encourage mastery of the content.

If you’d prefer not to request our full educational title, and just want to see some of our anatomical models, we welcome you to visit our Object VR Gallery.