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LandScan™  Global Population Database

LandScan is a dataset containing granular population data down to the square kilometer level.*  Landscan was developed by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) for the Department of Defense, and was purchased by the University of Iowa for distribution within the UI community.  It is updated regularly.

Data is accessible only to UI on-campus IP addresses.  To access LandScan from off-campus you will need to use UI Anywhere – Virtual Private Network (VPN).

To access the LandScan on your PC go to Start and enter the following in the Start Search box: \\\shared\library\datasets\LandScan

Contact your local IT support person if you need help connecting to a network share.

*The 2011 LandScan dataset covers every inhabited square kilometer of land mass on Earth.  As well as access to the full database at the above address, Landscan provides web access via automatic IP authentication to an html-based web application.