Living Learning Communities: My Personal Librarian

  • Brittney Thomas
  • Steve Ostrem
  • Ariana Santiago
  • Ericka Raber
  • Sara Scheib
  • Kristi Bontrager
  • Lisa Gardinier
  • Brett Cloyd
  • Marianne Mason
  • Jenna Lawrence
  • Brian Thompson

How can my Personal Librarian help me?

Your Personal Librarian will:

  • Assist you with your research assignments by helping you to articulate your research question, identify the best sources, and formulate your search strategies.
  • Support you even when you’re not around (on vacation or away from the University doing research).
  • Help you when you don’t know where to start, or you can’t think of what to do next!
  • Keep you informed with periodic e-mail messages highlighting new resources and programs specifically for students, as well as with notices and timely reminders, such as extended Library hours during finals week.
  • Answer your questions about Library policies, procedures and services, such as RefWorks, interlibrary loan, and so forth.

What is the Personal Librarian Program?

The Personal Librarian Program is designed to introduce you to the services and collections available from the University Libraries. All Living Learning Communities are matched with a Librarian who will work with you throughout your freshman and sophomore years, or until you declare a major, whichever comes first. At that point, the PL will introduce you to your subject specialist librarian in a given discipline, who will help with the research for that particular major or program (often the subject librarian will end up being the same person as the PL).

The Living Learning Community Personal Librarian serves as your single point of contact for the Libraries – a resource person for all of your research needs. He or she will contact you occasionally throughout the year to let you know about new databases and tools, upcoming events of interest, or research methods strategies. Please feel free to contact your PL with any questions you have about research or about the Libraries in general. How often you choose to avail yourselves of your PL is entirely up to you!

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  • Matt Butler
  • Amy Blevins
  • Katie Buehner
  • Willow Fuchs
  • Jen DeBerg
  • Stephen Sturgeon
  • Colleen Theisen
  • Edward Miner
  • Kari Kozak
  • Dan Gall