Emergency Call List

As a service to Iowans we are available to provide phone assistance to individuals and collection caretakers with collection emergencies, large or small.

MONDAY – FRIDAY 8:00am – 5:00pm

Call One in Order Listed:

  • Giselle Simón, Conservator 335-5503
  • Conservation staff  335-5908

For 24-hour assistance, contact
Iowa Museums, Archives, And Libraries Emergency REsponse Team (IMALERT) Hotline 319-384-3673
National Heritage Responders (NHR) Hotline 202-661-8068

For more information on IMALERT see http://www.iowaconserveandpreserve.org/?cat=11
For more information on NHR see: http://www.conservation-us.org/foundation/initiatives/national-heritage-responders-(nhr)#.Vl8UUU3luUk