Masters Collection

Preservation Masters Collection

Masters Collection ExamplesExamples of items contained in the Preservation Masters Collection include:

The Preservation Masters Collection is non-circulating and contains items that act as backup to digital and non-digital items in our collection.These Master copies have been used to create the circulating or digital copies that are available for patron use. Items in the Preservation Masters Collection are not generally available to the public.

In most cases Master copies are in fragile condition and cannot be used without further deterioration. In other instances, vendor agreements or copyright restrictions require the maintenance of a back-up copy that will be available to re-establish the publicly accessible copy if the public copy becomes lost or compromised.

  • Books that have had a preservation paper copy made for the circulating collection and have been “withdrawn” from the public and put into safe keeping in case the circulating copy is lost or damaged and needs to be replaced.
  • DVCAMs that serve as the preservation duplicating master for U-matics that are stored in Special Collections and have a DVD available for patron use.
  • Tapes and CDs provided by vendors as part of a subscription or purchase agreement that back up material available to the public as CDs or online.

Items in the Preservation Masters Collection are included in the on-line catalog for a variety of reasons,

  • In some cases, a researcher may need to verify the existence of an original source or the veracity of the replacement copy.
  • If the circulating copy is lost or damaged, catalog record of the Master copy enables the Library to replace the lost or damaged item with a minimum of delay and inconvenience.

Orders for replacement copies or requests for access to items in the Preservation Masters Collection should be directed to:
Preservation & Conservation Dept.
(319) 335 5908
Monday-Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm