Thesis Binding

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Personal Thesis On-Demand Orders

University of Iowa graduates may have their theses/dissertations printed and bound through an online service provided by the HF Group by going to  and following the instructions found there. Typically an “on-demand” thesis costs between $30-$45, depending on number of pages, color prints, pockets, and foldouts.

You may enter your credit card payment as well as appropriate shipping/billing addresses and HF Group will mail the finished product to you, directly

For Frequently Asked Questions, click here:  If you have additional questions, contact HF Group at 800-334-3628 ext. 988 or UI Library Preservation binding supervisor Deb Miller at 319-335-5816 or email

Departmental Theses Orders

For theses of dissertations ordered by a department, please fill out order form: Binding Order pdf, make a copy of the order form and send along with document(s) to be bound.

Payment by University Department

A University Department may pay for the binding of personal theses and dissertation copies in either one of two ways:

  1. Furnish an individual with an official, blue requisition form made out to: University Libraries (Binding). This requisition is to be delivered to the Preservation Department with the items to be bound at the time binding service is requested.
  2. A Department may elect to set up its own account with H. F. Group. In this case a thesis or dissertation submitted to the Preservation Department for binding must be accompanied by a completed, pre-printed binding ticket with the Department’s account number written on it. The order must be boxed, labeled and accompanied with a shipment record.

Please contact Tammi Keefer at H. F. Group, 1-800-334-3628 to set up a binding account.

* Since the Preservation Department processes theses for commercial binding as a service, the departments making use of it are responsible for any and all follow-up activity relating to problems or corrections.

** The commercial binder reserves the right to select the most appropriate type of leaf attachment, size of lettering, positioning (vertical or horizontal) of spine information as well as the best resolution for truncation issues.

RETURN SHIPMENT: Items will be returned to the Preservation Department who will in turn route to campus department.  Please allow six to eight weeks for delivery.