University Archives: Resource Guide to Records of Defunct Iowa Colleges

Parsons College emblem


Parsons College of Fairfield, Iowa, opened for classes in 1875 but closed in 1973 due to declining enrollment. It is one of more than a dozen defunct Iowa colleges whose academic records are now maintained by the University of Iowa. Image courtesy of Steve Winant.


What happens to an Iowa college’s academic records when it closes?

The University of Iowa is the official repository for the academic records of defunct Iowa colleges. Iowa Code Chapter 264 states that when a post-secondary institution closes its doors for financial or other reasons, the academic records are transferred to the University of Iowa Office of the Registrar.

I graduated from an Iowa college that closed several years ago. I’d like to apply to graduate school. How do I obtain a copy of a transcript of my records?

Requests may be submitted in writing (online, fax, in person, or by postal mail) to the University of Iowa Office of the Registrar. Instructions on how to do so are at the Registrar’s¬†website. Requests by phone or email are not accepted. Because many of the records have not yet been digitized, it may require up to four weeks for staff to fulfill your request.

Which defunct colleges’ academic records are at the Office of the Registrar?

Academic records of students who attended the following colleges or schools, now closed, are maintained at the Registrar’s Office:

  • AIB (Des Moines)(aka AIB College of Business)
  • Amity College (College Springs, Page County)
  • Capital City Commercial College (Des Moines)
  • Cherokee Junior College (Cherokee)
  • Covenant Radiological School
  • Grundy College (Grundy Center)
  • Iowa Lutheran School of Nursing (Des Moines)
  • Iowa Methodist School of Nursing (Des Moines)
  • Jennie Edmundson Hospital School of Nursing (Council Bluffs)
  • Keokuk College (Keokuk)
  • Marycrest University (Davenport)
  • Memorial University (Mason City)
  • Midwestern College (Denison)
  • Open Bible College (Des Moines)
  • Ottumwa Heights College (Ottumwa)
  • Parsons College (Fairfield)
  • Perry Junior College (Perry)
  • Sioux Empire College (Hawarden)
  • Spencer College (Spencer)
  • Tabor College (Tabor)
  • Tabor Junior College (Tabor)
  • Trinity College (Sioux City)
  • Vennard College (University Park / Oskaloosa)
  • Washington Junior College (Washington)
  • Westmar College (LeMars)

Where can I learn more about colleges in Iowa that have closed?

A Web site maintained by Ray Brown, Ph.D., of Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri, includes information about over 80 defunct Iowa institutions. The site is at


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