Staff Directory

Frequently called numbers:
Service Desk, Main Library: 319-335-5299
Interlibrary Loan, Main Library: 319-335-5917
Fines/Late Fees & Billing Questions, Main Library Circulation Department: 319-335-6077

John Culshaw

University Librarian
Work Phone: 319-335-5867 Work 5038 LIB
Website: More...

Mary Rettig

Libraries’ Liaison to the UI Foundation
Work Phone: 319-467-3809 Work 500 LCUA

Paul Soderdahl

Senior Associate University Librarian
Work Phone: 319-335-5867 Work 5037 LIB
Website: More...

Carmelita Pickett

Associate University Librarian
Work Phone: 319-335-5867 Work 5033 LIB
Website: More...

Linda Walton

Associate University Librarian
Work Phone: 319-335-5867 Work 5036 LIB
Website: More...

Leo Agnew

Director, Human Resources & Diversity Programs
Work Phone: 319-335-5867 Work 5035 LIB
Website: More...

Mark Erlandson

Director, Finance & Facilities
Work Phone: 319-335-5882 Work 5067 LIB

Cheryl Doehrmann

Work Phone: 319-384-0592 Work 5031-05 LIB

Jennifer Masada

Strategic Communications Manager
Work Phone: 319-335-5960 Work 5066 LIB

Tracy Mixon

Human Resources Coordinator
Work Phone: 319-335-5937 Work 5068 LIB

Kelly Taylor

Assistant to the University Librarian
Work Phone: 319-335-6093 Work 5031-04 LIB

Carlette Washington-Hoagland

Coordinator, Staff Development & Diversity Programming
Work Phone: 319-335-5868 Work 5069 LIB

Ron Carey

Library Assistant, Facilities
Work Phone: 319-335-5874 Work B028 LIB

Julie Mather

Mail Clerk, Facilities
Work Phone: 319-335-5874 Work B028 LIB

Molly Olmstead

Work Phone: 319-335-5867 Home 5031-02 LIB

Andrea Rost

Work Phone: 319-335-5867 Work 5031-01 LIB

Shannon Thye

Library Assistant, Facilities
Work Phone: 319-335-5874 Work B028 LIB

Access Services

Main Library

Amy Paulus

Head, Access Services
Work Phone: 319-335-5916 Work 1031 LIB
Website: More...

Maggie Halterman-Dess

Storage Project Coordinator (HRA)
Work HRA

Joel Maxey

Supervisor, Bookstacks
Work Phone: 319-335-5928 Work 4068 LIB

Constance Wade

Circulation & User Services Librarian
Home Phone: 335-6077 Work 1031-04

Donald Baxter

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-5287 Work 1031-03 LIB

Tony Birnbaum

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-5912 Work 1031-02 LIB

Barb Brodersen

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-5944 Work 1031-01 LIB

H Pedelty

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-5913 Work 1031-05 LIB

Brenda Schippers

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-5317 Work 1031-06 LIB

Michael Stenerson

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-384-2984 Work 1031A1 LIB

Patricia Baird

Supervisor, ILL
Work Phone: 319-384-2427 Work 1066 LIB

Ann Khan

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-5915 Work 1066 LIB

Susan Malecki

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-5917 Work 1066 LIB

Cindy Phillips

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-384-2426 Work 1066 LIB

Nancy Ritchey

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-384-2428 Work 1066 LIB


Main Library, 319-335-5877

Rob Van Rennes

Head, Acquisitions
Work Phone: 319-335-5890 Work 5025 LIB

Lisa Martincik

Electronic Resources Librarian
Work Phone: 319-384-0648 Work 5020-54 LIB
Website: More...

Jeanne Bryson

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-6451 Work 5020-42 LIB

Brandi Estill

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-5891 Work 5020-51 LIB

Chris Hunt

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-5878 Work 5020-52 LIB

Sue Johnson

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-5975 Work 5020-49 LIB

Margee Miller

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-5839 Work 5020-47 LIB

Diane Petrie

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-5875 Work 5020-46 LIB

Michael Rack

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-3085 Work 5020-45 LIB

Sherie Swartzendruber

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-5877 Work 5020-43 LIB

Dan Teets

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-5057 Work 5020-48 LIB

Yonghong Zhu

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-5671 Work 5020-44 LIB

Art Library

235 Art Building West, 319-335-3089

Rijn Templeton

Head, Art Library
Work Phone: 319-335-0120 Work 235 ABW
Website: More...

Kim Carpenter

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-0106 Work 235 ABW

Jim Hall

Library Assistant (Art)
Work Phone: 319-335-0106 Work 235 ABW

Business Library (Marvin A. Pomerantz Business Library)

C320 John Pappajohn Business Building, 319-335-3077

Kimberly Bloedel

Head, Marvin A. Pomerantz Business Library
Work Phone: 319-335-3077 Work C320 PBB
Website: More...

Willow Fuchs

Business Reference & Instruction Librarian
Work Phone: 319-335-3077 Work C320 PBB

Jim Kelly

Temporary Business Librarian
Work Phone: 319-353-0151 Work C320 PBB
Website: More...

Todd DeGraff

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-3077 Work C320 PBB
Website: More...

Jim Hall

Library Assistant (Business)
Work Phone: 319-335-3077 Work C320 PBB


Main Library

Catherine Hodge

Monograph & Cartographic Resources Cataloging Librarian
Work Phone: 319-335-6295 Work 5020-18 LIB

Melissa Moll

Music Cataloging Librarian
Work Phone: 319-335-5889 Work 5020-20 LIB

Duncan Stewart

Cataloging Librarian
Work Phone: 319-335-5884 Work 5020-03 LIB

Jia Xu

East Asian Cataloging Librarian
Work Phone: 319-335-5029 Work 5020-17 LIB

Amanda Xu

Metadata Analyst
Work Phone: 319-335-5075 Work 5020-12 LIB

Joyce Barker

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-5886 Work 5020-02 LIB

Christine Bellomy

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-5881 Work 5020-10 LIB

Jennifer Bradshaw

Metadata Production Coordinator & Rare Materials Cataloger
Work Phone: 335-5838 Home 5020-15 LIB

Melina Cavan

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-5879 Work 5020-08 LIB

Brenda Conry

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-384-2096 Work 5020-14 LIB

Lori Cullen

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-6379 Work 5020-13 LIB

Rick Hermanson

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-5429 Work 5020-06 LIB

Sharen McVey

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-6257 Work 5020-16 LIB

Mohamed Nasr

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-5240 Work 5020-11 LIB

Sara Riggs

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-5195 Work 5020-05 LIB

Denise Schieffer

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-5677 Work 5020-04 LIB

Susan Schumacher

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-5892 Work 5020-40 LIB

Steve Wickelhaus

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-6248 Work 5020-07 LIB

Carmelita Pickett

Associate University Librarian
Work Phone: 319-335-5867 Work 5033 LIB
Website: More...

Digital Scholarship & Publishing Studio

Main Library, 319-384-0925

Tom Keegan

Head, Digital Scholarship & Publishing Studio
Work Phone: 319-335-9275 Work 1015 LIB

Mark Anderson

Digital Collections Librarian
Work Phone: 319-335-5685 Work 1015 LIB
Website: More...

Heidi Wiren Bartlett

Work 1015 LIB

Stephanie Blalock

Digital Humanities Librarian and Associate Editor, Whitman Archive
Work 1015 LIB

Matthew Butler

Senior Developer, Media Production & Design
Work Phone: 319-384-3526 Work 1015 LIB

Ethan DeGross

Work Phone: 319-335-6468 Work 1015 LIB

Leah Gehlsen Morlan

Program Coordinator
Work Phone: 319-384-0925 Work 1015 LIB

Wendy Robertson

Digital Scholarship Librarian
Work Phone: 319-335-5821 Work 1015 LIB
Website: More...

Hannah Scates Kettler

Digital Humanities Research & Instruction Librarian
Work Phone: 319-384-3432 Work 1015 LIB

Robert Shepard

GIS Specialist
Work Phone: 319-335-5447 Work 1015 LIB

Nikki White

Digital Humanities Research & Instruction Librarian
Work Phone: 319-335-5893 Work 1015 LIB

Bobby Duncan

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-6955 Work 1015 LIB

Engineering Library (Lichtenberger Engineering Library)

2001 Seamans Center, 319-335-6047

Kari Kozak

Head, Lichtenberger Engineering Library
Work Phone: 319-335-6046 Work 2001 SC
Website: More...

Qianjin (Marina) Zhang

Engineering & Informatics Librarian
Work Phone: 319-335-5301 Work 2001 SC

Carol Dewey

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-6047 Work 2001 SC

Carol Johnk

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-384-3565 Work 2001 SC

Janna Lawrence

Deputy Director, Hardin Library for the Health Sciences
Work Phone: 319-335-9870 Work 312F HLHS
Website: More...

Chris Childs

Education & Outreach Librarian
Work Phone: 319-335-9849 Work 207F HLHS
Website: More...

Jennifer DeBerg

User Services Librarian
Work Phone: 319-335-8554 Work 312E HLHS
Website: More...

Xiaomei Gu

Clinical Education Librarian
Work Phone: 319-335-9731 Work 213 HLHS
Website: More...

Donna Hirst

Curator, John Martin Rare Book Room
Work Phone: 319-335-9154 Work 446 HLHS
Website: More...

Darlene Kaskie

Technology and Communications Librarian, NN/LM
Work Phone: 319-335-6298 Work 207D HLHS

Elizabeth Kiscaden

Program Director, NN/LM Greater Midwest Region
Work Phone: 319-335-6928 Work 207D HLHS

Jacqueline Leskovec

Network Librarian, NN/LM

Eric Rumsey

Web Services Librarian
Work Phone: 319-335-9153 Work 207A HLHS
Website: More...

Shane Wallace

Assistant Curator, John Martin Rare Book Room
Work Phone: 319-335-7085 Work 442 HLHS
Website: More...

Sarah Andrews

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-384-2883 Work 211 HLHS

Michelle Dralle

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-9876 Work 323 HLHS

Kathleen Halbach

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-9874 Work 107 HLHS

Linda LoCoco

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-9874 Work 107 HLHS

Mark Onken

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-6686 Work 314B HLHS

Deanna Poe

Work Phone: 319-335-9871 Work 312 HLHS

Cassie Reed-Thureson

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-7221 Work 314A HLHS

Helen Spielbauer

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-3740 Work 314B HLHS

Learning Commons

Main Library

Brittney Thomas

Coordinator, Learning Commons
Work Phone: 319-384-2439 Work 1045 LIB

Library Information Technology (LIT)

Main Library

Sue Julich

Head, Library Information Technology
Work Phone: 319-335-5032 Work 5023 LIB

Will Brown

IT Support Analyst
Work Phone: 319-335-9875 Work 5020-22 LIB

Chris Clark

Computer Consultant
Work Phone: 319-335-9152 Work 202 HLHS

Ken Clinkenbeard

Web Services Specialist
Work Phone: 319-384-0566 Work 5020-27 LIB

Andrew Holland

Web Application Developer
Work Phone: 319-335-1193 Work 5020-28 LIB

Ellen Jones

Data Specialist
Work Phone: 319-335-3087 Work 5020-23 LIB

Jodi Scholl

Lead, Operations & Support Services
Work Phone: 319-335-5973 Work 5020-25 LIB

Brian Thompson

Systems Librarian
Work Phone: 319-335-5006 Work 5020-24 LIB

Robert Dalrymple

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-5880 Work 5020-21 LIB

Music Library (Rita Benton Music Library)

Main Library, 319-335-3086

Katie Buehner

Head, Rita Benton Music Library
Work Phone: 319-335-3088 Work 2013 LIB

Hang Nguyen

Graduate Research Assistant

Megan Small

Library Assistant

Amy McBeth

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-3086 Work 2006 LIB

Preservation & Conservation

Main Library, 319-335-5908

Nancy E Kraft

Head, Preservation & Conservation
Work Phone: 319-335-5286 Work 5022 LIB

Justin Baumgartner

Digital Project Librarian
Work Phone: 319-334-3431 Work 5020-30 LIB

Bethany Davis

Digital Processing Coordinator Librarian
Work Phone: 319-384-2419 Work 5020-29 LIB

Daniel Johnson

Digital Preservation Librarian
Work Phone: 319-335-5242 Work 5020-19 LIB

Vitalina Nova

Preservation Projects Librarian
Work Phone: 319-335-5887 Work 5020-41

Giselle Simón

Work Phone: 319-335-5033 Work 5017A LIB

Elizabeth Stone

Assistant Conservator
Work Phone: 319-335-5503 Work 5017 LIB

Ben Bessman

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-5896 Work 5020-26 LIB

Susan Hansen

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-6378 Work 5020 LIB

Linda Lundy

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-5908 Work 5017 LIB

Deb Miller

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-5816 Work 5020-33 LIB

Candida Pagan

Project Conservator
Work Phone: 319-335-5908 Work 5017 LIB

Shelby Strommer

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-6294 Home 5020 LIB

Bill Voss

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-5705 Work 5020-26 LIB

Bu Wilson

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-5977 Work 5020-34 LIB

Research & Library Instruction

Main Library

Kathy Magarrell

Head, Research & Library Instruction
Work Phone: 319-335-5093 Work 1026 LIB
Website: More...

Chris Africa

History & Social Sciences Librarian
Work Phone: 319-335-5017 Work 3010 LIB
Website: More...

Rachel Garza Carreón

Outreach & Research Librarian
Work Phone: 319-335-6441 Work 2059 LIB
Website: More...

Brett Cloyd

Reference & Government Information Librarian
Work Phone: 319-335-5743 Work 1026 LIB
Website: More...

Cathy Cranston

Undergraduate Engagement Librarian
Work Phone: 319-384-2090 Work 1026 LIB

Daniel Gall

Coordinator, Library Services for Distance Education
Work Phone: 319-335-5256 Work 1026 LIB
Website: More...

Lisa Gardinier

Latin American & Iberian Studies Librarian
Work Phone: 319-335-5427 Work 1026 LIB
Website: More...

Katie Hassman

Undergraduate Engagement Librarian
Work Phone: 319-335-5945 Work 1026 LIB

Marianne Mason

Federal & State Information Librarian
Work Phone: 319-335-5538 Work 2060 LIB
Website: More...

Janalyn Moss

American History Librarian
Work Phone: 319-335-5698 Work 1026 LIB
Website: More...

Steve Ostrem

Research & Instruction Librarian
Work Phone: 319-335-5521 Work 1026 LIB
Website: More...

Ericka Raber

Education Librarian
Work Phone: 319-335-5232 Work N426 LC
Website: More...

Chiaki Sakai

Japanese Studies Librarian
Work Phone: 319-335-5030 Work 3016 LIB
Website: More...

Stephen Sturgeon

English & American Literature Librarian
Work Phone: 319-384-0946 Work 1026 LIB
Website: More...

Min Tian

Chinese Studies Librarian
Work Phone: 319-335-5803 Work 3012 LIB

Charles Yier

Work Phone: 319-384-2960 Work 1026F

Paul Broderick

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-6452 Work 1026 LIB

Liz Carpenter

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-5885 Work 1026 LIB

John Elson

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-5970 Work 1026 LIB

Carolyn Simon

Clerk Typist
Work Phone: 319-335-6040 Work 1026 LIB

Christine Walters

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-5919 Work 1026 LIB

Sciences Library

SL, 319-335-3083

Leo Clougherty

Head, Sciences Library
Work Phone: 319-335-3083 Work Phone: 319-335-2879 Work 104 SL W223 CB
Website: More...

Sara Scheib

Sciences Reference & Instruction Librarian
Work Phone: 319-335-3024 Work Phone: 319-335-2879 Work 453 VAN W223 CB
Website: More...

Pam Kacena

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-3180 Work 104 SL

Kai Weatherman

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-1176 Work 104 SL

Special Collections & University Archives

Main Library, 319-335-5921

Greg Prickman

Head, Special Collections
Work Phone: 319-335-6433 Work 3060 LIB

Alonso Avila

Work Phone: 319-384-2802 Work 3033 LIB

Peter Balestrieri

Curator, Science Fiction & Popular Culture Collections
Work Phone: 319-335-5922 Work 3060 LIB

Amy Chen

Special Collections Instruction Librarian
Work Phone: 319-335-5870 Work 3060 LIB

Margaret Gamm

Special Collections Acquisitions and Collection Management Librarian
Work Phone: 319-335-6247 Work 3111 LIB

Laura Hampton

Digital Project Librarian, Hevelin Fanzine Digitization Project
Work Phone: 319-335-5921 Work 3060 LIB

David McCartney

University Archivist
Work Phone: 319-335-5924 Work 3060 LIB

Jacque Roethler

Processing Coordinator
Work Phone: 319-335-6483 Work 3060 LIB

Timothy Shipe

Curator, International Dada Archive, and Arts & Literature Liaison
Work Phone: 319-335-5824 Work 3021 LIB

Colleen Theisen

Special Collections Outreach & Engagement Librarian
Work Phone: 319-335-5923 Work 3060 LIB

John Fifield

Robert A. Olson Graduate Research Assistant
Work Phone: 319-384-3536

Kelly Grogg

Ruth Bywater Olson Graduate Research Assistant
Work Phone: 319-384-3536

Denise Anderson

Archives Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-5569 Work 3060 LIB

Paula Balkenende

Library Assistant
Work Phone: 319-335-5920 Work 3111 LIB

Carolyn Emerson

Clerk, Special Collections
Work Phone: 319-384-0781 Work 5060 LIB

Lindsay Moen

Department Liaison
Work Phone: 319-384-3536 Work 3060 LIB

Kären Mason

Curator, Iowa Women’s Archives
Work Phone: 319-335-5068 Work 3094 LIB

Janet Weaver

Assistant Curator
Work Phone: 319-335-5201 Work 3094 LIB

Jeannette Gabriel

Graduate Research Assistant

Laurel Rhame

Graduate Research Assistant