Web support for content editors: Blog post vs. event


Blog posts are for news items. Events should go into the UI’s event site, events.uiowa.edu.

Longer version

There are some key reasons why you should post events to events.uiowa.edu rather than the Libraries’ blog server.

  • By their nature, blog posts are not optimal for advertising events because of differences between the chronological flow of news and event listings. Blog items (news) are posted in reverse chronological order (i.e., new posts at the top that move down over time). Event items are posted in chronological order (i.e., as an event gets closer it climbs to the top of the listing).Therefore, event lists show the next events to occur. Blog post listings may not even have the current events visible because they have rolled offscreen.
  • Placing events on events.uiowa.edu reaches a much greater audience than our blogs.
  • We can use events.uiowa.edu as a single place to put all our events and this cuts down on the number of sources we need to maintain and we can pull event feeds from events.uiowa.edu and put them anywhere on our Libraries pages.

If you want help using the UI Events Calendar to post your event(s)…