Web support for content editors: Approving an event

There are two methods to approve an event…

Method 1:  Approve one or more events from the admin Dashboard

  • In the admin Dashboard, there should be two columns visible:  “Pending Events For Your Unit(s)” (at the left) and “Next Upcoming Events For Your Unit(s)” (on the right).
  • When there are events awaiting your approval they will be listed on the left.
  • To approve all or some of the events in this column select the box next to the event(s).
  • Under the “Operations” section at the top of the left column, select “Change workflow state of post to new state” and click “Execute”.
  • Select “Approved” from the “Target  state” menu.
  • Click the “Next” button.
  • On the resulting screen click the “Confirm” button if you are sure.

Method 2:  Approve an event while re-editing it

  • While editing (but not creating) any event scroll to the “Unit(s)” section.
  • Under any Unit you are the admin for you can select “Approved” from the “Change Events state” dropdown.
  • Save the event.