Web support for content editors: Creating an event

ANYONE with a Hawk ID can add an event into the UI Events Calendar. Only admins can approve events.

When adding an event, each section of the event creation page is covered below and notes added where needed.



  • If your event does not need to be advertised to the entire Campus (i.e., displayed directly on events.uiowa.edu) do not select this general scope.
  • Most of these scopes should make sense, but “Private” is special.
    • A Private scope hides the event from the public site at events.uiowa.edu.
    • It can be used for unit-only focused events and/or events you wish to specifically target by sending out the event link to a specified audience.


  • This might not, necessarily, mean your contact information.
  • This information is for general information requests, but also populates the accessibility information at the bottom of the event.
    Example:  Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to attend all University of Iowa–sponsored events. If you are a person with a disability who requires a reasonable accommodation in order to participate in this program, please contact Hardin Library Reference Desk in advance at 319-335-9151 or lib-hardin@uiowa.edu.


  • Make sure “Show End Date” is checked to apply and end date (usually the same day) and time to your event
  • If your event requires more flexibility than the admin interface seems to provide, contact Ken.
  • Note the “Cancelled” option at the top in case your event needs to be cancelled. If you mark an event as cancelled, it may take 10-15 minutes for the change to be reflected on the web.


  • If a “Place” is selected from the dropdown menu then the address need NOT be entered as it will automatically be added.
  • Use “Room” to specify an exact location. Be specific and consistent with these terms as we can use them to add links to additional information on our Libraries pages.


Filters are used to do just that – filter an events feed for a particular unit or context. Filters afford more than one value by clicking the “Add another item” button.

  • Units
    • At least one Unit is required.
    • If a child unit is added, the parent unit(s) will automatically be added.
    • You can add any unit on campus and its admin(s) will be notified for approval. It will not approve in their feeds until they approve it. See how admins work.
  • General Interests
    • Unlike the Units filter above, which require other admins to approve your event, the interests listed here are groups that have allowed automatic and immediate association without the need for further approval. Use this power wisely and be a good team player.
  • Keywords
    • Use commas to separate terms. If you do not then the entire list will be one long keyword phrase and effective filtering will fail.
    • Keywords, for our purposes in the Libraries, should not be used as a place to add any relevant terms that come to mind. They should be used for specific filtering.
    • Keywords can be used to group events that span several units across the UI and may be recurring or temporal (e.g., “RAGBRAI events”, “We Are Phil”, “UI Dance Marathon”, etc.).