Web support for content editors: Gutenberg (the new WP editor)

What is Gutenberg?

Gutenberg is a brand new content editor coming soon to WordPress. The Gutenberg editor uses content blocks to create all types of content. These content blocks afford a consistent means for all types of outside and/or dynamic content to be placed into WordPress.

Transition to Gutenberg

For the UI Libraries WordPress sites we will transition to this new editor during 2019, but the old editor will be available until you have been introduced to Gutenberg.

Gutenberg will be the default editor in version 5.0 of WordPress which is slated for arrival in November 2018. However, the old editor will remain the default for a time. This area will be used for support pages for common editing tasks in Gutenberg.

Give Gutenberg a try

In keeping with all the cringe-worthy portmanteaux that have sprung up around Gutenberg, you can try Gutenberg without the need to be logged into WordPress at Frontenberg.