Story Index, Angus Wilson

The format for the following index is as follows:

Title, format, box number, notebook number, notes


(Format codes: a=article, at= audio tape, b=book,f=story fragment, i=interview, l=lecture, n=novel, nt=notes, p=play, r=review, sp=speech, ss=short story, st=study, t=television play)


Adelaide Speech, sp, 10, 72


"After the Show." ss, 1, 15. Approximately the second half of the story. Published in A Bit Off the Map. See also TV version.


"After the Show." t, 1, 16 & 17. TV version of a short story. Produced in 1959 but not publsihed. See also the short story "After the Show."

"Andre Gide. The Correspondence between Pual Claudel and Andre Gide (Pantheon). Madeleline, Et Nunc Manet in Te (Knopf), r, 14, 26. At end, signed

Anglo Saxon Attitudes
. n, 1-2, 53-68. 16 holographic notebooks. Published in 1956

"A Bit Off the Map." ss, 2, 32

"The Bloomsbury Group." at, 2

"The Books I Read." a, 2, 117. Signed

"Brawnwell Bronte by Winifred Gerin." (T. Nelson & Sons), r, 13, 120. Signed

"Breadth and Depth in the Novel." l, 2, 111

"The British Museum. Some impressions of one who works there." a, 2, 5. Published in September 1955 in Holiday magazine under the title World's Greatest Museum. Signed

"Channel Islands." nt, 2, 118

"Character and Situation by Christopher Sykes (Collins)." r, 3, 109

"Charles Dickens." nt, 3, 99. See also "Guilt and Innocence in the Work of Charles Dickens"

"Christmas Brings Memories." ss, 2, 140. Unfinished

"Christmas Day in the Workhouse." ss, 2, 41

"Crazy Crowd." ss, 13, 40. First published in Horizon then in the Wrong Set 1949

"Changing Careers in Mid-Life." at, 3. Creative Aging Series

"Courage by Lord Beaverbrook (Collins)." r, 9, 114. Signed

"The Dark Peninsula by Ernest Frost (John Lehmann)." r, 3, 109

"The Devils of Loudun by Aldous Huxley." (Chatto & Windus, 1952), r, 3, 105. Signed

""Dickens and the Modern City." l, 3. Transcript of a recording of a lecture delivered 20 October 1971 at the University of Iowa, Iowa City

"Dickens from Pickwick to Dombey by Stephen Marcus," r, 9, 112

"Dickens, His Characters, Comedy, and Career by Hesketh Pearson." (Metheun 1949), r, 3, 109

"Divided Worship." f, 13, 22

"Dostoevsky's Possessed." nt, 13, 22. Notes with Hugh Walpole material

"An Elephant Never Forgets." ss, 13, 23. Index on cover indicates that this story was published in a magazine

"Emile Zola: a study of his novels." r, 3, 99-109. First published in 1952

"English Novel Today: Dickens to Snow." at, 4

"English Stories From New Writing edited by John Lehmann." (John Lehmann 1951), r, 2, 110. Signed

"Envy." a, 2, 117. Signed

"Et Dona Ferentes." ss, 4, 27. Published in The Wrong Set 1949

"The Eyes of the Peacock." ss, 4. This story contained some seeds for the novelSetting the World on Fire. Including a photocopy of a letter concerning the manuscript

"Flat Country Christmas." ss, 4, 36. Published in A Bit Off the Map. This story was earlier entitled "The Old, Old Message" and published in The New Statesman 25 December 1950. Notebook 1 contains an early version entitled "Rather Flat Country," much revised

"Focus by Arthur Miller." (Victor Gollanez 1952). r. 4. 19

Folder of correspondence concerning Wilson's term of teaching at the University of Iowa, September -- December 1971. Included are visa and tax frms, non-original correspondence and telegrams. 2, 23

"Goat and Compasses," f, 4, 18-21. See also "My Husband is Right."

"The Garnett Family by Carolyn Heilbrun." (Allen & Unwin 1961), r, 5, 122. Signed

"Guilt and Innocence in the Works of Charles Dickens." st, 3, 99. See also Charles Dickens [notes]

"Heart of Elm." ss, 13, 1. Notes and a fragmentary beginning for a story. A story with this title was published in Such Darling Dodos 1950

Hemlock and After. n, 4, 137-142. Published in July 1952.

"Holiday Lessons." ss, 2, 41. Not considered good enough for publication by Wilson

"How It Is to Be a Writer." nt, 11, 133

"Hugh Walpole." nt, 13, 22

"My Husband is Right." a chapter of Goat and Compasses, f, 4, 19. Published in The Texas Quarterly. See also "Goat and Compasses"

"I Double Dare You." f, 13, 22

"Interview with Professor Frederick P.W. McDowell, 1971, i, 5. Phonotape. 1 reel. List of questions submitted to Wilson before the interview, with his written comments. Transcript. Photocopy. Revised transcript, with written comments by McDowell and Wilson. Typescript.

"The Invasion." t, 5, 122. Act 2

"Jane Austen." a, 2, 117. Signed

"Jane Austen." nt, 5, 115

"Jane Austen: Prudence vs. Courage." at, 5. Greenville, Del. 19 Oct. 1980

"John Cowper Powys: notes for a broadcast." nt, 9, 112

"Journey to My Mother's Land." a, 6, 116. Signed. Written for and published in The Sunday Telegraph newspaper

"Late Call." n, 6-7, 42-52. Published in 1964. Notebook 51 contains 5 relevant letters

"Learning's Little Tribute." ss, 2, 41. Published in Such Darling Dodos 1950

"The Letters of Charles Dickens." (Clarendon Press 1965), r, 9, 112

"A Little Companion." ss, 13, 22. Published in Such Darling Dodos 1950

"Live and Let Die." ss, 9, 119. Unpublished

"Men With Bowler Hats." ss, 7, 30. Label on cover indicates that the story was published in various magazines

"The Middle Ages of Mrs. Eliot." n, 7-8, 86-98. Notebook 96 dated July 1958. Published in 1958

"More Friend Than Lodger." ss, 8, 38 & 39. Published in The New Yorker, later in A Bit Off the Map

"More Than a Vanload." f, 13, 1. List of names and the beginning of a story apparently never developed.

"Mother's Sense of Fun." ss, 8, 34. First published in Horizon, later published in The Wrong Set 1949

"The Mulberry Bush." p, 9, 7-14. Various versions, the earliest entitled "Sheep and Goats. "Published in 1956

"Mummy to the Rescue." ss, 9, 25. Published in Such Darling Dodos 1950

"The Naturalist Novel by Zola." (Harvest House, Montreal), r, 11, 83

"Necessity's Child." ss, 13, 23. Published in Such Darling Dodos 1950

"New Maps of Hell
by Kingsley Amis." (Gollancy 1961), r, 5, 115

"No Future For Our Young." ss, 9, 114. Written after a visit to South Africa. Not published

"No Laughing Matter." n, 9-11, 69-85a. Published in 1967. Notebook 112 contains earliest jottings. Notebook 119 contains notes

"Notes on a visit to Japan." nt, 7, 97. For an article in Enounter

"Notes on Room With a View, Howard's End, Passage to India, Mrs. Dalloway and The Waves." nt, 10, 80

"The Novels of William Godwin." a, 2, 110. Notebook cover indicates that this article was publihsed in the World Review

The Old Men at the Zoo. n, 11-12, 124-135. Notebook 135 is dated 26/3/60. Published in 1961. Notebook 115 contains alterations

"The Old, Old Message." ss, 4. See "Flat Country Christmas"

"Once a Lady." ss, 13, 35. First published in the New Yorker, later in A Bit Off the Map

"The Pendulum's Swung Too Far." f, 9, 119. An unfinished story

"Petty's Novel." nt, 13, 6

"The Pick of Today's Short Stories Ed. John Pudney." (Odhams Press 1963), r, 3, 109

"Popes d'exil by Zola." (Collin Burns) (Nottingham French Studies. May, Oct. 1964 Vol. IIII No. 1, 2.), r, 11, 83

"Proust as a Set Book." Review of the Mind of Proust by F.C. Green (University Press, Cambridge 1949), r, 13, 1. Published in the New Statesman 24 December 1949

Public Lecture: on the novel, l, 10, 72

"Raspberry Jam." ss, 13, 24. Published in The Wrong Set 1949

"Rather Flat Country." ss, 4. See "Flat Country Christmas"

"Realpolitick." ss, 13, 22. Published in The Wrong Set 1949

Reasons for accepting post as a lecturer in literature at the University of East Anglia, Norwich." a, 13, 121. Signed

"Rex Imperator." ss, 13, 40. First published in Arena, then in Such Darling Dodos 1950

"Saturnalia." ss, 13, 22. Published in The Wrong Set 1949

"A Sad Fall." ss, 13, 29. Published in A Bit Off the Map 1957

"Significant Experience." ss, 13, 33 & 40. Published in The Wrong Set 1949

"Sister Superior." ss, 1, 1. Published in Such Darling Dodos 1950. See also television version, "A Slap All Around" in Notebook 6

"Sheep and Goats." p, 9. See also "The Mulberry Bush" [a play]

"A Slap All Around." t, 13, 6. A T.V. script based on the short story, "Sister Superior." On cover: (never produced). See also short story "Sister Superior" in Notebook 1

"A Story of Historical Interest." ss, 13, 23 & 40. Published in The Wrong Set 1949

"Such Darling Dodos." ss, 13, 1 & 102. Published in Such Darling Dodos 1950

"Tea With Mr. Rochester by Francis Towers." (Michael Joseph 1952), r, 3, 109

"Television." a, 2, 118. Signed

Television Programs. nt,  13 and 14, 113 & 120 & 121.


"Time On Our Hands"


"Your Life in Their Hands"


"Two in the Bush"


'This Week"


"Brian Connell"


"Tony Hancock"


"Perry Mason"


"Too Late for the Mashed Potato"




Apartheid, CBC, Walter Krankheit [sic]


Adult Teaching Programs






K. Clark -- Michelangelo


"It's a Square World"


"A World of Wales."


"The Sky at Night"


"The Major"


Alan Taylor - 1862 -- Napoleon III


"The Victorians"


"World in Action"


"The Truth About Alan"


Malcolm Muggeridge -- Ramsey Macdonald



Tempo: a book on the impact of television on the arts. b, 13, 123. Published in 1964

"Ten Minutes to Twelve." ss, 13, 28. Published in A Bit Off the Map 1957

"Totentanz." ss, 13, 22. Published in Horizon Magazine May 1949, in Such Darling Dodos, and in the Wrong Set 1949. See also T.V. version

"Totentanz." t, 9, 112. Never used.

"Unwanted Herione." ss, 14, 26. Label indicates that the story was published in a women's magazine

"Visiting Kruschev at the Black Sea." a, 13, 121. Written for the Daily Express. Signed

"With It." ss, 9, 119. Unpublished

"The Wrong Set." ss, 9, 25. Published in The Wrong Set 1949

"W. Somerset Maugham." Introduction to the selected stories of, 10, 73. Signed

"What Do Hippo's Eat." ss, 13, 1. Published in The Listener 21 April 1949 and in Such Darling Dodos 1950

"Who For Such Dainties?" ss, 13, 22. Not considered good enough for publication by Wilson

"The Wild Garden." Ewing Lectures, University of California (Los Angeles) 1960, l, 14, 2-4

"World's Greatest Museum." a, 2. See "The British Museum"

"Zola." l, 3, 106

"Zola Before the Rougon-Macquart by John C. Lapp." (University of Toronto Press 1964), r, 11, 83

"Zola in England." a, 3, 104 & 105

"Zola's The Masterpiece trans. Thomas Walton." (Paul Elek 1950), r, 3, 102